A lot of individuals and even institutions have benefited from spyware for cell phones; particularly on uncovering various types of messages that are considerably informative but in an obscure way. It is one tool for revealing cryptic messages usually done by cheating spouses; although they are not the only perpetrators in today’s digital age because a mere employee could engage in such in exchange of trade secrets to business competitors or a teenager enjoying the profane “sexting” like nothing is wrong with it.

I am specifically talking about Auto Forward, one of the most recommended spyware for cell phones out of hundreds made available in the market. The spyware or spy software has extensive features that has already satisfied over millions of employers, spouses, and parents and will continuously do so in the coming years.

Spyware for Cell Phones: Accessibilities

It does not come surprisingly that above-mentioned users have been pretty much known about Auto Forward. Big thanks to websites that cater reviews about track cell phone spy and other recommended spy software online. What makes it even more appealing to potential users are its accessibilities that bring about facts and not just sheer assumptions over messages being dealt with.

Upon utilization, one could easily grasp every mobile data found done by targeting his/her internet-ready mobile. This includes not only (SMS and those from online instant messengers) messages but as well as the following:

  • Calls complete with date, time, caller name and duration
  • Email (could also be one venue for employees exchange of info to competitors)
  • Browser history
  • Web searches
  • App/Games download including social media accounts
  • Mobile contacts
  • Photos/Videos
  • GPS location

How Auto Forward Uncover Messages

Before anything else, it is necessary to use a device with stable internet connection and the spyware being downloaded on user and target’s tablet, cell phone or laptop. Upon securing such, Auto Forward could instantly spy on messages in real-time. Know that everything is done remotely so physical handling of device is unnecessary.

Say, teen, spouse or employee currently does activities on either of the said devices, contents from emails, chats or text messages are then considered information, transmitted to user’s device and stored in an online control panel. 

Auto Forward also has the capacity to recover deleted files; given that target has intentions of doing so. How can you spy on a cell phone for free is so extensive that it works as total data management software—backing and recovering files essential for the user.

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