Many parents have been using a spy cell in order to keep their children away from the dangers that cell phone and internet use can bring. If you don’t know it yet, these technologies can bring your kids closer to criminals such as sexual predators and kidnappers. These can also expose your children to inappropriate subjects like violence, pornography and other unsuitable content.

But while these are the most common and more important reasons why parents resort to learning how to spy on text messages and cell phones of their kids, there are also other things that you should be aware of. Things like what they post and comment on their social media. Because these can get them in trouble with the law.

Social Media Posts that can be Troublesome with The Law

Social media can be a great way for kids to connect and widen their social circles. This platform can help them interact with family, especially those who are far away from them. Moreover, it can be a form of entertainment. And it gives teens an outlet for their emotional excitement and struggles.

However, posting on social media can get your children in trouble with the law. Yes, they can be above it since they are minors, but what they post can give them a great deal of problems. But spy apps like Auto Forward can help you with these problems.

But what are these things that you should prevent your kids from posting?

  • Threats on others, whether jokingly said or not
  • Organizing public riots and other disruptive activities
  • Unclean thoughts, especially those involving other people
  • Sick jokes about others
  • Assassinations and the like

These are serious issues that, no matter if in jest, when posted can bring the authorities right to your doorstep.

You should be aware of what your kids post on their social media. Use a remote cell phone spy if you must, since kids usually keep their parents out of their online world. So, if spying is the only way you can use to monitor your child’s social media posts, then use it.

It is better than being surprised with the law in your face. You also need to teach your children that authorities take the security of their constituents very seriously, and posting threats will have a severe consequence.

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It is no secret how the internet can be full of bad people just as much as the good, and this can be quite dangerous for children, which is why authorities urge parents to know their children’s online activities with the help of the best monitoring software such as Auto Forward. With more and more children becoming victims of cyber crimes, parents need to be at their most vigilant and guide children with their use of the internet quite strictly.

Teen Rescued After a Month of Being Kidnapped by People She Met Online

The world wide web has been a venue for human trafficking for years. And, no matter how the government and police try to fight this crime, it still happens today.

Just recently, a 15-year-old girl has been rescued from kidnapping by people she may have met online. This situation is not new. Kids meeting strangers online, through social media or online games, can spell disaster. And this news just makes warning bells rings louder for parents.

The government is urging guardians to know and monitor children’s activities on their mobile devices. And this can be done with the help of spy apps for cell phones. Knowing what you children does on their device may just be the reason for their safety in this highly digital world.

In the case of the above teenaged girl, she went missing for a month because she met with people she knew online. She was kept with these people for a month before being rescued.

What happened in this time-frame has yet to be explored, but imagine the scare and horror her parents went through. And this is why parents should really be aware of what happens inside their children’s world.

Being able to spy on text messages and the online activities of children will give parents a glimpse of their world and help them whenever problems arise.

This is what makes spyware on phone, like Auto Forward, effective in keeping children safe from the dangers of the online world.

Auto Forward gives you access to whatever is inside your child’s device and let’s you see what he or she does online. This can save them if ever something goes wrong. So be sure to learn about Auto Forward and use it to protect your children.

A spy program is definitely what parents need in this modern day where cell phones are the most dominating technology. If your children have their own cell phones or have access to one, you should carefully check their activities on the device so no harm can come to them.

This parental action is actually warranted in this digital age. With all the dangers that cell phones pose to its young users, proper guidance and strict monitoring are the most effective ways to keep children safe online. You wouldn’t want to have your child ran away from home and cross another state because a sexual predator lured her to do it.

Online Predator Lured a Girl to Meet Him a State Away from Home

Just recently, a 57-year-old man pleaded guilty to two counts involving luring an underage person to cross state lines for the purpose of having sex with her last summer.

Robert Christiansen, a Texas man, posed as a helpful psychologist in the Google Plus chatroom where the victim frequents. He groomed the 16-year-old girl into trusting her and helping her with her depression by asking her to come live with him. He was preying on a depressed girl who was alienated from her parents and was hanging out online where other teens with social and psychological problems go to support each other.

While the suspect thought he succeeded in having the girl meet him in Texas, authorities where quick to act on the scene. With the help of a mobile tracking software, FBI was able to trace the girl’s location when she was reported missing by her parents. She was apprehend before she got to see Christiansen. The suspect was then arrested.

This case is a parent’s nightmare. And the police are aggressively urging parents to take a huge part in their children’s activities, whether online or offline. If they need to spy through cell phone camera, then so be it. As long as their children stay safe.

Be sure to learn about the best cell phone spy apps like Auto Forward, which allows you to discreetly and remotely monitor your children through their mobile device. Prevent online predators from preying on your kids. Protect them now with spy apps.

The many dangers and negative consequences of technology, especially where teenagers are concerned, gave rise to the use of a spy mobile. The teenage years are, after all, where rebellion usually happens. And it is a difficult time not only for these kids, but also for parents who struggle to get inside their world and be involved in their activities.

Teens and Rebellion

Talking about teenagers is usually synonymous to rebellion. Kids usually go through a lot in their teenage years. And this is why they find it hard to let their parents or other family members into their world.

But what causes this rebellion?

  • Search for identity
  • Struggle for independence
  • Peer pressure and acceptance
  • Attention

These factors contribute to a teen’s rebellion. When they don’t achieve what they aim for then the trouble starts and everyone is usually affected.

And what does the online world have to do with this?

The Internet, Dating Sites and Teenagers

A phone spy tracker like Auto Forward is what parents turn to as a modern parenting tool for their teens. Since getting through to kids in this age group is a struggle, parents find ways to keep track of their online world, where they are not usually welcome. With all the dangers we hear about the web, keeping tabs on children is a must, especially so when you’re dealing with teenagers.

Teens try to find their place in the world and join different groups, finding one where they can belong and feel free to be themselves. This is where the internet comes in and problems usually start, since they don’t let their parents know about their activities.

Unfortunately, adult dating sites are one of the most common places where teenagers find people they can connect with.

It is easy to get into these dating sites. But the consequences can be devastating. Teenagers can be forced into sexual acts, meet ups with strangers and other kinds of inappropriate activities, which is why parents should be vigilant.

Even if teens refuse to let their parents in on their online activities, they have to make sure their children are safe. And the best cell phone spy software, Auto Forward, is their answer to this problem.

Auto Forward lets you in on your child’s cell phone and online activities, which is what you need in this highly advanced digital age. Don’t let your teenager fall into the wrong group. Learn about their world now and use Auto Forward.

Facebook is facing a lot of crisis when news of the popular app was revealed to be spying on cell phone and messages on Messenger. It was news that rocked the whole world, and still does as of the moment, especially when Facebook revealed that they will continue to monitor call and text data of Android users who allowed it to access their phone contacts.

Although, this breach of confidentiality was revealed to the world, people still continue using the social media app. After all, Facebook justified their act by saying collecting data was an opt-in feature intended to help users find and stay connected with friends and family.

The Facebook Spying Controversy

Facebook’s collection of call and text metadata was revealed by a software developer, Dylan McKay, who tweeted his discovery when he was able to download his own data.

The in-demand social media app said that they are scanning users’ Messenger conversations, including text chats, pictures, and links, in an effort to ensure that people play by its rules. And they will continue to do so. They even went as far as saying that most of their 2 billion users should assume that their data is compromised in one way or another.

So if you are not bothered by the fact the Facebook monitors your messages, then you can continue using the app.

Spying on your Children’s Phones

Facebook has confirmed the spying scandal as true and that their monitoring of messages on Messenger will continue. So, if other people have been spying on your messages, shouldn’t you also be cell phone spying on your children?

The world wide web is a dangerous place for kids. That’s why it is important for parents to keep tabs on what their children are doing on their phones.

Be aware of these dangers that children can face while they are on their phones.

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Sexual Predators
  • Identity Theft
  • Child Pornography
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Anxiety and Depression

And this list is not complete. It just goes to show that parent’s guidance is essential when they decide on handing their children their own mobile devices. They should be able to know a phone cloning software that lets them track their kids’ activities so they can protect them from cyber criminals.

And Auto Forward is your best option for this. This ultimate data extractor will give you access to your child’s phone so you can see what goes on in his online world. Learn how to use this software and visit Auto Forward now.

This is the age of advanced technology and, in this age, many parents are struggling with the negative effects that mobile devices have on their children, thus the use of an easy cell phone spy. With this software, parents can diligently monitor their children’s activities on their gadgets and intervene when their use gets out of hand.

Scary Things that Cell Phones Do

The digital age has allowed gadgets to manipulate people. And we are all very willing participants. Even children get in on the all the action that mobile devices have to offer. And while these technology make life easier and more comfortable for us, the things they can do are quite scary, especially for children. And this is why many parents have been using a spy device for cell phone of their kids.

Take a note of these the next time you reach for your cell phone.

  • It leads to phubbing. Phone+snubbing. Yes, it’s a thing. And it is quite annoying. Imagine talking to someone and they just casually check their phones or text. It’s not a pretty sight.


  • It gets you hooked on social media. Ever wonder why you can’t easily get off Facebook or Instagram? These platforms are actually designed to get you hooked. They manipulate you into taking on addictive behaviors.


  • Cell phone addiction! It is not just a made-up thing. It is real. And its consequences are scary.


  • It can get you sick. Radiation is detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, cell phones have it. Therefore, cell phones can make you sick, especially when you use it more than you should.


  • It can get you to all sorts of dangers. You can be a victim of cyber criminals, sexual predators, cyber bullying and more. And the effects of these are definitely scary.

The things that cell phones can do to people are annoying, harmful and quite dangerous. Which is why you shouldn’t let your kids, and yourself, as well, to be victims of these sophisticated tools. Always watch your children while they use their gadgets. And when you’re not around, spy programs for cell phones can help you out.

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There are so many controversies about online pages that increase parents’ concern on their children’s exposure to the internet and led them to make use of a cell phone monitoring software. The use of this innovative tool is not new, especially in this digital age where mobile devices cause so many negative effects. Having this software to track your children’s online activity is a great way of keeping the harmful effects of technology away from them.

Now, to add to the list of parents’ concerns, one of the most popular sites that kids love to visit and spend hours on everyday, is being investigated for apparently invading its young users’ privacy and collecting data without consent from parents.

This favorite social media platform, YouTube, is currently under fire for violating children’s online privacy, consumer groups say.

So, are you ready to restrict your young ones from this site? Or will you use cell phone tracking to monitor their use of it instead?

The Problem with YouTube

Just like every other social media platform, YouTube also has its share of negativity. Many child advocates and consumer groups are pointing out that this site is violating the privacy of children online and allows ads to target them.

Specifically, these are what they say is the problem with YouTube today.

  • YouTube is monetizing the kids’ data.
  • They are selling advertising to kid-directed programs using a lot of data collection.

This is a clear violation of the 1998 federal law which states knowingly collecting data from children under 13 without their parents’ knowledge is prohibited.

Moreover, YouTube has these negative effects on kids.

  • Your kids can get addicted and spend longer hours on their device.
  • They can stumble upon inappropriate content, even pornography.
  • They can be influence by violence and bullying.
  • With this harmful side of YouTube, what can you do to protect your kids?

Since you can’t stop them from watching videos on it, you can monitor their activities on the site and anywhere else online through the best spy apps. Apps like Auto Forward allow you to see what your children are seeing on their devices. And this helps a lot in keeping them and their information from malicious people.

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Parents are becoming too concerned about their kids’ obsession with mobile devices and the web that the use of a free remote cell phone spy is increasing among them. Who wouldn’t want to monitor their children’s cell phone activities when news of this technology’s negative effects are frequently reported?

And sexting is one of these harmful effects that is, sadly, becoming too common among teens.

What is Sexting?

The emergence of new words is coming at us at a fast pace. And the word “sexting” is among these newly invented terms. Many people haven’t even encountered this word, but its impact is huge among teens and their parents.

What is sexting exactly?

According to Wikipedia, sexting is “sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images, primarily between mobile phones.” So, with 73% of teenagers today having their own smartphones, it’s no surprise if most of them engage in this activity.

And because of the negative impact that sexting has, most parents resort to monitoring their cell phone activities with the help of a cell phone spyware such as Auto Forward. Having access to your kid’s device is a great way to put a reign on inappropriate activities and keep them away from its harmful consequences.

But what does sexting really do to kids?

The Consequences of Sexting

Studies have shown an increase in sexting among teens with 15% of them saying they send sexts and 27% receiving it. It is reported that, currently, 1 in 4 teens say they’re sexting.

This is depressing because, while kids don’t realize the impact of this activity, its consequences are quite compromising, even after the teens have reached adulthood. That’s why most parents keep tabs on their kids’ devices and monitor cell phone activity without installing software.

These are some of the effects of sexting that you should keep in mind and teach your children about.

  • Sexting can turn into revenge porn.
  • It has legal consequences.
  • Its psychological effects are quite serious.
  • It can ruin future relationships.

Making use of monitoring devices for smartphones like Auto Forward early on will help you screen any inappropriateness from getting to your kids. But also be proactive and talk to your child about the proper use of their gadgets as well as the dangers they can get into while using it.Learn how to use Auto Forward now and don’t let your child sink into sexting.

Parents have been using a cell phone spy ever since kids, really young ones at that, started getting on the internet. The dangers that young children can face while going online is vast, and this is where parents base their action of resorting to spy apps to properly monitor their kids’ cell phone activities.

Benefits of Using Spy Apps

Young children having their own mobile devices have given them the power to explore the world wide web where, unguided, they can be exposed to inappropriate content and can face dangerous situations. While the benefits of technology and the internet are countless, especially for education, its evils can be seriously harmful.

And if you’re a parent, this is where you get to appreciate the help that a cell phone spy tracker such as Auto Forward provides.

  • The thorough monitoring that a cell phone spy app allows help parents to see what their child sees on the internet. If any unsuitable content pops up or any inappropriate site is visited, parents will know and proper guidance can be enforced.
  • Spy apps give parents access to their child’s text messages, call logs, and even messages on messaging apps. They can scrutinize who they kids contact and communicates with. If they see something suspicious or dangerous, parents can easily intervene. 
  • Being able to track your kids’ locations wherever they are, like how spy apps allow you to do, is a big help to parents especially when they become secretive or rebellious, most importantly, when something untoward happens.

These are the most important benefits of a cell phone spying app that parents are grateful for. And for the best data extractor that will give you access to your kid’s cell phone activities, use Auto Forward.

How to Use Auto Forward

Auto Forward is the ultimate data extractor that gives you access to any device remotely. It works on all Apple and Android devices and is easy to install and use. 

  • First, you have to download the software, which is 100% virus-free.
  • Then, select or add a back up from your local drive or iCloud.
  • Lastly, choose the specific data categories you want to see and start extracting.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3. You can then go through the things your child sees or does on his device.Protect your children from the dangers of the mobile devices and the internet and make use of Auto Forward. Learn more about this helpful software today. Visit their website.

Gone were the days when Apple can actually be proud of being virus-free and never tagged as an easy cell phone spy. Today, just like any other mobile device, iPhones and your Mac computers can also be infected with malware. These malicious software can be found in apps readily available for download and installation from the App Store.

What’s worse is that these malware can turn your device against you and spy on your every move.

How your Apple Devices Spy on You

Your Apple devices are pretty much vulnerable to spyware disguised as apps that can spy on everything you do even when you’re not using it. How did Apple devices turn from being one of the most secure mobile devices to one that’s easily compromised by hackers?

Hackers and cyber criminals turned their focus and efforts on Apple’s operating system which gave them access to your mobile devices and computers through apps.from the App Store. You may think you’re downloading safe programs but be aware that any third-party apps can contain this anomalous software that can put you and your data in the wrong hands.

How can You Stop this Unwarranted Spy Activity?

It is necessary that you put a stop to these malware-laden apps because of the terrible consequences it can put you in.

  • These apps can take screenshots of your cell phone data or any other activity.
  • Certain software can automatically read any text included in the screenshots taken.
  • Criminals and hackers can use your data and steal passwords.
  • Your emails can be read and your banking information as well as other important data  will be known to these attackers.

And while Apple is the only one who can put a complete stop to these criminals, you can practice some ways to keep yourself, your data and your device protected.

  • Be wary of the apps you use. Manually close every app after using it.
  • Download only from reputable software companies.
  • Make use of trusted software like Auto Forward to spy on kids cell phone and get rid of suspicious apps.

Having a spy device for cell phone can be helpful when it comes to protecting your children from damaging apps. Since kids can be quite secretive and rebellious, the only way to know which apps they use is through spy apps.

If you want to learn more about the practices of hackers and criminals as well as the ways to stop them, just visit Auto Forward. Be aware and monitor your family’s device use too. Check out Auto Forward now.