Cell Phone Tracking As an Effective Tool to Combat Time Wasting at Work

Many employers decide to perform some kind of cell phone tracking in the workplace in an aim to monitor employee productivity. It is no secret that time-wasting among employees is very common in any organization, which actually explains. This method of employee monitoring is considered an effective one as workers tend to perform better when they know they’re being watched.

In order for management to completely address the problem of time-wasting in the company, it’s important that they determine how exactly workers waste their time when they’re at work. Below you will find the most common time-wasting activities of employees according to surveys:

1. Social Media Sites

You guess it right! Many employees visiting social media sites is one of the biggest time wasters at work. Facebook remains as the favorite destination of employees, and the others are Twitter and Instagram. What makes employees spend huge amounts of time in these sites is the fact that they are likely to chat with their friends online. The good thing is that this can easily be monitored using cell phone monitoring software.

2. Gossiping with Co-Workers

Socializing with co-workers is still a popular activity for workers that causes low productivity. While it’s important for workers to develop a friendly relationship with one another, employers certainly don’t want them wasting precious time in the water cooler!

3.  Personal Stuff

It’s almost impossible to stop employees from doing their personal business during work hours and using company resources. Workers always seem so comfortable making calls, sending text messages or emails, and other things that are not related to their job. It’s very clear that the line between home and work has become really blurred over time.

4. Inefficient Meetings

The amount of time wasted at work is not always the fault of employees. In fact, studies show that even employers contribute to time-wasting in the workplace in the form of unnecessary meetings, for instance. Many managers tend to call meetings that aren’t really necessary and are often unreasonably long!

5. Prolonged Breaks

Everyone is guilty of spending longer breaks at work. 15 minute breaks often become 20 to 30 minute breaks, and employees don’t seem to mind this. Well, that could be because there are no strict rules that prevent them from having excessive breaks.

How Cell Phone Monitoring Can Help

There are a couple of ways employees can prevent or even just minimize time-wasting in the workplace. First of all, it’s important that there be stricter rules on how workers should spend time when they are at work. Employee monitoring tools are many as well, and among the most effective ones are apps that monitor a cell phone, such as Auto Forward. By monitoring what employees are doing using their smartphones and the Internet, employers can easily identify the least efficient and productive employees.

Author: Laura Burke

I am a parenting expert and writer who want to help parents know the do's and dont's of raising children.