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Did you ever think about installing spy phone software on your child's cell phone when he or she started going to school? For sure, many parents have this dilemma especially during the start of the school year. Some students are taking public transport for the first time, and this makes parents really anxious.

Allowing students to bring a cell phone gives parents peace of mind because they know they can easily reach their kids if they want or need to. However, cyber safety experts often discourage parents from letting their children own a mobile phone mainly because of the many security risks that children face when using such devices.

Are Cell Phones Allowed in School?

Generally speaking, education departments give schools the freedom to set their own policies regarding the use of mobile phones. In many schools, students are not allowed to use their cell phones during their school hours. This means that students must place their devices inside their lockers until they finish their classes.

But despite the efforts of school departments to restrict their students' use of gadgets inside the class, many students still manage to take their devices with them and secretly use them. By the way, you'll be able to monitor this if you're using a mobile tracking software on your child's phone.

What's Wrong with Allowing Students to Use Cell Phones?

There are many valid reasons why students are not allowed by their schools to use their cell phones during classes. For one, it's a huge distraction for learners. Also, young people are likely to take photos or even videos of their classmates and/or teachers. What's worse is that they may use these to humiliate or harass other people. Cyberbullying is never tolerated in any school and it is what schools want to avoid as well.

Aside from cyber bullying, parents and teachers are also concerned about the safety and security of the students while using their phones and when they go online. There are way too many cyber criminals out there just waiting for their victims.

Parents are now turning to remote phone spy software like Auto Forward as a means to protect their children. Through this type of monitoring, parents are able to know who their kids are chatting with or meeting online. This is an important step towards ensuring that they are not doing anything inappropriate online and that they are not putting themselves in trouble because of their mobile phones.

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A modern way of tracking someone is by the use of a spy phone software. It is the new tool for surveillance activities. It can monitor text messages, phone conversations, social media activities, and all applications downloaded in the smartphone including phone contacts, photos, or videos. By simply downloading a spy software and activating in a device, you can now start monitoring the device.

Keep Children Safe and Monitor Cell Phone Activities

When traces of harm is present in the community, we often get paranoid and don’t want to leave our loved ones at home or school. It is useful for parents who are busy with their work and find no time to keep an eye to their children when they are not together. Children at school can be prone to danger from people around, natural disaster, and cyberporn or cyberbullying. At times, children are starting to be secretive and parents are worried they can be with the wrong persons or might be doing something behind parents’ back without being cautious. For peace of mind and safety purposes, a remote phone spy can be used to check on their children’s activities.

Track Down Employees’ Work Progress

A business can be protected with effective human resource tracking and secured data. For an office to run its business transactions effectively, equipments and devices are provided. This can be used to monitor employees’ work performance and track work related activities. It can be used to track all activities of the computer or laptop used by employees, and spy on text messages and phone conversations of employees in the cell phones provided by the company. There are employees who have lost interest in the advocacy of the company, or employees with negative attitude that could put the company’s reputation at risk. These are employees who need to be monitored to gather information as proof of disloyalty to the company.

Recover Lost or Stolen Device

The mobile tracking software is also useful in tracking down lost or stolendevices. When installed in a device, this application can be used to look for your stolen smartphone via GPS. It also tracks your child if he or she is really within school premises. And it monitors your employees who are assigned in the field.

AutoForward is a product provider that offers best technology for tracking and monitoring. It also offers good quality service for data backup and storage.Inquire now to know more information about spy phones and its various unique features.

Confused-with-2-phonesOnce you already know what a cell phone spy software is and if it’s legal owning and using one, the next thing you have to do is to determine what your needs are, how you want to use the tracking software, and for how long. Before you buy anything that’s pushed in front of your face, take a step back and do a little research to make sure you would be getting your money’s worth. The following are questions you will have to ask yourself to assess your surveillance needs:

What level of monitoring and surveillance do I need?

Are you going to spy on your spouse, your teenager, or your employees? For whom are you getting the monitoring software? Are you really planning on checking all aspects of their cell phone activities, or just their location? Knowing the depth of surveillance that you need will allow you to find a cell phone spy software that will fit that need. Some spy softwares are more expensive than others because they have tons of features—from GPS tracking, to remote microphone activation. But there are also some that will only provide GPS tracking. It may or may not be more expensive, depending on the company and the software manufacturer. However, one thing’s for sure—knowing exactly what you need it for is key to saving time and money.

How long do you want to use the monitoring software?

Are you just suspicious of your husband and are only trying to verify if your suspicions are true? If this is the case, you will only need to monitor his cell phone activities for a limited period of time or until you get your answers. But you may also want a continuing service for keeping track of your teenagers’ activities to make sure that they are where they say they are. If this is the case, a software that provides long term subscription would be perfect for what you need.

How many people do you want to keep trackof?

Most spy softwares make you pay for each and every installation. This means that for every phone you want to track, you will have to pay full price. If you want to monitor activities of your spouse, teens and also some of your company drivers, then you will have to shell out huge sums. If a spy software that you have decided to buy costs $100 for a single phone installation and you need to track five phones, then it will set you back $500 for all of them. In addition to that, if the cell phone monitoring software you have chosen requires you to pay full price for monthly subscriptions, you will need to pay $500 each month.

Is this really worth it?

One thing’s for sure though, whatever your needs may be—short term or long term use, single feature or complete monitoring features, or tracking a single phone, or monitoring multiple phones, you won’t go wrong with Auto Forward Tracking and Spy.

  • At $69.99, you will get full features. No need to pay more to unlock the rest of the features.
  • You can install it in as many phones as you want. No need to shell out cash for each and every installation.
  • Pay a one-time fee for unlimited use. No need to pay a monthly subscription to continuously use the software.

Now, do you know of a single spy phone software that can top this?