Cell Spy Stealth Reviews for the Undecided

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You may have heard of cell phone monitoring app reviews circulating around the internet yet remain undecided of what specific app to purchase. There is one called Auto Forward sets the bar high among the rest because of its capabilities that are far-reaching and beyond satisfying; which is also the main reason why consumers prefer to favor it.

Extensive Capabilities

Auto Forward monitoring program according to its website is the ultimate back up and data extractor which also technically does retrieval during untimely files deletion. It works on all Android and Apple units.

Its features are as follows:

  • Access mobile activities such as messages (text, MMS, instant chats), calls, browser history, website searches, GPS location, app downloads (including games, social media websites), calendar events, contacts, notes, photos, and videos
  • Backs up all data from mobile activities concurrently in real-time
  • Ability to recover data from water damaged and factory restored devices
  • 100% virus-free downloadable app

How Auto Forward Works

For users to enjoy its extensive capabilities, device must be internet-ready for successful installation. Know that it does not need an expert to download such because following the purchase is easy to follow steps for smooth sailing data extraction.

Step 1: Install the app

Step 2: Select back up from a local drive if you are using Android and iCloud if Apple

Step 3: Choose specific data to extract

Who Can Use Auto Forward

Everyone can use Auto Forward; although basing from already users, most of them are working parents of teenagers wanting to monitor screen time as well as online activity contents and employers who have provided employees with corporate devices for business purposes. It is considered to be a wise investment for both given how budget-friendly its rate and comprehensive its features. Both consumers also have all the right to “monitor” the target because one, they have supervisory duties on juveniles and the whole company respectively.

Other Forms of Data Mining

Given that you already have an idea of Auto Forward, it would also be best to make yourself aware of other forms of data mining or extraction. Be fully informed that everyone’s most loved social networking platform, Facebook works as a remote cell phone monitoring every move and even conversations. Click on the link to read on an article pertaining such.

Author: Liam King

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