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The power of social media has changed the way people interact with each other, and it is a good idea to have the best phone spy software installed in your device to avoid hackers, stalkers, scammers and other suspicious online sabotage. You might want to know your child if he or she is with the right group of friends by checking who are on his or her phone’s contact list, what conversation do they engage with, and photos they share with. If you are running a business and you want to check whether your employees are being honest with you and loyal to your company, you have the option to check and to see what’s going on in your office. The following are tips to consider before choosing a phone spy software.

Do Some Research

In choosing for a phone spy software make sure you research for product reviews of the different applications offered. Check for the ones with good market reputation. Customer testimonials of the product can be of great help in considering the best option because a first hand experience shared by others can provide information that might not be found in product labels.

Compatibility with Your Phone

Make sure its compatible with your phone, you might not want to get frustrated when the application do not run when you are ready to use it. Check the OS of your phone and your target’s phone, choose a reliable software.

Check the Features

Common features allows the user to track SMS, gather text messages, retrieve contacts, call history, photos and email. Another feature you might want to have is lost cell phone locator in case your phone is stolen or lost. Check the features that best suit your needs and can best serve your purpose.

Free downloads?

Do not rely on mobile phone spy software free download. There are varied options to choose from. A lot of phone spy software are being offered in the market and a reliable one comes with a cost. Choose a software with reasonable price. There are best software at low cost price that offers best service.

As you want to protect your children and your business, you track activities of person through his or her phone. Auto Forward is a phone spy software that provides easy to download, activate and use product best for Android phones and tablets as well as Apple devices. It offers low cost software that offers reliable service. 


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Phone tracker spy has transformed into the chat of the city nowadays. Having a variety of programs to its title has drawn not just the interest of parents who check their kids but additionally the companies trying to understand the where about of the workers. Consequently, there are lots of advantages of by using this monitoring software instantly. Therefore the following would be the advantages although not restricted to these described below.

It may access the place of any gadget. Smartphones have thronged the cell phone marketplace. One of many functions they offer may be the capability to reveal area through the GPS. The Autoforawd  requires advantageous asset of this function and documents all of the jobs in a safe record. Therefore from your own aspect, you'll have the ability to see all places from your own gadget.

Assume your phone has been taken? You'll wish to expose the identification of the individual in ownership of it. Thus, it's due this that phone monitoring programs may take an image from possibly the leading or back camera. Furthermore, these programs have developed to some stage the picture obtained from the camera could be sent straight to you. Hence, can help when you yourself have essential informative data on your phone.

Finally, the best iphone spy software increases use of your calls for the reason that; it can seize control the band quantity in your phone. Assume your phone is regional, and also you desire slightly determine its precise area. This is often completed through increasing the amount in a bet to frighten off the unauthorized person.

This can help with distinguishing the individual straight by agitating him/her. This function can perhaps work when the phone is started up which makes it difficult for that unprivileged person to gain access to all of your connections without your permission. Obviously, now you can slightly deliver an SMS in the monitoring application for your phone. With this specific function, you'll keep in touch with the present person of the unit.

Additionally, you are able to also slightly secure your phone. This really is completed to avoid the unprivileged person from opening any information from your own phone. This is often completed by giving facial-recognition or perhaps a particular code to be able to uncover the phone. This stops any identity theft instances as it could harm your hard earned status.

You are able to prevent installing mobile programs by using this software as a plus function. By utilizing administrator entry, you'll avoid any installing of undesirable programs. Assume you're a guardian and also you wish to check the applying inside your child’s phone.

When it comes to information utilization and wifi connection, the mobile monitoring software may form it out for you personally. It may quickly prevent any efforts for connecting your gadget via mobile information or wireless. Such entry is useful particularly if you've a functional information intend on your mobile phone.

To conclude, it's apparent that best free spyware for android phones is of essential significance not just for parents or companies but additionally to any cell phone proprietor nowadays.

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A phone monitoring app can be considered as one of the new millennium solutions for tracking and protecting kids from any possible threats or harm. This software has been gradually earning its distinction because numerous parents worldwide have tried and were satisfied with the benefits this monitoring software have offered in terms of parenting.

As a matter of fact, the demand for this application has increased significantly compared to the first time it was introduced to the market. It is a whole package parental monitoring solution because it can monitor mobile phones and spy on the activities of children without personally being with them the whole time.

All of the needed information can be seen on the main server which acts as your headquarters of the necessary data. That is why if you have not yet tried this monitoring software and is very much interested to purchase it, this is a perfect deal for you. To know more about this newest solution for your parental responsibilities, try reading further this article.

Free or Paid?

When it comes to purchase, you can choose between a free remote spyware for cell phones or a premium package. Take note that not all companies offer free spyware to clients although there are some brands that come with a free trial option.

The Relevance of Spy Apps

We all know that children are exposed to different malicious programs such as pornographic and adult websites which may be detrimental in a child’s life. The main problem revolves on the fact that parents are not always around as these children try to access these adult sites. This is where a spy app software comes into the picture.

The software can help various fathers and mothers all over the world to secretly monitor the phone and activities of their children even if they are not around. By doing so, they would be able to intervene immediately to the situation most especially when their kids get swallowed by the dangerous world of internet.

Monitoring Software Price

Though it might be tempting to free spy on a cell phone without installing software, this can only offer text message and call tracking at a limited period of time.

A monitoring software’s price depends on the data it can fetch. There are brands that offer one-time payment, while there are also others that come in monthly installations. The cheapest brand may come with a one-time price of $16 while there are also advanced apps for around $60 per month with all the advanced features it can offer to a user.  

Some of the specific data that you would be able to monitor on your kid are their instant messages, text messaging logs, e-mails, current location or distance and web viewing history.


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Spy on a phone by computer programs have grown to be among the best resource one personal in the period we're residing. Within the present day culture, we've to handle a number of individuals such as for instance sick-aimed youths and workers who are able to be considered a actual discomfort within the throat. It may sometimes be challenging to deal up using these type of individuals. Today there’s a credit card application that allows one to keep an eye on this type of individual recognized to anyone without his or her permission. Using the present healthier competitors from numerous software builders, you are now able to obtain the greatest application using capabilities ideal for you personally.

Before getting about the greatest phone monitoring application, ensure that you've obtained a deeper take a look at all of the functions accessible. It'll consequently help you to reach in the most suitable choice. To begin with, the program you've selected must have stealth style abilities. This means the software must certainly be in a position to operate on undiscovered. The celebration who's being spied upon shouldn't actually obtain a touch that his or her cell phone has been monitored. The untraceable annoying of the phone is why is entire application function. From your own pc, you'll possess limitless use of all of the wording messages, immediate messages, area in addition to their social networking exercise. For many application, it's possible to pay attention to most calls produced by the monitored phone. From your own see, you'll discover a record of ll phone exercise in the hassled phone the moment the program is effectively mounted.

Today, numerous phone monitoring programs being more user friendly as-well have significantly more sophisticated benefits. The fresh addition may be the function on being the check having the ability to pay attention to reside discussions occurring about the cell phone under consideration. Through the years, the place abilities have now been enhanced using the current addition of roadmaps within the software. Anyone determine the precise physical located area of the phone being spied on. Using current Navigation methods, the check may watch about the precise physical area. Several get absent an additional kilometer to incorporate the capability to seize a movie or picture utilizing the digicam contacts. IIt can help you a get a concept of the place.

Another suggestion would be to go through the consumer views and reviews. When the application offers positive-feedback within the remark area by previous customers, then you can certainly buy things. An essential suggestion as there's numerous dishonest builders available who're just thinking about the cash of the naive clients. There are lots of junk programs to throw away cash on that’s why it’s wise to see consumers’ reviews and views. The internet software shop may approve a great creator.

Consider the performance on how to monitor a cell phone. You will find programs created for particular reasons, you will find these regarding companies, parents as-well partners. Based on their abilities, they'll possess various costs therefore don't create a error of creating the buy of an company phone monitoring software in the place of a young child monitoring application. You are able to invest a great deal regarding a credit card application you may never utilize fundamentally.

Compatibility of the application can also be another essential element to think about. Cell phones and desktops work on various systems, as a result, a customer must buy application which facilitates

Numerous systems. Several programs are limited to particular systems. A great monitoring application may help both pc in addition to the mobile variations of the same. To help in the simple monitoring of the cell phone builders get combined using PC software to obtain certified.

Effectively, it's very important to personal a spy to mobile app, but all that's necessary would be to follow this easy steps, and also you are all set.

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While most spy apps focus on info gathering alone, developers of AutoForward, everyone’s choice of smartphone spy app, go beyond what is expected. They were so successful that it has been regarded as the paragon back up and data extractor which compatibly works on both android and apple devices.

AutoForward unceasingly makes noise online, to date, being accessible to anyone who has an investigative mind, because of its affordability. It has exceeded every user’s reliance over software that monitor target device without literally meddling on his phone or computer.

Reasons Why People Use Spy Apps in General

Before going into everything you need to know about AutoForward, let me enumerate reasons why spy apps have been highly used these days:

  • Detailed information unlike traditional form of monitoring a.k.a surveillance cameras
  • Innovative features
  • Affordability despite extensive capacities
  • Real-time updates as long as internet connection is stable
  • Easy to install—Do-It-Yourself
  • Customer care service is open to assist if technical problems on app installation happens


  • Remote back up and data extractor

Once a remote connection between your target has been enabled, access to his messages on text or from any instant messengers, calls, GPS location, social media accounts, website history, photos, videos calendar notes, and even downloaded apps can be monitored and recovered in case data is lost!

  • Groundbreaking NO JAILBREAK option for Apple users!

Using an iPhone or iPad to spy on target could be so much hassle because of the need to jail break. Good thing with AF gets direct to the process without requiring to jailbreak either of products.

  • Installation

You only need to follow these three simple steps:

  • Install via Over-The-Air link provided
  • Activate using the license key and the smartphone number of target
  • Monitor from your smartphone, tablet or laptop after “installation successful” prompt
  • Target Consumer

Programmers behind AutoForward target business owners and parents as consumers. Given both having agendas for safe-keeping children and human resource, respectively. Reviews from both parties who have already monitored using this cell phone spy equipmentare manifestations on how functional it is with their day-to-day lives. In fact, it has been included on Top 5 most recommended tracker reviews.


So as to remain unbiased to people who doubt phone cloning software because of legalities on privacy of an individual upon application usage, take this: different consumers with varying intent calls for contrasting ways of monitoring. Just like state laws, what is illegal for a certain county may be completely legal in another. Nothing is concrete per say but it would be best if people who are using or has plans to instill boundaries and respect above anything else.



ILF Mobile Apps Corp, the genius behind highly favored device monitoring apps shed light to iPhone users’ most dreaded, that is jailbreak requirement on devices in order to successfully enjoy software usage. This is one thing that makes things complicated especially if you are one who is in great need of monitoring a particular target.

One of the company’s exceptional products, Auto Forward has made its name online through numerous writings made by pleased users.Not only it is the most convenient software for data extraction, it does backup and recovery incase cell phone or computer records are deleted (purposely and not). It is the only software that does all these without the need to jail break as mentioned above. And before I forget, it does function as extensively with Android devices too!

I am definitely sure that you have reached this writing because you have a monitoring need and are interested in what Auto Forward has to offer. I suppose you are a parent or an employer, since this app is intentionally made for both who have serious monitoring demands.

How does AutoForward meet Parents / Employers’ Monitoring Needs?

Parents and employers are equally busy individuals. Though they tend to have needs on vividly tracking children and employees’ whereabouts, they have limited time in doing so and some even have budget constraints. So how does Auto Forward meet their monitoring demands? Well, simply because of the extensive features that goes along upon purchase. Capacities that access (that has practically made it on top of all other software in the market) the following device activities:

  • iMessages (Sent and received iMessages on iPhone)
  • Text messages (sent and received messages is saved even if it is deleted)
  • Global Positioning System location
  • Calls (All inbound and outbound calls complete with duration, time, date and caller)
  • Social Networking (Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the remaining social platforms  or websites your employee/child downloaded)
  • Photos/Videos (All stored and received photos and videos)
  • Browser History (Every site visited and URL included)

Basically everything you have read can be monitored, backed up and recovered (when deleted) all by using Auto Forward.

Additionally, the amount of time parents and employers’ will spend on monitoring does not compromise in any way their real-life duties—working, company-leading and the likes. Because data above mentioned are directly  reported on parents and employers’ cell phone or computer (wherever they installed Auto Forward) in actual time of activity; without the necessity to have the device’s possession. How utterly convenient and helpful this software, agree?

Free vs Paid Monitoring Apps

You have to be vigilant on choosing paid VS free phone spy app because both may promise same product specifications yet the later disappoints. It has been a marketing scheme of some companies. Be sure to do your research and reviews as I have mentioned earlier.


Today’s cell phone spy software are getting more and more popular as the number of users are rapidly increasing in number. You might be interested in monitoring someone’s phone, but are you aware of some of the legalities involved in using such software? However, it is still imperative to know the legal issues involved to protect yourself when monitoring someone.

Common Questions 

When it comes to the topic of cell phone tracking apps, there will always be that one question that springs into mind – “Is having a spy app software legal?” It will always be reasonable to question the legalities of a spy app software because of its high technology features and the power to retrieve the most private information on a mobile phone.

By enjoying its premium offer after you have purchased the product, it would be deemed essential that you know the limits you have as a consumer. Getting acquainted to the product that you are using gives you a lesser chance of getting into trouble.

Some of the most powerful features of a spy app software include its GPS location tracking, call recording and SMS interception. By using these advanced features, it is possible for you to access mobile and web browsing activity, even if you are not “techie” enough. This gives you the power to spy or monitor someone secretly. That is why, the legalities of using a spy app software must be familiar before utilizing it.

Legal Uses and Implications

First and foremost, it is legal for a software developer or a company or brand to create and market a cell phone monitoring software or spy apps. Because of this, buying this kind of product is legal since it is accepted globally.

However, the creators and manufacturers of spy app softwares advise consumers to seek out a local legal counsel if spy apps are allowed in a certain city or town. There are some states that still do not support spy app softwares despite the justifiable advantages it possesses. Before trying to spy on cell phone devices, it is important to confirm the validity of using the software in the local are.

Secondly, the legal issue also arises depending on the purpose as to why the product was purchased. It simply means that spy apps must be bought for a good reason and this involves monitoring a person or loved one while particularly focusing on the aspect of safety and security.

When your reason is not mentioned in the prior statement, this could cause some legal issues especially towards the target phone owner. That is why a proper consent from the latter person must be done in order to allow the legal spying to commence.


A cell phone monitoring app gives you the ability to spy or monitor someone’s phone activity remotely. Because you don’t actually have to hold the target phone to view private information, you are given the power of anonymity when using the said software.

The Best Features

Aside from a possible “spying”, the spy mobile software also gives you the ability to locate the mobile phone or device on the map. This is through the help of a cutting-edge GPS tracking system that gives off specific location and distances of the device you are monitoring.

Why Need a Remote Spy App?

There are a lot of reasons why you should purchase a remote spy app or what they commonly refer to as a phone monitoring app. You may ask yourself these questions and personally determine if you need such tool right now.

  1. Are you looking for a software you can use to secure your phone in case it gets lost or stolen?
  2. Do you want to monitor someone without them knowing about it?
  3. Do you want to find out where your partner goes to most of the time? 
  4. Do you want to secure your child’s current whereabouts?
  5. Do you want to monitor your parents and make sure they are safe despite their old and weak condition?
  6. Do you want to block websites on your child’s phone which are inappropriate for his or her age?
  7. Do you want to check on someone’s social media activity remotely?
  8. Do you want to make sure your child stays in the company of good people?
  9. Do you want to find out whether your child or spouse is telling the truth or not?

Tracking a Lost Phone and Other Advanced Features

The GPS tracking system is one of the finest features of the best spy apps commonly sold in the market nowadays. There are also brands which would teach and lead you on retrieving a phone that has been lost. All you have to do is to login on the server and click on “Find the Phone” button. After which, the app will attempt to locate the target mobile unit and provide data about the phone’s current location.

Some highly-advanced spy app brands allow you to listen to actual conversations as they happen on the target phone while there are also Keylogging functions which displays the actual activities done on the device.

AutoForward is one of the most trusted brands in cell phone monitoring. It has advanced tracking features which works well for both Android and Apple devices.



Nothing can stop an employer from making sure that productivity in the workplace is at its finest; that is basically why spyware for cell phones subsist to help them on this regard. This technological development has made possible the seizing of employees who utilize work phones for personal purposes.

While spyware usage has continuously remained to be a topic of debate; concerning privacy of target employees, let us not forget why it has been a highly favored tool by hundreds and thousands of business owners. A manifestation of its usefulness is the positive reviews online and notably this certain spyware called Auto Forward which has a functionality superior as compared to many other cell phone spy software.

As we go along, I will be discussing more about the usefulness of Auto Forward for employers.

Companies on Work Phones: Expectations / Significant Problems

One issue that has always been a dilemma of the human resource department in every company is how employees use cell phones in general; especially nowadays wherein a lot can be done with this device. Be it personal or work phones; the latter being provided for the intent of enhanced corporate operations so that employees will do away with using personal phones during work hours.

But because of the utterly extensive capacities of this handy gadget, work and personal phone usage cause similar problems in the workplace unless otherwise employers use a cell spy software like Auto Forward that does data extraction as well as recovery of intently deleted phone activities (personal-linked that is).

Yes, you heard that right! It can retrieve even a year old erased data or those lost due to phone damage. This is something that sets Auto-Forward apart; it does meet both ends, as satisfied users say. The link provided connects you to its website wherein everything else you need to know about Auto Forward (from features, how-it-works, customer support, etc.) can be found.

List of usual work phone usage setbacks:

  • Employees regularly checking cell phones
  • Lessened actual time spent for actual working
  • Security issues on unmerited use of company-given devices even so internet connection

How Spyware Work for Employers

Spyware when used by employers help identify who among their employees work as ordered from those who are inefficient. In relation tounproductiveness is the tracking of excessive, untimely or askew usage of work phones for non-business purposes. Specifically, spy cell phone like Auto Forward, as soon as installed successfully, are designed to monitor activities on work phones such as:

  • Emails
  • Text and Call logs
  • Social Media Account logs / posts
  • Web searches
  • GPS location

The data employers get out of the mentioned accessible, are great evidences for sanctions to be filed or such-like.


Using a phone monitor app provides one of the easiest ways to catch a glimpse on the personal details of another individual because it captures most information stored on the mobile device.

There is no denying the fact that there are a lot of mobile users in the world today. It has been largely used for communication such as texting or calling and has definitely been a part of every individual’s daily lifestyle.

Android Vs. iPhones

A great number of mobile users belong to the Android group while iPhone users come in close second. Both of these groups have their own pros and cons and the selection among a person's preference for their phone is merely subjective. iPhones are more difficult to breach mainly because Apple security is tight on these devices. Androids on the other hand offer lenient ways for the monitoring software to work.

With the advent of modern technology as well as the trend of downloadable applications in mobile phones, spy apps have become one of the most cutting edge innovation in the cell phone world. 

What Can a Spy App Do for You?

Cell phone monitoring software can give you the power to check on the mobile activity of another person without them knowing about it. Basically, it is your ticket to spy on someone's cell phone secretly.

A phone spy tracker is a product that is so easy to use, simple to navigate and most of the time, does not involve any complicated processes for its downloading and installation. Some of the most basic information that you would be able to spy are the following:

  • User's text messaging history
  • Call logs
  • Web viewing data
  • Messages on social media sites
  • Contacts
  • Photos or videos shared online

Aside from mainly being a call and SMS spy software, the spy app or phone tracker can serve its purpose whether for investigation or just plainly gaining information from a targeted user.

One of the most common and admired features of a spy app is its one-of-a kind GPS tracking system. Cell phone monitoring software can not only be used to spy on a person's mobile activity but it can also be utilized in tracking a person's location. This tracking system connects via satellite and gives off a signal as to where the person is currently.

You need a phone monitor app especially if you have an urgency for its use at home. You can use it to track your loved one especially a family member suffering from dementia or slight amnesia. You can also use it on loved ones with disabilities are disorientation to time or place and are at great risk for harm and injury. 

The benefits are indeed endless!

AutoForward is a tested and proven name in the world of phone monitoring. It can be used for both personal and business tracking purposes.