phone monitoring app, despite the bad rap it gets from most people, can be a very useful parenting tool because of the access it gives parents into their children’s mobile devices and online activities. We all know how dangerous the online world is. But because of spy apps, parents get to see what their children do on their phones and help them understand what goes on in their minds. It will also help them guide their children better.

Kids and their Mobile Devices

Children nowadays are mostly seen with their heads down, focusing on the small screens of their gadgets, either playing games or browsing the internet and their favorite social media sites. And this can go on all day, unfortunately.

Gone were the days when children run around and play tag or hide and seek with other children from the neighborhood. When they do go outside, their gadgets go with them.

This can be quite frustrating for parents. Even Apple CEO, Tim Cook, says he’ll keep his kids off social media if he has his own children.

With the numerous negative effects that the internet and mobile devices have, we’ll have a hard time knowing if our children are affected. And we only until it’s too late.

So use a cell phone spy tracker and protect your children from these dangers.

  1. Cybercrimes like sexting, cyberbullying.
  2. Pornography and online predators.
  3. Bad influences from inappropriate content.
  4. Health issues from too much use of technology.

How to Keep Kids Off their Devices

The “real” world provides so many opportunities for kids to enjoy. Let them put their gadgets down and let them see what they’re really missing out on.

  1. Be firm and set rules on the use gadgets.
  2. Keep monitoring your children with the best free cell phone spy app.
  3. Use child-friendly cell phone providers and gadgets with strict parental controls.
  4. Keep your children active and let them in on outdoor activities and sports.
  5. Go out with your kids, travel and have fun.

Once your kids get used to the real world, they’ll be on their gadgets less and less. You succeed in protecting them from the harmful effects of mobile devices and the internet as well as keep them healthy.

So remember these tips on how to keep your children off their gadgets and make use of the best spyware, Auto Forward. Visit their website now to learn more about this ultimate data extractor and how it can be of help to you. Visit Auto Forward now.

The surge in the use and access of smartphones by younger children has led to the increased use of a free remote cell phone spy by parents. This increased use goes to show that parents acknowledge the risks that come with advanced technology and that using spy apps will help them better monitor their children and keep them safe.

Safer Internet Day

The world celebrated Safer Internet Day just this February 6. Its slogan reads: “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A Better Internet Starts with You.” Yes, it would really be great if everyone follows this short slogan.

Safer Internet Day calls for each and every one of us to play our part in creating a better and safer online world, especially for children. Protecting children online is a global challenge, and everyone is urged to do their share to towards this cause.

However, when it comes to young children, who only want to play or watch videos on mobile devices, responsible use doesn’t mean a thing. It’s up to us parents and guardians to guide them and keep them away from inappropriate content. But if you’re not around most of the time, how can you keep your child safe from the evil clutches of the online world?

If you know how to bug a cell phone, then you’d be aware of your child’s cell phone activity and better guidance will ensue.

How to Keep Children Safe Online

Children using the internet cannot be stopped. This is the consequence of our ever advancing technology. But it’s not all bad. The internet offers many positive things. It’s only in abusing it and not guiding children properly that dangers come creeping in.

What risks does the internet have for children?

  1. Sexual and other online predators
  2. Cyberbullying
  3. Stealing private information
  4. Harmful malware
  5. Inappropriate content that can hurt a child’s mind

These are just the top dangers that the internet has for children. Even adults can be victims of these. So, how can we keep youngsters from falling for these traps?

The easiest way for parents to do this is by using the best phone spy apps, one of which is Auto Forward. Being able to monitor your children’s location and their cell phone activities will help you keep any inappropriateness away and set restrictions to avoid putting their safety at risk.

If you want to learn how to use spy apps for your child’s safety, just visit Auto Forward, the ultimate remote access data extractor for mobile devices. Don’t be in the dark when it comes to your child’s activities. Keep a close surveillance on them with Auto Forward. Check them out now.

Facebook may be full of evil when unsupervised kids use it and is probably the reason why many parents use spying devices for cell phones just to monitor their children’s social media activity. But what about Instagram? Do parents have to worry as much as they worry about Facebook?

Dangers of Social Media to Young Children

It is no secret that social media does have a lot of negative sides and is quite dangerous to innocent minds, especially to young kids. We wouldn’t want our children to be exposed to many explicit and inappropriate content as well as be subject to cyber bullies and sex offenders like many have experienced with Facebook. These are just some of the dangers you will be introduced to once you start using social media

However, as long as you know how to handle these things and use social media responsibly, you will enjoy what these programs can give you. And this is where the problem arises from. Children often forget the proper use of Facebook and Instagram which leaves them vulnerable to cyber criminals.

So to keep children protected from the risks of using these technologies, parents resort to using the best spy apps for cell phones, like Auto Forward.

Instagram and Its Risks to Children

Instagram, as compared to Facebook and other networking sites, is a little less scary for kids. It is actually the most popular social media platform for teenagers and pre-teen kids. And parents think “it’s just pictures”. What they don’t know is that their children are also at risk when using this networking app. Here’s why:

  • Kids can get bullied and the bullies don’t usually get caught.
  • Other social media platform and search engines can be accessed without leaving Instagram.
  • Children can see video sex and other X-rated content.
  • Parents can’t set any restrictions since there are no parental controls on Instagram.

As you can see, there are many risks associated with using Instagram. Parents should indeed be worried just as much as they do with Facebook and use a software to spy on cell phone of their children.

Having something to monitor your children’s cell phone activities with no matter where you are is a great help. Not only will you be able to protect them and keep them safe, but you will also be able to guide them well. Keep track of your kids with the best spyware today, Auto Forward. Learn more about this amazing program that parents can use on their kids. Visit Auto Forward now.

Reports of certain messaging apps spying on cell phones text messages have circulated the web recently. In fact, one popular messaging platform has been fined for keeping tabs on its users’ messages. The app owners were quick to deny the accusations but it was evident from the company’s statements that they have indeed been monitoring and keeping chat logs for government surveillance purposes.

The public is crying foul over this revelation and wants their private conversations to remain just that, private. Moreover, this controversy has placed other cell phone messaging programs under suspicion of spying.

Is your messaging app spying on you?

Cell phone spying scandals have instilled fear in many people and have them asking “is someone spying on my cell phone?” “Are my private messages compromised?” “Are all messaging apps spyware?”

Because one social media app was confirmed to spy on its users’ private conversations, people have been reviewing their downloaded and installed apps just to make sure nothing invades their privacy. As it was revealed, many spyware are hiding under the pretense of being an app just so they can spy on you.

These apps are able to access your:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Location
  • Social media activity and messages
  • Browsing activity

Depending on the spy software, they can access more or less data than those mentioned above.

This situation has caused messaging apps to rethink and revamp their programs so they can change the way users are thinking about them and the negative impact that spying controversies tainted them with.

What can you do to avoid these types of spyware?

Just make sure your device security is tight. Use a password and update your operating system as soon as an update is available.

These spyware do invade a person’s privacy, especially when you don’t know it’s already doing that. Certain cell phone spy app has also been tainted with the negativity that these programs caused.

Although cell phone spy apps were made for monitoring purposes of parents over their children as well as employers over their workers, some use it for the wrong reasons. As long as you have nothing to hide from legal authorities and your reason for the use of a spy app is noble, there is nothing to be worried about.

And the best spy software will help you with your monitoring purposes. Learn about the top spy program, Auto Forward, now. Visit their website to know how and what they can help you with. Check them out now.

Cell Phone Location Tracker Its One Click Power.jpg

Did you know that a monitoring software has extensive cell phone location tracker abilities? This tracking ability includes a cutting-edge GPS tracking system which you can use to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones.

Just imagine that through a mobile monitoring software, you would be able to get an access to the most sensitive information of someone close to you, particularly their online and mobile activities. Yes, through this application, you would be seeing what they do in their phones as well as what they do virtually.

What Is a Tracker and What Does It Do?

Each mobile monitoring software sold in the market, whether it is a basic or premium spy app, has a cell phone location tracker. This tracker helps any person to check, or as the name suggests, keep track of the people no matter when and where they are. Once the cell phone of a targeted user has been downloaded with a mobile monitoring software, it would be easier to get to know their location through the use of this app.

No matter how they try to hide, the current status of their cell phone can be easily detected in just one click. This ‘one click’ power of a mobile monitoring software makes it so distinct with others. What makes it possible is through an advance GPS tracking system that gets data from satellite dishes and further provides precise location and distances. In fact, this cell phone locator free and premium app has helped millions of lives especially finding lost and misplaced mobile devices.

There would certainly be a lot of brands to choose from in the market especially now that the demand for it has become larger. However, all you need to do is to properly select a brand that suits your taste and budget without jeopardizing its service. And one of the most trusted and reliable brands is Auto Forward app which has been already tested and proven with all the amazing benefits it has given to people throughout the years.

AutoForward is a long-time running cellphone monitoring software that caters to both iPhone and Anroid devices. It has advanced features which makes monitoring easier and hassle-free.


Today’s cell phone spy software are getting more and more popular as the number of users are rapidly increasing in number. You might be interested in monitoring someone’s phone, but are you aware of some of the legalities involved in using such software? However, it is still imperative to know the legal issues involved to protect yourself when monitoring someone.

Common Questions 

When it comes to the topic of cell phone tracking apps, there will always be that one question that springs into mind – “Is having a spy app software legal?” It will always be reasonable to question the legalities of a spy app software because of its high technology features and the power to retrieve the most private information on a mobile phone.

By enjoying its premium offer after you have purchased the product, it would be deemed essential that you know the limits you have as a consumer. Getting acquainted to the product that you are using gives you a lesser chance of getting into trouble.

Some of the most powerful features of a spy app software include its GPS location tracking, call recording and SMS interception. By using these advanced features, it is possible for you to access mobile and web browsing activity, even if you are not “techie” enough. This gives you the power to spy or monitor someone secretly. That is why, the legalities of using a spy app software must be familiar before utilizing it.

Legal Uses and Implications

First and foremost, it is legal for a software developer or a company or brand to create and market a cell phone monitoring software or spy apps. Because of this, buying this kind of product is legal since it is accepted globally.

However, the creators and manufacturers of spy app softwares advise consumers to seek out a local legal counsel if spy apps are allowed in a certain city or town. There are some states that still do not support spy app softwares despite the justifiable advantages it possesses. Before trying to spy on cell phone devices, it is important to confirm the validity of using the software in the local are.

Secondly, the legal issue also arises depending on the purpose as to why the product was purchased. It simply means that spy apps must be bought for a good reason and this involves monitoring a person or loved one while particularly focusing on the aspect of safety and security.

When your reason is not mentioned in the prior statement, this could cause some legal issues especially towards the target phone owner. That is why a proper consent from the latter person must be done in order to allow the legal spying to commence.


If you think that using a cell phone tracker to monitor employees will have negative effects on their performance and loyalty to the organization, think again! According to studies, employee monitoring systems, including computer and cell phone tracking, are effective in reducing wasted time at work.

But of course, keeping your workers motivated is not limited to using a spy phone app. As a business owner, there are other things you can do to urge your team to work to their fullest potential. To be a good motivator and a better leader, use the following tactics:

a. Communicate Better

It's a must that you make sure your employees understand what's expected of them. Let them know what their job is as well as your expectations. For new employees, it may be necessary to reiterate such expectations on a daily basis. Avoid being vague or generalizing. Be specific so that your team will know what they are supposed to do.

b. Train Your Employees

Find time to give your employees training on how business is done. Have a training process in place so that every new employee goes through the same quality training. This will be time-consuming at first, of course, but all your effort will certainly pay off.

c. Believe in Your People

Your employees make mistakes not because they want to piss you off or to make your business fail. They are human beings so committing mistakes is inevitable. But this shouldn't make you think that they do not mean well for your business. Good leaders make their people feel they trust them and believe in their capacity.

d. Never Forget to Appreciate Them

Even if you're using a cell phone spy to monitor your employees, they wouldn't take it against you if you know how to give recognition where it's due. It's important for leaders to value the contributions of their employees because even the simplest gestures of gratitude and appreciation can go a long way in keeping workers inspired.

e. Provide a Comfortable Workplace

You can't expect your employees to be efficient and happy with their work if their offices are a mess and uncomfortable. You need to invest in their wellbeing as well if you want to benefit from their job satisfaction and loyalty. Give them a workplace that will give them a sense of pride.

f. Be More Approachable

Implementing an employee monitoring system like using a cell phone spy does make you a scary boss, and it's not always good for your business. You need to make yourself more approachable. Encourage your people to ask questions, make suggestions, or raise an opinion because at the end of the day, it is your business that can benefit from this kind of collaboration.


Among the many spyware available online, Auto Forward has coined to be the best phone spy software doing both data extraction and recovery. Evident on the positive reviews online, from more than satisfied users, the software has uninterruptedly made business owners dependent on its features to observe workers’ performance.

Traditional Approach vs Utilizing Spyware

Back during times when digital discoveries have yet been available, business owners hire an individual to monitor how employees’ are doing in the workplace. It could be someone from the Human Resource Department or a supervisor for that matter. That was not an effective tact at all because of the issues concerning subjective interpretation of actions. Another traditional approach is using surveillance cameras. This may track every move but not necessarily provide information as detailed as phone spywares.

Spywares if installed successfully on computers or cell phones given by companies extract information remotely. An employer can monitor employees who use either of the devices inappropriately for recreational purposes. Example is Facebook log-ins or Youtube video streaming during work hours instead of accomplishing workloads. It is not surprising how easily people get distracted by online perks. It has something new to offer every day including how information about whatsoever can be easily searched. Worst case scenarios, employees engage in sexting (sex on text) or indecency through online messengers and even sharing trade confidenceswith a competitor. Imagine how detailed information are when utilizing spywares.

Why Auto Forward?

Auto Forward simply because it conveys everything it promises as seen on its website. You may however read about the best free spyware for android phones which appeals to be interesting because it needed no monetary requirement prior its usage butlater leaves you disappointed; as it notifies you to upgrade with a price. Because unlike paid spyware like Auto Forward, monthly payment entails no upgrade fees or hidden charges. Plus the price is way too reasonable for the extensive features business owners can effectively make use of. It is very user-friendly since it is compatible with all android and apple devices.

You may want to visit their website which includes features, certain inevitable phone problems like water damage, broken parts, and lost data that only Auto Forward can fix, and most importantly after sales support that can adhere whatever technical difficulties you may encounter in the process of installing and/or downloading the software.

Side Note

Know that there is nothing wrong with choosing to use spyware over other forms of surveillances. The only thing that is causes trouble is when it becomes detrimental to someone’s privacy. An actual example is a business owner trying to spy on employees mobile activities even after work hours. That is something way out of line. See mobile phone spy software free download for an article in relation to privacy.

Prevent Personal Use of Company-Issued Mobile Phones. 

A large number of companies all over the world complain about excessive phone bills for company-issued mobile devices. In today’s competitive business scenario, it’s extremely important to provide company phones to key professional across the organization. However, paying inflated wireless bills on a regular basis can be frustrating for those companies. Keeping these expenses under control is a common concern for many businesses, and excessive use of company mobile phones result in a loss of productive working hours. This includes sending and receiving texts, messaging apps and playing games.

Indiscriminate use of company mobile phones is also a serious challenge in terms of keeping the company’s sensitive business information secure. Mobile devices are extremely efficient, making it easy for the users to send and receive almost all types of information. Companies have stringent mobile usage policies for their employees. However, these policies have often proven to be inadequate.

In the recent years, many companies have been able to solve this problem with cell phone monitoring software applications. These simple to use mobile applications are exceptionally efficient in tracking activity taking place on the target mobile device. Some of the most common features of these spy programs include: call logs, text message tracking, internet browsing history, social media activity monitoring, and more.

Auto-forward is a software application that has been utilized by multiple companies. Using this program, you can record all the calls that are made or received from the target phone. This feature can aid in cutting down employees personal call history. Auto-forward can also retrieve deleted messages, and track the physical location of the device, which can help companies keep an eye on employees that work off-site.

There have been a lot of controversies concerning the use of software applications to spy on someone else’s mobile phone. It’s a matter of consent and permission: there is nothing wrong with using these programs on mobile phones that belong to your company. Though you can use Auto-forward to check on your employees indiscriminately, it’s not necessary. In fact, it’s more effective when people in an organization already know their phones are being monitored.

Auto-forward is inexpensive, easy to use, and supports all Android and Apple devices. Try it today to decrease your company’s mobile expenses.