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Why is Auto Forward Among the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software Apps?

If you are in search of the best mobile phone monitoring software then this is the right place. Cell phone monitoring programs are no longer news to most ears. Many people are downloading and using them for various purposes such as monitoring kids, and employees. Anyone can use these apps because they are very easy to use. Parents are the ones who mostly use this software to monitor their children and especially teenagers. With so much happening in the digital world, leaving your teen unattended would be like leaving a piece of meat to a pack of hungry lions. They will pounce and devour it without mercy. So what is so good about Auto Forward monitoring app? What features does it carry? Is it a cell phone monitoring software free of having to physically touch the phone?

Monitoring texts and SMS

No text comes and goes through the phone being monitored without auto forward recording it. Every text message your teen receives and sends will be fed to your daily report. You will be able to view it, see who sent it and what time it was sent. Even if the message was read and deleted, you will still be able to view it. Doesn’t that by itself make Auto Forward an amazing monitoring app?

Social media, social media, social media

Social media is one place you don’t want to leave your child/teen unsupervised. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very fun to use and quite addictive as well. There are all kinds of people out there who use it. Some are good and some join these sites with evil intensions. With an Auto Forward monitoring app, you can now see every friend request sent and accepted, every post updated and every inbox conversations.

GPS tracking

Worried where your teen goes after school or during the holidays? Fret no more. With GPS tracking devices on both phones, you won’t have to be stressed about such matters anymore. Not just that, if you or your son/daughter lost your phone at some point, you will be able to track it down and find it in no time.

Read all emails sent and received

You will also be able to view every email sent and received on the device being tracked.

View all phone contacts

Every phone number saved on that device can also be viewed using this monitoring app.

See all websites accessed

Every website that has been visited though out the day can also be seen from your side. This means you will be able to stop your child from visiting any inappropriate sites and if they don’t listed, you just go ahead and block those sites with a worry free cell phone monitoring app for Android and iPhone devices.

All these are useful features that can help one monitor anyone they want. This app goes for $69.99 and once you make the payment, there aren’t any additional charges. It may seem like much to some but the features above are definitely worth the price. If you ever have any problem with this app, their customer care team is always there 24/7 ready to help and guide you through the steps. With over 5 years in the market, you can be sure that you are dealing with a mature app. Get yourself the best cell phone monitoring software and say good bye to unnecessary worries.

Author: Liam King

I am a tech writer looking to share with the world all of the latest gadgets, apps, and news.