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These products are popularly known as spy apps for cell phones  or mobile monitoring software. Have you heard your friends talking about a revolutionary monitoring software that allows you to track a person’s mobile activity? Yes, it may sound absurd for a software to do these things but technology has somehow paved a way for this thing to happen.

Spy Apps in Simple Detail

Spy apps are the modern generation’s mobile surveillance software that allows any person to monitor another individual’s mobile activity discreetly. It is so unobtrusive that the person being spied on does not know they are being monitored since it leaves no trace at all.

Some of the most basic information that you would be able to spy on are their text messaging logs, call history (received, dialed and missed), photos and videos shared online, iMessages, contacts, inbox on various social media sites and web viewing data.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a higher kind of brand or account, you would be able to enjoy additional features. One of its special features is call interception which gives you the power to listen to a phone call happening between two people without them knowing about it. Also, the best phone spy brands come with a call recording feature that simply records the phone call happening, in the event you have not done the call interception feature.

How Does the Software Affects Users?

Compared to the first time it was introduced in the market, now it has been considered one of the most helpful tools in the industry catering to people coming from different walks of life.

  • 40% of the people helped are anxious parents with issues on the whereabouts of their children. After using spy apps, they were able to express the peace of mind they are getting whenever they get an access on the current location of their children.
  • Meanwhile, 35% goes to the spouses and boyfriends or girlfriends having fidelity issues with their significant other. According to this group, spy apps have helped them know the activities of their partners whenever they’re not around.
  • 15% is for different businessmen who are managing their staff.
  • Lastly, the 10% comprises caretakers with disabled patients.

For years now, there is a significant percentage of people affected by these spycell apps in a very positive way. For many years to come, better possibilities are expected to show up when it comes to the usefulness of the said application.

AutoForward is one of the powerful mobile monitoring tools in today’s age. The app comes with features for both Android and iPhone devices.


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