Clues to Watch Out for Before You Use Spy Cell Phone Software on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Boyfriend's Phone.jpg

If the question, "how can I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" keeps popping in your head, perhaps it's because you have a feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you. If you have reasons to believe your partner is having an affair and you want to confirm it by using a spy app, be aware first that there are federal and state laws that are intended to protect every individual's right to privacy and confidentiality.

Before you install spy cell phone software on his mobile phone to prove that he's guilty of cheating, it's a good idea to gather some evidence first. Take a look at the following clues that your boyfriend is cheating on you:

a. Frequent calls on your partner's cell phone

Is your partner making calls to unknown numbers frequently? Is someone anonymous making calls to your partner as well? If you notice that a lot of unknown numbers are appearing on your boyfriend's phone and yet he still receives such calls, this could be a sign he's trying to hide the identity of the person he's talking to.

b. Incriminating emails and text messages

Gone are the days when lovers would write letters to each other. Today, couples would simply send emails or text messages to express their affection for each other. You should regularly check on your boyfriend's emails and text messages to see if he's exchanging love messages with another woman. If you want to read even the deleted messages on his phone, then you should install spy cell phone software on his device.

c. Another SIM card or cell phone

You should be surprised if you catch your boyfriend using another mobile phone or another SIM card. If you're sure that it's his and he never mentioned to you anything about it, then you have a good reason to believe that he's trying to hide something.

d. Apps for hiding messages and other apps

Yes, there are apps that will let you hide phone contacts, text messages, and even photos from unauthorized users of your phone. You should do some research about these types of apps, and if you end up finding one installed on your boyfriend's phone, it could mean he's having an affair.

e. New password to social media accounts and other apps

It is common for couples to allow each other to know their passwords on their social media accounts. If you find out that your boyfriend has changed his password to any of his account, this could mean that he doesn't want you to know who he's been exchanging messages with.

If you want proof that your boyfriend is cheating on you so you could be ready to confront him about his affair, perhaps you should start spying on his phone. And how do you spy on a cell phone? All you need to do is install Auto Forward on his smartphone so you can start secretly monitoring his phone activities.