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Smartphone usage became so important to teenagers ever since made available that cell phone tracker spy applications came about for their own safety. The device may have made communication and new knowledge acquirement the easiest but it also paved the way for adversities that has greatly affected teens.

The limitless access to just about everything that pops in one’s mind following vast linkages has shaped mindset and lifestyles. One rising phenomenon that is considerably a negative effect of smartphone, online or technological influences in general is depression.

What is Depression?

A considerably rising and serious illness which teens usually fall through is Depression. It has harmfully affected their feelings, thoughts and actions. Though treatable, it often leads to different physical, mental and emotional difficulties; to the point of losing interest on things and functionality at home and school.

For parents, here are symptoms that your child might be a experiencing such;

  • Abrupt weight loss and/or gain not linked to dieting
  • Sleeping troubles —too much and/or too little
  • Mood swings
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Loss of energy
  • Slacking behavior
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Cannot seem to concentrate or make decisions

However the above-mentioned syndromes cannot be easily tracked simply because teens have a way of hiding feelings. That is why more parents have invested in mobile spy app, Auto Forward which does all phone activity monitoring, info extraction and does retrieval whenever teens intentionally delete messages or posts.

 How Auto-Forward Works

The online world has a lot of tracker spy apps made available for parents and those with monitoring responsibilities but Auto-Forward has all-in-one features that are highly satisfying. Already users have been writing reviews about it to spy my phone. Link is provided for your reference.

It works generally as a data management software able to gather info from phone activities of teens such as messages on text or online messengers, call logs, email, browser history, web searches and app downloads including social media websites where context speak much of their current state.

So whether or not parents see symptoms happening on teenager, having to use Auto-Forward can help them screen whatever engagements these teenagers are in. Before things might fall to its worst, app utilization paves open communication because of existing issues experienced by teens. It is a great tool for parenting; just make sure to have their consent before app usage.

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Spy cell phone app softwares have been considered as today’s generation surveillance cameras when it comes to the monitoring and spying of a person’s mobile and online activities. Its popularity has gained positive feedbacks from various users all over the world.

People ranging from concerned parents, boyfriends and girlfriends, spouses, employers, elderlies, children taking care of their disabled parents and caretakers were certainly aided by this monitoring software.

Since the software provides various means for individuals to keep their loved ones away from harm or any kind of injury, the number of people purchasing this product continue to rise as the days pass by. The app focuses on someone’s safety which is a top priority by any person today.

For this reason, we would be able to tackle what this cellphone monitoring app is all about, its history, what its benefits are and why it would be worth the dime you’ll spend as soon as you have decided to get one. Read further this article to know more about it.

History of Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Long before cell spy stealth software or spy cell phone appswere introduced in the market, they were first used in the military in order to keep track of troops whenever wars or attacks are happening. This is the head officer’s way to know the status of his armies and know the number of lives and deaths in the battlefield.

Initially, this software is also utilized in keeping track of people especially high profile individuals as a form of protection against crimes. Most companies decided to place this software in a device that people usually use. And what better gadget to place it but by the use of a cell phone device?

You can also utilize it when you are at home, work, office or even when you are sipping your favorite coffee. Just make sure that when you use it, you have a good internet connection.

Choosing the Best Brand Matters Too

In order for you to have the best cell phone tracker, be sure to select the brand of your choice or something that really suits your taste. Prices, features, designs and packaging might differ from each other but as long as you are keen enough to have a background check of each brand, there would be no problem. You can refer to various online testimonials that mirror the experiences of those who have tried it.

AutoForward is a respected brand in the world of mobile monitoring. It is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

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Spy applications like a cell phone monitoring software flood the digital market and offer wide variety of softwares to choose from. It varies in its application, prices, and certain specifications. To choose the application suited for your need, conduct some research to find for good quality software.

Check How to Get the Software

The spy application works best in monitoring and tracking activities. Purchase the application from a reputable provider of a spy application. Download and install the application in a target device, activate the software, and start monitoring the target phone. Using a given username and password, log in to any device that will serve as a control panel and start monitoring all activities of your target device.

Learn How Spy Softwares Work

It can be an Apple or Android spy software to monitor text messages, phone conversations, social media activities, web browsing, online gaming, access to photos, videos, phone contacts, and call histories, and be able to track down location of the device.

Research for Outstanding Product Review

In choosing for a reliable spy software, visit reliable site to find for a reputable product provider. Check for detailed product reviews and find out other users’ experience with a certain product. Check for product ratings on how well the product is able to meet the user’s satisfaction.

Check Affordability

Look for products of good offer and affordable price. Latest gadgets and softwares need not to be expensive to effectively serve its purpose. There are affordable brands with high quality operations and functions. Do not rely on free downloads and avoid getting your device damaged by software virus. Have a spy application with a secure account.

Check Compatibility

To effectively perform monitoring and tracking use an application that suits your device. Check for software’s compatibility with Android and Apple devices to avoid hassles and stress. Purchase the app and spy on cell phone free from compatibility issues.

Check Customer Support

Find a reliable product provider with a responsive customer service to cater your queries and provide assistance every time you need. The best provider offers assistance to its customer to ensure customer satisfaction of their product and service.

Look for a Reliable Product Provider

A reputable product provider like AutoForward provides dependable spy applications that best perform efficient monitoring and tracking activities. With its high quality service and product performance, users will surely get effective tracking experience.

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Are you looking for a remote cell phone spy so you can monitor your kids or your employees? Spying on others may not be the nicest thing to do and it can be pretty awkward if you get caught. However, in today’s advanced world, spying is done with the best intentions in mind.

Parents usually give their children mobile phones so they can stay connected, especially busy working moms and dads. And, employers provide their workers with company phones for ease of contact and transactions. But because of these readily available devices, others tend to take advantage and use it for more than its purpose.

Kids use their mobile phones for all sorts of activities that distract them from their studies and they are often exposed to inappropriate things. They may even be lured into doing something dangerous and be victims of crimes. Employees, on the other hand, use their company given phones to do something out of work. They also get distracted and waste time on the job on something else. This is why parents and employers turn to spy apps. Monitoring kids and employees are easily done with the use spyware. There are some that offer free phone spy software. Let’s take a look at one of the best spy apps in today’s market.


Auto Forward is the ultimate backup and data extractor that works well on both Apple and Android devices. Its features include:

  • No jailbreak needed for iPhones.
  • It can recover all messages, call history, and contacts even if these get deleted.
  • It gives you access to pictures, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games and other data that may be lost or deleted.
  • It has no monthly fees but has free lifetime upgrades with just a one-time payment.

How is AutoForward Installed

  • For Android devices, all you have to do is:
  1. Download the software on the device you want to get data from
  2. Activate data extraction by entering the license key given
  3. Log in to your account to see the data retrieved
  • For iPhones, three easy steps are done.
  1. Enter the Apple ID and password of the phone you want monitored
  2. Auto Forward will then do the work of extracting data
  3. Log in to your account to view all that extracted data

Auto Forward is not only for the monitoring purpose of parents and employers. It can also be a great help to people who make use of their devices to store important data as data can be recovered easily. Just try Auto Forward’s cell phone spy free trial and see what I mean.

Remote Cell Phone Spy For Individuals Practicing Deceitful Actions.jpg

The revolutionized way to monitor individuals practicing deceitful actions is through remote cell phone spy. Basically means installing an extensive application on a smart phone or any internet-ready technological device to further “spying” experience.

The challenge lies not in the download process but in selecting what type of app among thousands to choose from. I, for one could vouch that Auto Forward Spy has proven to be the best not only in attaining info from target phone but also working as a data management app. This particularly surefire app can do so much in one sitting. From extracting info, to backing it up on a secured online account and in worst cases of files becoming inaccessible, able to retrieve in an instant!

Be able to visit the app’s official site and read blogs about it here to know where my thoughts are coming from.

Newest Business Trend: Insider Spy

Deceitful actions could be done by anyone; while most of you think on the emotional sense, there is a way risky circumstance for individuals engaging in such—company staff trading secrets to close competitors. This is the newest business trend where companies hire insiders which could either be existing staffs or outsiders to pry on innovative concepts of competition before it go public.

That is primarily one reason why growing number of business owners capitalize in Auto Forward Spy to screen mobile engagements of their employees using company-provided phones. This way, they can ensure that none of their ideas are shared deceitfully. Data found on every mobile activity accessible using app includes:

  • Text messages and even those from online instant messengers
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • App downloads on phones including social networking sites
  • GPS location
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Calendar notes
  • Browser history

What is highly persuasive about free phone spy software is employees having no room for denial when action has been done even if they try to delete files or conversations because it all still be retrievable regardless of the circumstance.

Precautionary Measures on Cell Phone Spy Free

It is commonality however that some company workers are in disgust of app usage citing their privacy put to risk. As a precautionary measure, employers are encouraged to include such utilization on their policy of corporate device handling with the exemption during break time.

Why You Should Install a Remote Cell Phone Spy on Your Smartphone.jpg

Dress up your smartphone with blings and glitters to look sleek and partner it with a remote cell phone spy so you can enjoy it with your secure and protected data. Smartphones are now the most popular mobile phone that function like a computer. The smaller the gadget or the device, the more convenient it serve.

Perfect for parents who want to monitor their children when they could not keep an eye to them while they are not together.

Business owners can install the application to secure corporate data from getting lost as it is vital in business transactions.

Backs Up and Recovers Data

As precautionary measure, install the spy app on your smartphone to provide backup and recovery software when your device gets lost or damaged, or in case your file is corrupted by a virus. School papers, files for business transactions and other personal files are important data you don’t want to lose.

With the cell phone spy free you can store and extract information on your phone such as your text messages, call histories, social media activities, photos and videos.

Review Text Messages

Using the spy software, parents can review exchanges of text messages between their children and their friends. Teens can be secretive and most likely express their thoughts through texting with their friends. Parents can now check topics they talk about and could intervene the moment there is hint of texting’s negative effects to the child’s behavior and school performance.

In a business office, employers will find the spy app helpful in monitoring employees showing disloyalty to the company. Using a company owned cell phone provided to employees for work related activities, exchanges of negative plans against the company, other employees and the administration is monitored. In that way, unnecessary behavior is intervened.

Review Online Activities

Children who show poor academic performance might be due to online gaming addiction and other online activities. Installing a free phone spy software, parents will be able to help their children cope up with their academics and be guided to manage their gaming activities and internet usage.

Employers can also monitor their employees’ online activities to know if they use the devices and equipments provided to them in proper manner.

AutoForward is a software with top of a line program that backs up and recovers data. It allows the user to store and recover all text, call logs, social media, photos, vides, and applications saved in the device. It has also a 24/7 control panel that aids in your tracking and monitoring activities.

A Spy Cell Phone Tracker That Instantly Solves Data Lost Issues.jpg

A Spy Cell Phone Tracker That Instantly Solves Data Lost Issues.jpg

Would not it be nice to have a spy cell phone tracker that scraps the idea of abrupt data lost in untimely situations? This is typically everyone’s problem with technological devices. There is no warning or whatsoever in terms of mobile crashing and all other technical difficulties promoting inaccessibility of data stored in a particular device. Point is we are all fond of in-one at the same reasonable amount offered. Interested, yet?

Here is a paid downloadable application called Auto Forward Spy for your mobile phone that enables you to track doings of another (phone) target as well as backing everything up and recovers data that could either lost intentionally or due to system failures. Discussions on it being a tracker and more below.

Auto Forward Spy as a Phone Tracker

Increasing number of spy cell users trust this fail-safe tracker, which consistently extracts much needed information viable for those with serious monitoring responsibilities— parents and employers.

It is highly recommended for parents whose children have compromised interpersonal relationships because of excessive cell phone use and for employers who do staff monitoring via corporate given devices with Auto Forward installed to ensure that efficiency inside the workplace is well-practiced.

Cellular phone activities such as GPS location, messages (SMS, MMS, including conversations on instant messengers), calls, Emails, browser history, calendar events, contacts, photos, videos, and installed applications among other things, the often-used social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more) are the easiest to monitor with Auto Forward Spy. Detailed, precise and actual conversations / posts are extracted for the purpose of monitoring.

Its compatibility is flexible enough for all Apple and Android units notwithstanding iOs and OS updates.

All-out Data Security

The usual dilemma parents have when utilizing spy on a cell phone on their kids is the tendency for youngsters to delete data they think is too awkward for elders’ knowing. It has been a goal of Auto Forward’s creators to develop this particular app that grants all-out data security by way of simultaneously backing up mobile activities in actual time of doing, stored through a secured online account. Also in unpredictable system breakdowns wherein everything is wiped out, could be retrieved.

This is what separates Auto Forward from other trackers because it does three (spy, back up and retrieve) tasks in one installation.

Auto Forward Best Choice for Spy Phone Tracker.jpg

You may have encountered reviews about different spy phone tracker which speaks entirely of how it tracks cell phone activities done by target alone but never really exceeded beyond that. This is what primarily separates Auto Forward from all the rest; it lifts off the whole phone spyware stereotypes by actually working as back-up and recovery data software aside from merely tracking.

In this review, you will further understand why it is practical to have one in situations you, readers might be involved in. Especially now that everything is digitally made, done and solved.

Circumstances Which Calls for Auto Forward’s Help

I might not be able to reiterate every possible circumstance but I will be citing three (3) usual circumstance which calls for Auto Forward’s help:

  1. Parents for teenagers’ on screen-time control

Teenagers’ are among the highest, most abusive group on phone usage; with parents having Auto Forward, a vivid look-out on teens daily phone time and (absurd) contents could be utterly controlled.

WARNING: For parents whose children are into Pokemon Go, it does spy call and email contents.

  1. Staff work productivity monitoring

Company-given phones are meant for work purposes and for employers to track if productivity is practiced (or not) by staffs, info extracted via Auto Forward could be concrete evidence on their performance.

  1. Important data lost due to phone (technical) problems

Auto Forward secures all phone data notwithstanding technical dilemmas due to water damage, broken parts and factory restore.

Necessities on Tracker Usage

Prep yourself up with the following necessities if you have plans on using Auto Forward phone tracker:

  1. Smart Phone / Tablet / Desktop

Auto Forward is a downloadable app on either of the mentioned devices (Android & Apple compatible). Know that you have to download one (1) app on your device choice and your target’s. These devices should be internet-ready as everything is done remotely (information extraction, transfer and data retrieval).

  1. Stable internet connection

Every cell phone activity is screened with the use of internet. It should be that you have a steady WiFi or any preferred cellular network provider to ensure that software works supremely.

  1. Credit card payment

Auto Forward is priced at a very affordable amount of only $29.99 monthly. It is no comparison to free cell phone spy software made available online which prompts payable upgrade in the middle of “tracking”. You may want to check other reviews related to its plausibility.

Parents Can Now Learn How to Spy on a Cell Phone.jpg

Curious on how to spy on a cell phone and what applications best provide good quality spyware? Using a spyware carries responsibility in doing monitoring activities over other cell phones. It is highly recommended to parents in monitoring their children’s mobile and online activities. It is not advisable for those who just want to spy on any other persons just to gather information and stalk. Primarily, the software is downloaded for its main functions in gathering important information. Mostly are interested only on reading text messages, listening to phone conversations, and checking private chat messages because secrets are discovered from private conversations. Get to know the most prominent features of a phone spy application and what information are gathered.

Read Text and Chat Messages

For teenagers, text and chat conversations are commonly used for secretly talking about crushes, the latest fashion trends, and some teenage shows on tv. Normally they talk about stuffs regarding school, friends, vacation, fashion and crushes. But when it comes to weird behavior, peer pressure, social withdrawal and poor school performance, parents can start spying on their children’s conversation to know whether some secrets can give a hint to the root cause of the problem.

Listen to Real Time Conversation

The software can also be called a cell phone tapping software that allows you to listen to voice conversations and gather information over the phone secretly. Real time conversation can be monitored to know what your child’s frustrations and disappointments are and why he or she keeps mum about the problems at school or at home. Parents just want to make sure their children’s safety and good future. A spy application is a must have. Autoforward can be an option for the best spy application. It is a reliable product which is proven and tested by many users.

Check Online Activities

Online gaming can be addictive and can be a factor of poor academic performance. Teens are often the victims of online gaming that could be costly and could influence negatively to a teen’s behavior. Pornographic sites can just pop up when browsing a site, making it more accessible for minors to visit it. When you can monitor the device used by your teens, you can right away alert him or her.

Parents can be paranoid at times because they simply want to protect their children from cyber problems. Parents should do some research and gather information on the spy gadgets for cell phones and learn its value, advantages, circumstances in using it, and the relationship you build with your children. Try the spy app and be able to manage your teen’s mobile activities.

Remote Spy Software VS. Premium Spy Apps.jpg

Remote spy software has been considered one of the most innovative products of technology today. It has become a milestone in the world of software because now, monitoring someone especially on the aspect of their mobile and online activities have been very possible. Now, you will be able to check a person’s activity discreetly without them knowing it.

Two Kinds of Monitoring Packages

Basically, there are two major kinds of cell spy monitoring software sold in the market today when it comes to their price: the basic version and the upgraded premium spy software.

Basic spy apps offer common services among all the brands in the market while premium spy apps have an upgraded offer which will be discussed in the latter part of this article.

What Is the Difference Between a Basic and Premium Spy App?

As mentioned above, when you use a basic spy app, you would be able to monitor the most private mobile activity of a person such as their text messaging history, call logs, contacts and calendar entries. Aside from this, you can also enjoy a built-in GPS tracking system responsible for locating the distance of the target phone.

On the other hand, premium spy app packages have all the basic services plus some extra offerswhen it comes to their function. One example is you can enjoy a live call recording service which allows you to listen to actual phone conversations done on the phone being monitored. Other functions also include the ability to monitor browsing activity on the target phone as well as social media updates and activities. You can also block certain sites and applications on the said target device and access the camera remotely.

What Makes Cell Phone or Mobile Monitoring Apps Convenient?

The mere fact that most monitor cell phone brands nowadays are compatible with both iPhone and Android units make the said software a viable option when it comes to acquiring remote data. Getting information has been a great help to various people all over the globe especially when utilized as an added tool in ensuring the safety and security of loved ones.

Nevertheless, spy app users are encouraged to exercise proper caution and discretion when it comes to using the software. This is to ensure that privacy is respected and upheld even with all the convenience in accessing personal information from another device.