Finding The Best Monitoring Software with Geofencing for Your Kid’s iPhone

There are tons of cell phone monitoring app and software out there however due to the restrictive nature of iOS devices, some may not work as advertised. We could go on about a lot of the features of monitoring apps but there is one that is an important feature that is usually banned in most Apple devices. Geofencing or a feature that marks the location of your child.

What is Geofencing and How is it Useful

To further expound on geofencing, imagine your town as a map. Better yet, get a map of your neighborhood. Then write down a typical schedule of your child on weekdays. On those times, write the places where your child should be. For example, at 9 am you know your child should be in school. At 12 noon, you allow him to be outside the nearest food court for lunch. After 4 pm, he has daily football practice in a field that’s about 15 minutes away from school.

Now start circling those places on the map. Those are your geofences. It’s basically an imaginary barrier at any specific time where your child should be. If your child plays hooky and leaves those geofences, you should get an alert and a location to pick him up for a scolding.

Sounds like science fiction? It’s not. Monitoring software now exists that allows you to set a certain location to “fence” your child in without you having to worry where they are 24/7.

How Does Geofencing Work?

The technology uses your child’s mobile phone as a tagging device. And given how children and teenagers love their devices, they won’t know that you’re discreetly monitoring them from a distance!

The feature has long since been used for suspects under house arrest. Those ankle bracelets they wear light up and warn parole officers when a suspect leaves a geofence around their home. Now you can’t install those on your children. However, I’m pretty sure a parent or two have thought about it.

Which is why the makers of the cell phone monitoring app, Auto Forward has taken advantage of your child’s love for his devices to your advantage. No bulky hardware needed, everything required to start geofencing your child is right in his Apple device.

By utilizing the GPS (global positioning system), RFID (radio frequency identification), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Auto Forward gets an accurate location on where your child is and warns you if they left the geofence you set. It’s a great compromise to your kid even though they don’t know about it. You leave them alone, but you’re always watching them wherever they go.

Geofencing and iOS

Unfortunately, Apple devices are notoriously hard to customize. Since monitoring apps require certain permissions, going against the restrictions of iOS can actually “brick” your phone. That means a poorly made app has the potential to turn your expensive Apple device into paperweight.

That’s why Auto Forward’s iPhone Monitoring App employs a no-jailbreak installation feature. Safely install the app on any Apple device and start protecting your child. The iPhone Monitoring also can read text messages sent or deleted, pictures, movies and more.

Don’t have an iPhone but have an android device instead? The Auto Forward website has an app for that. Check it now.

Author: Laura Burke

I am a parenting expert and writer who want to help parents know the do's and dont's of raising children.