Top 5 Best Cell Phone Monitoring Apps

I’m Liam King and I’ve been making and testing cell phone monitoring apps for ten years. I created this page, along with a series of other articles and reviews, to share with you my knowledge and experience with cell phone monitoring software. 

I first became involved with monitoring apps when I became a parent and wanted to ensure my child’s safety while using their cell phone and other devices. I was afraid of who they might be connecting with online and texting, and that they would be the target of cyberbullying or predators. So, I took matters into my own hands and created an app to ensure my child’s online safety. 

My creation has grown into what I am going to share with you now. The best way to monitor a cell phone easily and effectively. 

The apps below are what I believe to be the best cell phone monitoring apps on the market today. 

Note: These cell phone monitoring programs are powerful tools that will enable a person to monitor a cell phone similar to a private investigator or government agency. They should only be used legally by parents who are monitoring their child’s device or employers monitoring their employees’ company-owned devices with permission. 

#1: Auto Forward 

Recommended The best monitoring app that enables you to view the data from your own devices. Works on all Android smartphones and iPhones. 

Auto Forward allows you to monitor the activities of virtually any cell phone and view the data retrieved from your own device. It is great for beginners and those with limited knowledge of cell phones and tech jargon. It’s really easy to use and perfect for anyone looking to do a bit of surveillance. If you can use a cell phone, you can use Auto Forward. 

Boasting more than half-a-million downloads in their eight years on the market, Auto Forward is certainly considered a market leader and a pioneer in the cell phone monitoring industry. They continually introduce new features keeping their app ahead of the competition. Auto Forward has everything a person would need in a cell phone monitoring program. The Auto Forward app works with all iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. 

  • OTA Link: User their OTA (over-the-air) link to download the app easily and activate the app by tapping a few keys. 
  • Social Media: Auto Forward tracks and records activity (including messages) on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. 
  • Text Messages: See an exact copy of every text sent and received from the monitored phone. 
  • Keylogger: Captures all keystrokes on a device including messages, online searches, notes, and more.
  • GPS Tracking: Track a device to within a few feet of its actual location. 
  • Price: You can purchase the app for a one-time fee of only $29.99, and there’s no monthly subscription. 

With Auto Forward, you are conveniently able to view the extracted data from your own cell phone, tablet, or device. The extracted information from the target phone will be sent to your secure online account. It only takes a few minutes to get this product installed and view the target device’s information. 

Packed with every feature you will need, plus a one-time fee of only $29.99 and no monthly subscription, it’s not a stretch to say that Auto Forward deserves the #1 spot on our list of the top phone monitoring apps of 2020. 

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#2 Highster Mobile 

An excellent choice. Works on all Android smartphones and iPhones. 

highster mobile review

The Highster Mobile Monitoring App stands out from the crowd. Available since 2007, this cell phone monitoring app has a great reputation. That’s because Highster Mobile offers every feature required to monitor any Android phone, iPad, or iPhone, with an excellent no-jailbreak solution for iPhones and iPads. 

No-Jailbreak: No Access Needed

Highster Mobile beats the competition using a specialized technology for its no-jailbreak solution. This program operates faster and is far more accurate than its competitors. Best of all, you can easily view the information from your own device. 

Monitor An Android Device and View Its Data From Your Own Device

Highster Mobile lets you monitor a phone from anywhere at any time. Once data is downloaded from the target phone, it’s uploaded to your monitoring app account. The information is accessible from your own phone, tablet, or computer. 

Newest Features

  • Social Media Messages: Version 7 now captures copies of both incoming and outgoing messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 
  • Text Message: Upgraded functionality records all texts on Android and iOS phones. 
  • Keylogger: All keystrokes performed are logged and uploaded. It also captures and logs deleted content and keystrokes. 
  • GPS Tracking: Enhanced GPS tracking now tracks a phone to within just a few feet of its actual location. It can perform location checks as frequently as once a minute, allowing for continuous tracking of the device’s location. 
  • Easy Download: Taking less than 45 seconds, installation can be done even by those who don’t know much about cell phones. 

Highster Mobile’s features and customer support are the reasons why we ranked this product, created by Powerline Group inc., as one of the best cell phone monitoring apps of 2020. 

Note: This technology can easily be misused. I urge you to use Highster Mobile responsibly and only for legal purposes. 

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#3 PhoneSpector 

PhoneSpector logo

PhoneSpector LLC, the U.S.-based company behind the PhoneSpector mobile monitoring app, boasts more than 500,000 users of their cell phone tracking and monitoring software. They’re on track to hit one million users in the next two years. Very impressive!

It was easy to see why they’re so confident once we tested the app. All you need to do is install the app, then activate it with the license key given to you at the time of purchase. The whole process took less than 45 seconds, easily the fastest of any monitoring app we tested. 

This app is a great choice for anyone needing to monitor a cell phone. It has a lot of great features plus excellent customer support. PhoneSpector was the only company that has live operators ready to answer customer calls. It’s an exceptional product backed by excellent customer support. You can’t go wrong with this mobile monitoring app! 

Developer: PhoneSpector LLC.

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#4 Easy Spy

(VERY Easy To Use! An Extremely Capable Yet Inexpensive Spy App)

easy spy logo

You can easily monitor the use of a cell phone or tablet with Eady Spy. Easy Spy allows you to view the target cell phone’s text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, internet browsing history, emails, social media, and other functions. It can also show deleted texts and track a phone’s location using GPS data. All of the phone’s information will be uploaded to the customer’s account online so they can remotely review it from their own device. 

Easy Spy is especially great to use when keeping tabs on children and employees. There are plenty of cell phone monitoring apps on the market like Easy Spy, but this one has the most functionality at a better price. To get started, know there is a one-time fee of $69.99. Also, this software by ILF Mobile Apps Corp. features free lifetime upgrades and is backed by a 10-day money-back warrant. 

Developer: ILF Mobile Apps Corp

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With this type of monitoring software, you’ll need an easy-to-use program that features full telephone support. Skip any company that doesn’t include a toll-free phone support for its cell phone monitoring apps. If you’re note able to use the program you paid for, you’ll become as frustrated as I did without free phone support 

Another thing that’s important to know before using a cell phone monitoring app is that unlike typical apps from Google Play or the App Store, most mobile monitoring apps like mSpy, Flexispy, Spyzie, and more require you to have more knowledge of how apps and cell phones work. They’re not for tech newbies: Even I experienced some amount of frustration when I used their software. 

You won’t waste your time or money with the mobile monitoring apps I’ve listed above. I’ve tested each of them myself to be sure that they are what I believe to be the best monitoring apps on the internet.

Author: Liam King

I am a tech writer looking to share with the world all of the latest gadgets, apps, and news.