Currently, to spy cell phone of your children is a crime in many states. As a parent, you are not free to eavesdrop or monitor their cell phone activities regardless of your motive. You are required by law to acquire consent, even from your own children, if you need to keep tabs on their activities.

But this is all set to change in the coming days as a Bill that allows parents to monitor the communications of their children freely has just been passed in the Michigan House with an overwhelming 105-3 vote.

In short, parents can now spy on kids cell phone, especially with regards to the messages and calls they make and receive.

The Bill that Allows Parents to Eavesdrop on their Children

The House Bill 4891 has taken a few changes and was proposed to exempt parents from being prohibited to eavesdrop on their minor children. Just last April 12, it has passed the Michigan House and is now headed into the State Senate.

Here’s what you need to know about this law.

The Bill basically allows parents, foster parents, guardians and anyone who has the legal responsibility and authority over a child to eavesdrop on their conversations.

These responsible adults are now free to look into the internet or use tools that help them keep tabs on their children’s communications.

It gives parents a chance to protect their children from bad influences and possible harm better in this digital age.

Under this Bill, parents are not allowed to monitor their children’s communications with a lawyer, investigator and other persons.

It is no surprise how the Bill has earned an overwhelming 105 votes compared to the 3 that are against it.

The modern world we are living in right now is full of advanced tools that can either benefit or harm young minds. Proper guidance is needed when children use the technology that are offered them. And this Bill is a godsend at this time.

Spy listening devices for cell phones, text message monitor and a phone monitoring software like Auto Forward are among the tools that parents can make use of freely today.

Let us just hope that with this Bill, children can be more protected and lesser kids get in trouble and danger. 

Learn how to use Auto Forward now that we have this Bill. Visit their website today.

Social media can both have positive and negative effects at the same time, and concerned parents who fear the dangerous consequences of this internet addiction choose to monitor cell phone activity of their children. This way, they can strictly track any danger that comes creeping in to unsuspecting youngsters.

Even cell phone companies acknowledge the negative side of their sophisticated tools and they have taken steps to counter its negative side. Unfortunately, these steps aren’t enough. And the “blue whale” game is proof of this.

What is the Blue Whale Game?

At least 130 teen deaths across Russia have been linked to the dangerous social media game, Blue Whale. Horrifying as it may sound, it has been happening. And this is one side of social media that parents don’t want their children to come in contact with. Thus, parents learned how to spy on cell phone without having the phone of their children even if their kids are strongly against it.

But how can something from social media lead to so many deaths?

Here’s what you need to know about the Blue Whale game.

  • The Blue Whale game is a social media phenomenon that started in Russia but is known to  exist in several countries since 2016.
  • This game consists of challenges that social media accounts run by an “administrator” assign to participants over a 50-day period.
  • One task is given per day, with the starting tasks seeming non suspicious and harmless but soon leads to self-harm.
  • Its final challenge requires a player to take his or her own life.

It is sickening and depressing to know that certain people can use social media and lure the unsuspecting youth into suicide. Beneficial as social media can be, sick people can turn it into something dangerous.

This is why many parents turn to the best cell phone spy software, Auto Forward, to look into their children’s online world, something that kids tend to hide from their parents. Because being able to extract data from your kid’s own device even if you’re not together will let you in on what’s happening with their social life. 

Along with proper guidance and confident advice that it’s okay not go with what’s trending, the use of the ultimate data extractor will be your weapon against the evils of social media, the internet and mobile devices. So learn how to use Auto Forward now and keep your children safe.

Parents making use of monitoring software such as the Auto Forward app is becoming a popular trend in this digital age. Most guardians in places where cell phone use is quite dominant are growing increasingly concerned about their children’s mobile phone use. And although the use of the device itself has harmful effects, it is the applications, most especially social media, that drive kids to keep on using their gadgets hours after hours and get exposed to certain dangers.

Now, what can you do to stop the harmful effect that cell phone use brings to your children?

How to Counter the Negative Side of Cell Phone Use

Cell phones, just like any other technology, bring a lot of benefits and make our lives more comfortable. But they also have a negative side, sometimes even quite dangerous.

Fortunately, there are ways to counter these harmful effects.

One of the most effective ways is making use of a cell phone monitoring software or a data extractor such as Auto Forward. If parents know how to spy a cell phone it can help parents monitor their children’s gadget use as well as their activities on it. Parents will be able to see any inappropriate actions and unsuitable content as well as dangerous interactions with other people.

Parents can then guide their children better on the proper use of cell phones and the internet.

Other ways to keep children safe from the harmful effect of cell phones and the internet include:

  • Using an app-free phone which is only good for texting or calling.
  • Educating children on the advantages and disadvantages of technology and how to responsibly use it.
  • Setting limits and restrictions on the device as well as on the internet settings and Wi-Fi.
  • Setting rules on the use of mobile devices around the house and elsewhere.

As long as children are properly guided by their parents, the dangers of technology can be avoided. Communication is a vital key regarding this aspect.

And if an app-free device, which many say is quite effective in keeping children safe from technology’s bad side, doesn’t work for you, the best phone spy apps surely will.So, learn how to monitor your children without compromising their privacy. Learn about Auto 
now. This helpful tool will let you achieve parenting goals that are quite hard to put into action in this modern world. Visit Auto Forward now.

Selfies, groufies, even nude photos sharing are, unfortunately, the trend with kids on social media these days which is why parents are keen on using the best cell phone monitoring software, one of which is Auto Forward, to know what photos their children are sending to others and what they are seeing, as well. This “in” thing, with teens especially, is quite disturbing and worrying. Just imagine the  consequences of these actions, particularly when inappropriate photos get into the wrong hands.

And this is why spying on children’s social media accounts like SnapChat has been on the rise as a way of parenting.

Why Parent’s Need to Spy on their Kid’s Snapchat

The digital age has kept parents on guard. Ever since mobile devices and the internet have been easily accessible, children do as they please with it. Although parents are partly to blame for the young generation’s early exposure to technology and the risks that come along with it, this advancement cannot be stopped. 

Some of the risks that going on SnapChat include:

Taking inappropriate photos, even sexual ones, thinking it safe since the photos will disappear in time and will not be saved.

People using your child’s photos for demeaning reasons or for blackmailing purposes.

Random strangers, especially sexual predators and other cyber criminals, can see your child’s photos and will try to connect with them.


With these dangers, the best thing parents can do is guide their children closely. But what if they are not around most of the time?

This is where spy to mobile devices software come in. Spyware such as Auto Forward, which is the ultimate data extractor can help you see what your children are doing online.

Auto Forward on Snapchat

Auto Forward spy has been getting raves from parents who are constantly monitoring their children’s cell phone activities. Its easy to install and use features make it a popular parenting tool in this digital age.

How do you install Auto Forward? Easy! Just download and install the software, choose your backup location and start extracting data from your target device. You now see what your child’s activities on SnapChat and anywhere else.

What’s even better is that this spyware works well with all Apple and Android devices. iPhone jailbreak isn’t even an issue.

Monitoring your child on SnapChat has become so easy. Thus, proper guidance will ensue. So, check out Auto Forward now and learn more about this very helpful cell phone program. Visit their website now.


Powerline Media Review: How Powerline Media Taught Me About the Importance of SEO


Powerline Media Review And How I Learned About The Importance Of SEO

When I started my business several years ago, I had a good idea of what I needed to do to get up and running. But as with anything, there was a learning curve. Things didn’t go as smoothly as I thought they would. Do they ever?


Eventually, I got the hang of it all: selling my product, marketing it to different audiences, and handling customer concerns and questions. After a lot of hard work and a few adjustments, business was finally good. But as time went on, good wasn’t good enough. There were other products like mine out there and they were starting to take away from my business. I needed to be better. The thing is, I didn’t know how to do that. So, I started reading.


I had already read a lot about marketing and selling online and thought I was doing okay—but then I started learning more about SEO and realized I wasn’t. Of course, like many small businesses, I tried to take to things into my own hands in order to save money, but like the old adage … “You get what you pay for”.


After half a year of very little gains, I had to admit that I was in over my head and needed professional help. That’s when I started looking into search engine optimization companies. After hours of researching which SEO services company might be right for my needs, I decided to go with Powerline Media—and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. 


Powerline Media took their time explaining what solid SEO strategy can do for any business. Then they sat down and showed me how it could work for my business. They immersed themselves in my product—and the niche that it fills—and came up with a plan. Already knowing that measureable results can take time, I didn’t expect much right away. So, you can imagine my surprise when the numbers started rolling in just a few months later—and they were good. Really good. Better-than-I-could’ve-hoped-for-good!


After they sent out a press release that had links to my website and product reviews in it, I received two leads in one week! Both said they saw the article, checked out my site, and wanted to email me asking to collaborate and if I could send over download links. What they sent out for Auto Forward really worked to put it in front of the eyes of new people who are interested in what it has to offer and how it can help them in their every day lives.


I always felt that I had a good product: cell phone surveillance software. People need mobile monitoring apps to watch over their loved ones—and to keep tabs on their employees. My product helped satisfy that need—just like Powerline does for me. I needed good SEO management, and Powerline Media did—and still does—exactly that. I highly recommend their service for any company serious about optimizing their presence on the web.


Advantages and Benefits of Using Tracking App to Spy on Phone.jpg

Numerous advantages of using tracking app to spy on phone activities have been experienced by parents who needed to keep an eye on their children and business establishments in keeping track with their employees’ work schedules and activities.

Advantages of Using a Spy Phone for Parents to Keep Children Safe and Protected

It has been an advantage to monitor children’s location and mobile activities to keep them safe wherever they are. By knowing their children’s location, parents are at peace while being trapped in a busy work schedule. Being able to review all text messages, chat conversations, emails and voice conversations makes parents aware of what might be the causes of their children’s behavior. It aids parents in their parenting approach as well.

Knowing cell phone activities of children allows parents to get to know their children’s friends, where they often go, what do they usually play for online games, and what sites do they often visit. It keeps them away from strangers, dangers of cyber bullying, internet addiction, or depression.

Benefits of Tracking Applications to Improve Work Performance and Productivity

Benefits of using cell phone surveillance in the workplace have made various companies to increase productivity and improve their internal control system leading to more motivated work performance. The software can monitor all work related activities done in the company computer, laptop or tablet. It can also monitor location of employees assigned on field work. While employers monitor their employees’ work performance, and the administration is able to find out issues and conflicts that involve employees’ misconduct, certain actions are done to resolve the issue and find for solution to the problem. It then gives the company an idea on how to deal with employees. Motivations and disciplinary actions become part of improving and developing work ethics and work performance.

Use the Right Application

By using auto-forward, any mobile and online activities are reviewed and usage of gadgets and devices will be managed. Online activities of children will be monitored to guide them in the right direction. Office activities will then be directed to improve work performance and career development of employees.

AutoForward is a maker of data storage and backup software that ensures security and protection of data. It has the ability to store and recover lost data, keeping you updated and have a close eye on your files with its 24/7 control panel. Use AutoForward and be worry free of losing your important data.

Monitor Employees and Track Down Children with a Spy Phone Software.jpg

A modern way of tracking someone is by the use of a spy phone software. It is the new tool for surveillance activities. It can monitor text messages, phone conversations, social media activities, and all applications downloaded in the smartphone including phone contacts, photos, or videos. By simply downloading a spy software and activating in a device, you can now start monitoring the device.

Keep Children Safe and Monitor Cell Phone Activities

When traces of harm is present in the community, we often get paranoid and don’t want to leave our loved ones at home or school. It is useful for parents who are busy with their work and find no time to keep an eye to their children when they are not together. Children at school can be prone to danger from people around, natural disaster, and cyberporn or cyberbullying. At times, children are starting to be secretive and parents are worried they can be with the wrong persons or might be doing something behind parents’ back without being cautious. For peace of mind and safety purposes, a remote phone spy can be used to check on their children’s activities.

Track Down Employees’ Work Progress

A business can be protected with effective human resource tracking and secured data. For an office to run its business transactions effectively, equipments and devices are provided. This can be used to monitor employees’ work performance and track work related activities. It can be used to track all activities of the computer or laptop used by employees, and spy on text messages and phone conversations of employees in the cell phones provided by the company. There are employees who have lost interest in the advocacy of the company, or employees with negative attitude that could put the company’s reputation at risk. These are employees who need to be monitored to gather information as proof of disloyalty to the company.

Recover Lost or Stolen Device

The mobile tracking software is also useful in tracking down lost or stolendevices. When installed in a device, this application can be used to look for your stolen smartphone via GPS. It also tracks your child if he or she is really within school premises. And it monitors your employees who are assigned in the field.

AutoForward is a product provider that offers best technology for tracking and monitoring. It also offers good quality service for data backup and storage.Inquire now to know more information about spy phones and its various unique features.

Different Spy Program Functions That Can Help You in Monitoring Your Kids.jpg

Having a spy program in your household is already a total package. It entitles you to do a lot of things: easy access on a person’s phone activity, discreet spying, location and distance detection and other advanced special features such as live call recording.

Mobile monitoring apps or spy apps have been considered as complete surveillance tools for any kind of devices: whether you are an iPhone or Android user. However, its main use focuses on parental responsibilities.

Yes, whether you’ll believe this or not, spy on phone free can be a great contributing factor in order to properly manage and guide your children as they grow up. As a child hits the adolescent stage, their curiosity is at its peak. For this reason, this article is dedicated to all parents who are having problems all throughout the years regarding their child’s welfare and development.

How Is It Applicable to Your Child?

  • SMS/MMS monitoring. This kind of monitoring software is a perfect application for children below 12 years old. As we all know, children these days are so proficient with technology, so spy apps would be ideally used for a rigid and constant monitoring of your child’s mobile activity and whereabouts. Any child could keep in touch with someone in just a matter of one text without thinking about the possible danger or harm. It is a normal occurrence too that parents would be anxious about the places where their kids go, so by having a complete and detailed information on the inbox, outbox, sent and deleted messages provided by spy apps, it would be easier to keep track of your child’s status.
  • Live Call Recording. This is one of the advanced features offered by spy apps especially when you have purchased a premium brand. This monitoring software has a built-in recorder that automatically records all the incoming and outgoing calls happening on the target device. The great thing about this is the fact that the targeted user and caller would not be able to know that the call is being recorded. This is what they call as the power of secrecy. Through this live call recording, you would be able to keep your child away from the alarming and increasing juvenile crimes in the country. Suspects are easier to detect through this feature.
  • Web Viewing Data. Last but not the least, since children are naturally curious and have a quick access to the virtual world, that means they can also be entering malicious or pornographic sites easily. By being able to check on your child’s web viewing data, you can prevent access of your child to the world of pornography.

Remote cell spy have plenty of other features but the ones mentioned above have the key purposes to help you secure your child’s welfare both in the virtual and real world. Make sure to read reviews of the spy app brand of your choice to get the best value for your money.

3 of Think Geek’s Coolest Tech Products.jpg

3 of Think Geek’s Coolest Tech Products.jpg

Owning a cell phone surveillance software is not enough to make you a cool geek. As a matter of fact, there are a lot more high tech gadgets and wearables that have been just launched that will surely make you the coolest geek in school! But then again, Auto Forward spy, an app to spy on phone will make you the James Bond of all geeks. Look it up. Auto (dash) Forward dot com.

ThinkGeek is one of the coolest and most popular online stores around today. It caters to Trekkies, Whovians, Star Wars geeks, Tolkienites and more. Offering a multitude of products for fantasy, sci-fi and superhero fans, it also hocks plenty of merchandise that will appeal to the science or math nerd in many of us that just want to do things like get in touch with their inner Jedi, spy on a cell phone without having the phone, retreat into their own galaxy and more!. Below are five of our favorite tech-based products. We think you’ll agree that they are out of this world.

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Just like Star Wars’ most lovable droid, this R2-Unit is the one you’re looking for. You too can make like Luke Skywalker flying his X-wing Fighter by having the R2-D2 Car Charger ride shotgun in your car’s cup-holder where it will happily chirp, beep and whistle while it works-charging up to two of your devices at the same time. Just plug him into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and watch him light up with excitement and rotate his head. May the force be with you.

Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde have escaped the arcade and landed on your desk. Best of all they’ve brought friends! The Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp offers not 1. Not 4. But 16 different ghost colors that promise to brighten up any workspace … no matter how dismal. Just plug the 8-inch tall lamp into any USB port and you’ll be more than happy to do some wakka wakka wakka work.

Exclusive Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica

Set your phasers to stun because this television remote is stunning! The perfect home accessory for any Trekkie looking to spend his day in front the T.V. watching hours and hours of his favorite sci-fi series, the Star Trek Phaser Remote comes in a handsome collector case and includes a display stand that holds the controller when not being used. Best of all, this product really works-allowing the user to store up to 36 programmable gestures!

Aftershokz Gamez: Bone Conducting Headphones

Perfect for gamers, the AfterShokz Gamez bone-conduction headphones utilize the same sort of technology used in cochlear implants for deaf people. They direct sound waves through your cheek and jaw to your cochlea-while bypassing the eardrum-allowing for a completely immersive experience that doesn’t cut you off from the world around you.

Trio Cable of Multi-Use

Smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. What good is having all of that tech if you have nowhere to plug it all in? Let’s face it, keeping all of your devices charged can be a major ordeal for many-especially if you don’t have the room (or rooms) to plug them all in. That’s why this handy 3-in-1 cable is a welcome addition to any person’s computer table, desk or nightstand. No more scrambling from room to room in the morning before work or school in order to find which device you plugged in where this time. Now, they can all be found in the same spot!


Cheating Husband Caught in the Apps by the Best Cell Phone Spy Apps.jpg

The best cell phone spy apps can read text messages, even deleted messages and SMS can be retrieved including the time and date sent or received. Phone contacts can be viewed. You can listen to real time voice conversations and view details of call logs. Photos and videos stored in the phone can be viewed including those that were deleted and shared in social media. Access to emails, browser, and social media activities and  interactions. Can also check deleted emails, including the date and time received and sent. Be able to see social media interactions and discover whats with the private message conversations. You can check location via GPS to know your husband’s location and whether it matches to where he said he was. Just purchase the software compatible with your device, follow instruction for activation and start monitoring your husband’s activities as well as tracking his locations.

This application can be a way to gather information but this is not the primary solution to solve marital problems. Through this app, some negative actions neglected at the start can be resolved by the couple by talking about how to deal with individual differences and start working out on their relationship.

What Can the App Do?

Dignified wives, do you want to trace cell phone location the moment you suspect your husband is having an affair? While staying at home doing household works at the same time caring for your children and attending to your husband's needs, isn't it unfair to feel traces your husband is cheating on you? A woman in multi tasked chores who could not even have her own leisure time while husband finds time enjoying another company after work instead of helping his wife in building their family. 

With spy phones available for spying on another cell phone, wives can start having this app. Mobile spy app will be helpful in finding out whether your doubts are real or your gut feeling is wrong. A healthy relationship starts with honesty. When you start using phone spy you already made an action behind your husband's back. So make sure you are determined to do it.

Purchase the best brand with outstanding product reviews. A brand that provides product with good quality of customer service and reliable software.