It is not surprising how many kids today are addicted to their mobile devices and to gaming. If parents don’t monitor their kids’ activities and use a cell phone spying app, they won’t be able to know how serious this problem is.

Yes, they see their children using their device. But do they know how long kids are on it in a day And what other things their kids do because of their obsession with games?

  • Kids today are known to play with their cell phones up to 10 hours a day, some even more, and even during exams. This can put a toll on their academics and physical health.
  • They can spend a great amount of money on gaming, usually their parent’s money. One boy even admitted to spending $1,800 on a game in one day trying to win a limited edition character.
  • They can skip class and spend all their time playing with their gadgets. A kid in junior high claimed he played 16 hours a day and does not attend his classes.
  • Obsessive gaming can turn the gentlest child into an aggressor with fits of violent outbursts, and show anti-social behavior, as well.

If parents don’t monitor cell phone activity of their children, they may be surprised when their kids turn into people they barely know.

A survey on gaming addiction published by the National Hospital Organization Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center in Yokosuka, near Tokyo, Japan, revealed these alarming results:

  • 75% of participants said they couldn’t get up in the morning.
  • 59% said they skipped school or work.
  • 49% skips meals.
  • 48% said their work or school performance suffered.
  • 50% admitted they turned violent and destroyed objects.
  • 26% attacked some of their family members.
  • 17% claimed they stole from their families.

Imagine what you miss out on when you don’t know what is happening with your child and his mobile device. When you use a phone and text spy like Auto Forward, you can easily be aware of the problems posed by cell phones and games. And you can find ways help your child get past his addiction. In the process, you eliminate the harmful effects it comes with.

No wonder many parents today learn how to spy on a cell remotely as a part of their parenting ways. With children’s addiction to gadgets and games, they are very much at risk for the negative effects listed above.

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