Be Your Child’s Hero: Protect Them From Online Predators

Call him a vigilante or just a parent, but his ways of protecting his children, as well as others, from online child predators can be downright heroic or, as others would call it, foolish and dangerous. Find out what this father of two girls does and you can decide if you want to do parenting like him or stick to an easier parenting hack using monitoring devices for cell phones, instead.

Tony Blas, who is a father to two girls, has a different approach when it comes to keeping his children safe from online predators. It is no secret how these criminals abound in the online world, making children their prey. And if you don’t spy on text messages or go through your child’s mobile device regularly, they may just be the next victims. Yes, Blas says you need to go through your child’s phone and know who they are talking to, because of you don’t, you might be gravely surprised at what you can discover.

But while he does monitor cell phone activity of his daughters as his way of protecting them, Tony Blas also heads an interstate citizens group that aims to make their communities safer for kids. They are targeting possible predators online who are preying on teenage girls.

  • They would post on social media, dating sites, messaging apps, even on gaming chatrooms, and pretend to be women in their early 20s.
  • When someone responds, they would say they messed up their age and are actually only 13 to 15 years old.
  • When these people continue to talk to them, Blas’ group would wait for them to make their move.
  • They would then arrange a meet up, where these men are expecting to see teenage girls. Instead, Blas would confront them, streaming the confrontation on Facebook Live.

This is definitely a new take on keeping young girls safe from online sexual predators. But it can also be dangerous, especially when Blas’ group has no special training for these cases. Would you follow his lead, or let a cell phone monitoring tracker like Auto Forward be the only tool you will ever need?

It will always depend on you. But one thing is for sure, it is important to know who your children talks to on their phones. Use Auto Forward for this task and keep your children safe from all the dangers that social media and the internet bring. Learn more about this software now.

Author: Laura Burke

I am a parenting expert and writer who want to help parents know the do's and dont's of raising children.