Can Cell Phones Monitoring Software Boost Phone Security?

Smart phone users, especially those with iPhones, are nothing but happy with how their devices make their lives easy. They shop online, make business transactions, and even do banking through their mobile phones. Performing such activities, however, require that you be connected to the internet, which then means you have to look for a connection wherever you go. And as you turn on your phone’s WiFi, are you aware that you’re actually broadcasting your location to marketing companies, analytics firms and even government agencies? You might think they are using the best monitoring cell phone software to do this, but they’re not!

Media Access Control Address (MAC Address)

If you go to a shopping mall, for instance, and connect to its WiFi, you unconsciously allow firms or individuals to collect information about your device, its manufacturer, and your MAC address, which is a unique identifier that comes with iPhones. It is through these pieces of information that companies are able to get your personal information for the purpose that only they know! Of course, you can raise the issue of invasion of privacy in this case because details about you are gathered without consent.

What Does Apple Do about It?

Apple has actually found a solution that will address its users concerns over security and privacy. In their recent iOS 8 upgrade, a new system is to be implemented wherein random MAC addresses will be generated whenever a single user is scanning for WiFi networks. This way, agencies and companies that intentionally get such information won’t actually have an idea which device is actually being used for a particular activity or transaction.

Does It Guarantee Total Security?

While Apple has always been active in finding out ways to offer ultimate security to their users, there always emerge threats and challenges to their system! Well, this is not something we can blame Apple for because this is just the reality of life! Each one of us runs the risk of being spied on. The best that we can do is actually protect our devices as much as we can.

How Do Mobile Monitoring Programs Work?

One thing you should consider doing is to install a cell phones monitoring program on your own phone. This kind of technology comes with a lot of features that will allow you to take control of your mobile phone even if you don’t have it.

Auto-Forward is an establish cell phones monitoring manufacturer that has helped thousands of people to track their lost or stolen phones. It comes with so many great features that will also allow you to monitor a target phone, which could be your child’s, partner’s or employee’s.

Author: Laura Burke

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