Cell Phone Spy Software For All Devices

There is a software that is able to spy on any kind of cell phone device. It has been developed by the finest creators of cell phone applications which can successfully fulfill your spying needs. You can get everything that you’re expecting from a tracking device, and even more.

Auto Forward cell phone spy software is one of the best and most amazing phone trackers there is in the market. It is loaded with an astonishing amount of features which are fully advanced with the latest technology.

Main Perks

You can use either a cell phone, a tablet, or a personal computer to serve as your host device to operate on the software. With Auto Forward, you can spy on any cell phone, may it be an Android or an iOS device. It won’t require the phone to be rooted nor to undergo jailbreaking in order for the software to function properly. It is designed to be utilized without changing anything on the target phone.

In everything that you do, you can do it remotely. No matter how near or far you are from the target phone, the host device can monitor all phone activities of the target phone user.

Main Features

Here are the following phone activities that Auto Forward cell phone spy software can access:

  • Real-time GPS location tracker- prompted by the host device command
  • View call logs- call details: name of caller/s, phone number or caller/s, duration of call/s
  • Spy on text messages and iMessages- access all recent, old, and deleted messages
  • Read emails- full content of the email, email sender, date of the email, time of email
  • Monitor social media communications- private chat conversations and social media posts
  • Access photos and videos- all multimedia files in the phone storage
  • Review mobile browser search history- check all opened sites
  • Search alerts notification- be notified on specific search activities
  • Remote phone lock- lock target phone via command
  • Camera stealth- take photos using the target phone by remotely turning on the camera
  • See all installed and running applications
  • Block unwanted applications
  • Remote uninstall- uninstall unwanted apps remotely on your host device

Author: Liam King

I am a tech writer looking to share with the world all of the latest gadgets, apps, and news.