Scammers know that the elderly are easier to fool and are quite vulnerable to scams compared to the younger population. This is why family members must protect their older relatives and acquaintances by monitoring their cell phones, along with their social media and online activity, using free cell phone spy apps like Auto Forward, so they don’t fall for such scams.

However, although monitoring cell phone activities is quite effective in protecting family members from digital dangers, it is important to teach everyone, especially the elderly and the young children about the importance of responsible use of technology. Knowing how to identify scams and staying away from them can keep their experience of the online world a better and safer one.

Scams Targeting the Elderly

It has been revealed by the National Center for Victims of Crime that from the total annual cost of financial fraud, which is in the $40 billion range, the greatest percentage of losses comes from those over the age of 60. And these losses usually come from senior citizens’ pensions.

The pension that the elderly has is what lures scammers to target them as their victims. And with these seniors being less adept with technology, criminals find it easy to make money off them. Moreover, the older generation are more trusting and friendly than the current and younger ones, making it even easier for scammers to be successful.

Many groups and government agencies are now making an effort to educate the elderly and help them know what to do when they feel they are being targeted by scammers. Being knowledgeable, with the help of cell phone monitoring by family members, can be the key to the security of seniors and their finances.

While the tactics of scammers are ever changing, here are some of the most common techniques they use that everyone should be aware of.

  • Grandparent scam where scammers pretend to be a grandchild in need of money
  • IRS scam where victims are asked to pay for back taxes
  • Fake charities scam
  • Law enforcement scam

Scammers would call, send emails or use social media to connect with their elderly target and ask for money, sometimes even demanding it.

Many seniors have already been robbed of their pension, and many still are being victimized. Teaching them about such scams can be a great way to prevent it. But using a spy software like Auto Forward will reinforce their security.

Learn how to use Auto Forward now so you can help your grandparents steer clear of scammers and keep their money safe.

As mobile devices become more advanced and sophisticated, your need for two cell phones vanishes. Today’s new phone models will provide you with the basic uses of normal phones, yet are capable of doing as much that a personal computer does. So, even if you need two phone numbers, you won’t need to own two cell phones. Not just because of the services that your smartphone provides but also because of the dual SIM card feature that these modern tools have. Now, when you find out your partner has two devices, what would that mean? Spy on a cell phone free using Auto Forward to find out.

Why Does Your Partner have Two Phones?

The purpose of owning two cell phones just because of the need for two different phone numbers, be it for family purposes, work, social needs, and others can now be provided by a single mobile device. So, there is really no need to have two phone, unless you really need it, that is.

Now, one suspicious reason for your partner to be owning two phones was revealed by an incident in Japan, where one man who was cheating on his girlfriend was found out.

Because Japan is quite prone to earthquakes, the Japan Meteorological Agency sends out warnings to every mobile phone in the country. Doing so, gives citizens time to prepare themselves and brace for the movement and shaking that is expected. Even just a few seconds of preparation is quite valuable.

It is because of these warnings that a man was discovered carrying two cell phones. The Early Earthquake Warning caused cell phones to alarm on a train just recently, making people check their devices. And while the warnings did not pose any danger, one man bore the brunt of being discovered with two devices. Everyone, including his girlfriend who he was with at the time, arrived at the conclusion that he has the other phone to contact another woman he was cheating with. And that is the danger that comes with knowing your partner keeps another phone in secret.

When you find out about it, immediately track a cell phone and find out what it is for. You might be shocked to know you aren’t the only woman in your relationship.

Using apps to spy text messages and other activities on the other mobile device will help you confirm your partner’s fidelity and have evidence of the cheating.

Use apps like Auto Forward now so nothing will be kept hidden from you. Secure your relationship through it!

As the popularity of cell phones and the games children play on it rise, parents grow more and more concerned about its effects every day, especially when it comes to ADHD. But since they can’t stop this technology from being used and accessed by their children, they need to find ways to keep its negative effects at bay. And one way of doing this is to learn all about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, how it is affected by gaming, and how cell phone surveillance helps stop it from affecting their children.

Cell Phone Surveillance to Decrease the Risk of ADHD

Monitoring cell phone activity by using the best phone spy apps such as Auto Forward, is currently a part of modern parenting ways that today’s parents use on their children to ensure their safety and security. With all the dangers associated with this technology, it is no wonder most parents keep tabs on their children through this software. And it has already proven its effectiveness.

Now, a cell phone gaming continues to rise in popularity, parents worry about its effect on their kids. It has been revealed that such activity has a significant impact on their attention span, thus an effect on the condition called ADHD.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition where the person has difficulty paying attention and control impulsive behaviors. While there is no evidence that playing video games causes this disorder, it has been linked to developing symptoms faster.

Here are some of the results of researches done on the connection between gaming and ADHD.

  • Teens who are heavy users of digital devices are twice as likely to develop symptoms of ADHD compared to infrequent users.
  • Children diagnosed with ADHD who play video games often show a worsening in their symptoms.
  • Gaming can exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD.

Because of these results, it is important that you learn about the condition and have your child evaluated if he is into gaming. And what is even more important is to guide your children on their use of mobile devices and limit screen time, especially when it comes to gaming.

With the help of the cell phone spy apps, this can be achieved. Parents can set rules regarding cell phone use and find out if these rules are being followed or not.

And doing so is quite easy when Auto Forward is used. This is why parents should learn cell phone monitoring and decrease the risk of certain disorders to affect their children.

Cell phones have been a great way of keeping kids occupied as well as an accessible tool to communicate with children at any time, wherever they may be. However, there are harmful consequences that can be acquired when this technology is not used properly. And this is why parents should monitor cell phone activity of their children so that the negative things won’t reach them and put them in danger.

Safe Sites for Kids

When you give your child his very own device, you should be aware that so many harmful contents can reach him. Just thinking about social media platforms and pornography sites will give you enough reason to second guess your decision of giving your children mobile devices. However, when you know how to monitor a cell phone and can effectively guide your children, there is no reason for you to be worried about technology ruining your child’s mind and personality.

What is even better is for you to know what apps and programs are beneficial for your child. And these should be the ones present on his device.

To help you out, here are some of the safe social sites that you should install on your child’s smartphone.

  • Azoomie: Kids’ Games, TV, Chat
  • iTwixie
  • GeckoLife
  • Maverick – Social just for you
  • Kudos
  • Mazu
  • Kidzworld

These sites are far safer than the more popular ones that many people are addicted to today. And these are appropriate for children, too.

However, even if your children have these sites to keep them entertained, you should not leave them alone with their device at all. Children are quite curious and may seek out information that is totally inappropriate for their age. They may even stumble upon greater threats when surfing the web.

But since spying on cell phone has been made easy because of Auto Forward, this has become the best way to go about with today’s modern parenting. Seeing what your child sees on his device and knowing what he does on it can be the key to his safety and security in this highly digital world where danger lurks at every corner.

This is why you should check out Auto Forward now and start using it if you plan on giving your child his own cell phone.

There are a number of dangers that cell phone users are exposed to and should be aware of. This fact is known to everyone. But what these dangers are, users are usually not very knowledgeable about. Now, when young kids are the owners of such devices, it is a parent’s responsibility to teach them about the harmful consequences that this technology brings and how to safely use it in order to avoid falling victim to its dangers. So they should know about it, and, to reinforce their teachings, a cell phone text spy should be used in conjunction with proper guidance.

The Downsides of Kids Owning Cell Phones

Everyone has acknowledged the fact that cell phones are not just rainbows and butterflies. There is a dark side to it that can cause serious harm to its users. What more if its owner is just a young child?

Owners of cell phones are getting younger and younger since parents equip their children with such devices when going to school and elsewhere. Having a tool for instant communication provides parents with easy access to their children and gives them peace of mind. This is the main reason why young kids have their own device.

However, if these children are not properly educated and taught the responsible use of such technology, serious dangers can befall them. These would include:

  • Being victims of cyberbullying or being the bully themselves.
  • Being addicted to cell phones, the internet, social media, games and more.
  • Being more prone to depression and anxiety.
  • Being exposed to online predators that can connect with your child with intentions of sexual harassment, grooming, identity theft, child trafficking and more.
  • Being exposed to inappropriate content such as violence and porn that can have serious effects on a child’s mental and emotional state.
  • Leading a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

These and more are what makes cell phones and the internet quite disadvantageous. But with a smartphone spy app like Auto Forward, these dangers can be prevented.

Parents should instill the right knowledge on cell phone use, strict guidance and proper monitoring of their children when using their device so their kids learn to keep its downsides at bay. When parents spy on a phone, they will be able to track their children’s activities and whereabouts which allows them to keep their children better protected.

Find out how to use Auto Forward now so you can keep your children safer in this digital age.

The rise of the digital age, with its advanced technology, sophisticated mobile devices, and platforms that somehow tolerate cheating, brought about a new take on the age-old relationship taboo of adultery. The case of micro-cheating is what couples today are wary of and make them want to use a cell phone spy tracker to make sure their relationship is safe from this threat. If you see the signs that tell of this new type of cheating game, then it is time you do a little investigation.

But what is micro-cheating really about? And what are the signs you should be looking for?

Micro-cheating and the Signs to Watch Out for

The modern population is now obsessing over the term “micro-cheating” and are actually freaking out about it, those who are in relationships, specifically. Are their partners guilty of such an act? But what is it really? And how can you tell that your partner is guilty of it?

Micro-cheating, as defined by data expert Melanie Schilling, is “a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship.” This would include acts like lying about your relationship status, especially on social media, and consistent contacts with past lovers or another person without the knowledge of your significant other.

While people who engage in this activity may argue that they are not in any way romantically involved with the other person, it can snowball into such a situation. And a strain on the relationship and the partner will be felt significantly. If not prevented, it can cause the destruction of the couple and their relationship.

This is why you should be aware of this and keep it from breaking you and your partner apart. Once you see the signs below, start investigating and confirm it with the help of a cell phone spying app like Auto Forward.

  • Your partner is being secretive.
  • You can see your partner always on his phone, seemingly stalking someone on it, especially on social media.
  • Your partner is quite close to someone else.
  • Your partner starts to distance himself from you.
  • You have a specific person in mind that makes you worried about your partner.

When these signs are present, don’t hesitate to learn how to spy on a cell phone remotely to confirm your hunch. Or it may be too late to prevent micro-cheating from ruining what you and your partner have.

Learn how to use Auto Forward now so you can start investigating any time the signs show themselves.

The advancement of technology today is quite impressive. However, in spite of its usefulness to everyone, it has brought about a great impact on children, especially on teenagers. And now, it has been revealed that technology like mobile devices and the internet is causing teenage suicide rates to be at its peak. Can cell phone monitoring help keep this situation from worsening?

While cell phones give everyone the ease of communication and faster connection with just about anyone, and the internet has made jobs and school work a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to research and accessing any information, these technologies also exposed children to countless dangers. And it is not just the danger of explicit content and online predators that everyone is aware of and warns their loved ones about. What is even more distressing is the cyberbullying that is driving the younger generation to depression, where taking their own lives is their only reprieve from it.

Children have been taught about the harmful effects of using technology. But what is lacking is the acknowledgment of cyberbullying and the depression that results from it. Just maybe, this subject is still taboo?

Unfortunately, as real as depression is with many people suffering from it, people just can’t seem to deal with the condition. And so, they refuse to acknowledge it.

But with the increase in suicide rates in teenagers today, this is one problem that everyone should address. It has been revealed that a quarter of this cases are caused by bullying. And most of the victims never told anyone of their situation and that they are contemplating suicide.

In order to identify such cases, parents should be open about it and talk to their children regularly. Just asking about your child’s day can mean the world to them. If not, learn how to monitor a cell phone and find out if your child is subjected to bullying through it.

Having access to your child’s mobile device will help you see what goes on in his world. And, when you monitor cell phone activity, it will be easy to identify bullying or of your child is experiencing depression and thinking about taking his own life.

Auto Forward will be your best ally in this task. Through this cell phone monitoring software, you can easily keep tabs on your child remotely. Make use of it now and prevent cyberbullying!

With schools banning mobile devices in schools to help students focus on their academics and keep them safe from the dangers of technology while at school, students are being more creative and resourceful just so they can continue using their gadgets in these places. However, rules are rules. And if students get caught breaking them, they will suffer from the consequences. Make sure your child abides by the regulations and use an easy cell phone spy like Auto Forward to reinforce the rules.

Why Cell Phones Must be Avoided in Schools

As addicting as mobile devices are, with its highly accessible communication features and easy entertainment in the form of social media and games, children get hooked on them instantly. They can spend hours just looking at the screens and fiddling with the digital keyboards.

Of course, such activity has grave consequences. Aside from its harmful effects on their health, children are easily distracted from their responsibilities, especially when it comes to school work.

And, more importantly, cell phones are evil people’s gateway to connecting with children. Online predators, sexual offenders, cyberbullies, name every bad person you can find and these people can effortlessly contact your child through their devices.

This is why children should be supervised when they are on their gadgets. They should be taught about the dangers of this kind of technology and how to safely and responsibly use them. Plus, a remote install cell phone spy software should be a part of modern parenting to keep up with the effects of the digital age.

Because of these negativities surrounding mobile devices, these tools are being banned in schools, where students’ primary guardians are not able to watch out for them. Unfortunately, kids seem unable to part with their beloved cell phones and find ways to still use them even during school hours.

And so, parents need to make sure that their children follow school rules and don’t use their gadgets there. To be able to do this, they should monitor cell phone activity using Auto Forward.

Having access to children’s mobile device lets parents know if these things are being used. And they will know even if they are away. So, learn about Auto Forward now and make sure your children don’t break school rules!

Much like the technology that is helping countless Syrians who are trapped in the continuing civil war, a spy cell phone tracker can help its users save others and avoid dangerous situations. Using such technology will allow others, most especially parents, to keep a close eye on their loved ones and warn them about impending harm.

This is how a small group of activists and entrepreneurs are going about in their quest to save millions of civilians amid the chaos in their land. Following the concept of a cell phone spy equipment, they are working with a sensor network that monitors warplanes and immediately warns civilians where these things are heading. With this information, people are given a significant window of opportunity to prepare themselves and get out of the location of a potential air strike and bombing. This technology, which makes use of their mobile devices to alert them of danger, has saved countless lives already.

You don’t have to be in a situation like that of the Syrians to benefit from tools like the smartphone spy app, Auto Forward. With its power to give you access and monitor another person’s cell phone activities, especially those of children who are quite vulnerable to the dangers of the digital world, you can help to avoid harm and save your loved ones.

Just think of how children are too trusting and easily manipulated. By allowing them to use mobile devices, you are allowing their exposure to predators and sexual offenders, among many other criminals that prey on young children. If no proper guidance is given while they are on their smartphones, the consequences can be severe.

Fortunately, with Auto Forward, guardians can keep an eye on their wards even when they are apart. When a suspicious activity or dangerous conversation pops up, parents can easily step in and put a stop to it, thus preventing the dangers that such a situation poses.

Moreover, monitoring software can help parents follow their children’s locations. Doing so lets them get to their children without any problem. They can see if their child goes to any forbidden or dangerous locations and they can promptly step in to stop it.

This is how software like Auto Forward can help save lives. You don’t have to be in a war-stricken land to be able to benefit from such technology. No matter where you are, you will find a use for Auto Forward.

When you spy on cell phone of your children using the monitoring app Auto Forward, you get to make sure their activities on it are appropriate and safe. Doing the same on your significant other helps to keep your relationship secure from outside threats and temptations. Also, this software, when used on employees at the office, allows the higher ups to monitor everyone’s performance and helps keep everything in the company in check, especially when it comes to keeping company secrets safe.

These benefits are not all that you can reap when you know how to spy on text messages and the phone of others. You not only help keep your children and your relationship well protected, as well as your business. You can also make your elderly loved one’s digital experience safer and free from scams.

How can you achieve this using such technology? Consider these scenarios.

  • Elderly people get into social media platforms and try to connect with their relatives and friends. When scammers realize this, they will see it as an opportunity to gain something. Thus, they will pretend to be someone they know and ask for favors. Others even demand money and more.
  • The elderly who are new to the online world can post things about themselves more than they should. Criminals can use this for identity theft and use private information to hack bank accounts or credit cards.
  • Emails, which blackmail or threaten, can be sent to older people. And if they don’t know any better, they can easily fall for it and give in to any demands by criminals.
  • Scammers who will work to get elderly people’s sympathy can end up getting a great sum of money from them.

These are just some examples of how older people can easily get scammed through their mobile device. With their lack of knowledge of how the online world works, they will be the most vulnerable victims of unscrupulous people.

Fortunately, with a remote cell phone spy like Auto Forward, family members can keep an eye on their elderly to make sure nothing of the sort happens to them. They can check up on their social media activities, emails, even text messages, and call logs and see if suspicious people are trying to scam them.

The benefits of software like Auto Forward are indeed vast, especially in this digital age. So, make sure you know how to use them and reap their benefits. Learn about Auto Forward now.