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5 Digital Learning Platforms For Kids

With the use of the internet by today’s youth increasing rapidly, learning online in and out of the classroom is the future of digital learning. We wouldn’t be surprised if learning physically in school becomes obsolete. Every day, digital learning resources emerge to help both educators and students efficiently and effectively learn subjects. Digital Learning Day is even celebrated yearly on February 22nd! But, what exactly is digital learning? 

Digital learning encompasses several components, not just handing a child a device to learn one. It comprises of digital learning plans, resources, proper instruction, and a device to access digital content. In today’s digital world, there are several platforms and services available that children can use to expand their minds.

The Best Digital Learning Platforms for Kids

We scoured the internet to find the best digital learning tools and platforms for kids to learn online. We took into consideration the following – children’s age, learning topics covered on the site, price, usability, accessibility, and more. Note that besides the digital learning sites and platforms we list below, there are an endless amount of learning resources online to try. 

Khan Academy

The Kahn Academy is a digital learning platform that provides free learning resources and classes for all ages. Did you happen to catch that it was FREE? On their website, they make it simple to find classes based on age, grade level, skill level, topic, and more. They even provide a section for anyone to learn life skills. For example, they provide several learning activities for Elementary and Middle School students to learn how to train and expand their mindset. 

National Geographic Kids

If your child loves to learn about animals and nature, National Geographic Kids is the learning site to try! They include several interactive learning activities like games, quizzes, videos, animal directory, and Explore More (space, history, science, etc.) This online learning site does an excellent job of making learning fun for young kids. 


In today’s online world, children and teens need to know how to be good digital citizens and how to stay safe online. Google Interland is an interactive learning game that contains four lands covering a specific topic about the digital world – Be Internet Smart, Be Internet Alert, Be Internet Strong, Be Internet Kind. This virtual learning site is essential for all parents to have their children try for digital education. 


Outschool is a virtual learning classroom beneficial for both parents and students. On the site, users can offer classes, which are based on age and topic. Simply just search the topic and filter based on age, price, time of the class, and subject. For example, several teachers are offering Encanto Dance Parties for kids. The only downfall to this digital learning site is that the classes do cost money, but some are budget-friendly. 

PBS Kids

PBS Kids a great site for learning if you have young kids. They provide several games incorporating characters of PBS shows like Sesame Street, and Clifford. In these interactive games, children learn about educational subjects and life skills. 

5 Digital Learning Tips for Kids 

Before embarking on your child’s digital learning journey, you should consider and act on the following tips. 

Oversee and Monitor Your Child’s Digital Use

First and foremost, parents should monitor their child’s internet use from the sites they visit to what they are searching. This is all to ensure they aren’t being targeted by criminals and predators online and are only viewing age-appropriate content online. But, how can you do this? The solution: the Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring App. With Auto Forward, you will be able to oversee your child’s internet activities including the sites they visit and what they search. Also, you will be able to view what apps they use, who they message, stored media, and more on their cell phone. 

Understand Your Child’s Interests

Before deciding on digital learning sites for your child, you need to understand their interests. Do they link science? Are they interested in outer space? Knowing what they like will help narrow down the learning resources to choose from online. 

Approve All Sites Your Child Visits 

With both teens and young children, set the ground rule that you must approve all websites they frequently visit and accounts they create. Sit down and create a list together which can include social media sites, online learning platforms, and more. Also, write down a list of keywords and topics they should avoid searching online. 

Teach Your Child About Online Dangers

The starting point to protecting your children online is teaching them about the dangers they may encounter. Interland may help with this as well. The online dangers kids face online include predators, cyberbullying, child grooming, and more. Help them understand these dangers, how to spot them, and what to do. 

Have Them Use Safe Search Kids

Powered by Google SafeSearch, Safe Search Kids provides a place for kids to search Google safely without the threat of viewing explicit and inappropriate content. This includes not only searches, but images, WIKI, and videos as well. This site also provides informative articles about digital safety for both parents and children. 
Digital learning is the future of learning for both kids and adults. It’s a parent’s job to ensure their children are prepared for the digital world, the dangers it poses, and utilize the best digital learning platforms. To put your mind at ease, utilize the mentioned online learning sites, follow the digital learning tips, and monitor your child’s internet activities with Auto Forward.

Author: Michelle Whalen

I am a mother two who has had her ups and downs raising them. I want to share my words of wisdom with other struggling parents.