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It is no secret that employers sometimes utilize a spy program for cell phones, like Auto Forward, at work. They provide company phones for their employees’ use and inform them of a spy app installed in it in order to monitor their activities while at work. This helps companies in a lot of ways.

Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Spy at Work

Being able to monitor your workers is beneficial in a number of ways. Although, your staff may point out that spying is an invasion of privacy, you as the boss can say that the monitoring software is only used while they are at work and is a part of your company’s policy. Let them know that having the spy software on their company phones has advantages on both the company and the workers.

Here are some benefits of cell phone spy software:

  • It can protect the company against leaking out confidential information. Monitoring your workers’ through a cell phone sms spy will give you access to all their communication data such as messages and calls, even if these get deleted. Because of this, you will know if any of your company’s secrets are being sent out.
  • Cell phone monitoring software lets you track your employees’ activities in their phones. You will know if they are doing their jobs or if they are slacking off. It will also give you access to a phone’s internet use and you will know whether this use is work-related or not. With this knowledge, you will be able to set your employees straight. Your employees, on the other hand, will do their jobs better if they know they are being monitored.
  • Employing spy apps will save your company money, time and effort. Spy apps let you monitor your workers even if you are at the office or even at home. You don’t have to go around and check on your employees personally. You can allot the time for this task to other matters instead.
  • A cell phone spy lets you track your employees’ location through GPS. You can use this information to easily find them in case you need them or if something untoward happens.

The benefits of a cell phone spy such as Auto Forward will be of great help to you and your company. You can purchase this software through their website. However, others want to test this software first before purchase. How spy on cell phone for free? You can use their free trial for a week. This will let you evaluate the software before you finally purchase it. You can visit Auto Forward for more information.

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You have been probably hearing a lot about spy cell phone app these days. Spy apps are the modern world version of surveillance software in mobile phones and personal computers. They have been slowly gaining distinction from various groups of people due to their functionalities and benefits.

What Can It Do?

This kind of monitoring software gives off precise data when it comes to the private activities in the cell phone and computer of a person using it. But aside from this, it also focuses on the aspect of safety and security of a person by giving information about their current location and distances. In just a matter of one click, you would be able to know where your target user is anytime and anywhere.

What Does this Monitoring Software Have?

With the wide array of brands there is in the market today, it would really be hard for you to choose what to buy in order to purchase the best cell phone tracker there is. But there are things you should always take into account to get the best deal.

First and foremost, you have to be familiar with all the brands. One of the most common steps to do this is to get all the brands and compare it with each other basing on reviews and feedbacks. You can either go for word of mouth or online testimonials. For example, you can ask for those folks who already have experiences in using a particular spy cell phone app. Firsthand experience will be your guide if one particular brand is effective or not.

Another thing is, check the installation process if it is compatible with the phone you want to monitor. iPhone monitoring apps for example, may require a jailbreak in order for the software to work. Android devices on the other hand usually don’t require one.

Most monitoring apps offer premium packages from 30$ and up depending on the services you want to acquire. Make sure to compare prices and functions before finally choosing a particular brand.

Also, you can refer to online testimonials on the internet for references as well. Be it known though, that some of these people could be pretty much harsh on what they will be describing. However, this can be beneficial for you since you want to know which is the best and the least of quality. For more information, you can search for various free phone spy software online too.

AutoForward is one of the most popular mobile monitoring brands in the market nowadays. It has plenty of functions made for Android and iPhone devices.

Powerline Media Review: How Powerline Media Taught Me About the Importance of SEO


Powerline Media Review: How Powerline Media Taught Me About the Importance of SEO


Powerline Media Review And How I Learned About The Importance Of SEO

When I started my business several years ago, I had a good idea of what I needed to do to get up and running. But as with anything, there was a learning curve. Things didn’t go as smoothly as I thought they would. Do they ever?


Eventually, I got the hang of it all: selling my product, marketing it to different audiences, and handling customer concerns and questions. After a lot of hard work and a few adjustments, business was finally good. But as time went on, good wasn’t good enough. There were other products like mine out there and they were starting to take away from my business. I needed to be better. The thing is, I didn’t know how to do that. So, I started reading.


I had already read a lot about marketing and selling online and thought I was doing okay—but then I started learning more about SEO and realized I wasn’t. Of course, like many small businesses, I tried to take to things into my own hands in order to save money, but like the old adage … “You get what you pay for”.


After half a year of very little gains, I had to admit that I was in over my head and needed professional help. That’s when I started looking into search engine optimization companies. After hours of researching which SEO services company might be right for my needs, I decided to go with Powerline Media—and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. 


Powerline Media took their time explaining what solid SEO strategy can do for any business. Then they sat down and showed me how it could work for my business. They immersed themselves in my product—and the niche that it fills—and came up with a plan. Already knowing that measureable results can take time, I didn’t expect much right away. So, you can imagine my surprise when the numbers started rolling in just a few months later—and they were good. Really good. Better-than-I-could’ve-hoped-for-good!


After they sent out a press release that had links to my website and product reviews in it, I received two leads in one week! Both said they saw the article, checked out my site, and wanted to email me asking to collaborate and if I could send over download links. What they sent out for Auto Forward really worked to put it in front of the eyes of new people who are interested in what it has to offer and how it can help them in their every day lives.


I always felt that I had a good product: cell phone surveillance software. People need mobile monitoring apps to watch over their loved ones—and to keep tabs on their employees. My product helped satisfy that need—just like Powerline does for me. I needed good SEO management, and Powerline Media did—and still does—exactly that. I highly recommend their service for any company serious about optimizing their presence on the web.


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You may have heard of spy apps or cell spy stealth reviews circulating around the internet yet remain undecided of what specific app to purchase. There is one called Auto Forward sets the bar high among the rest because of its capabilities that are far-reaching and beyond satisfying; which is also the main reason why consumers prefer to favor it.

Extensive Capabilities

Auto Forward spy program according to its website is the ultimate back up and data extractor which also technically does retrieval during untimely files deletion. It works on all Android and Apple units without having to jail break the latter.

Its features are as follows:

  • Access mobile activities such as messages (text, MMS, instant chats), calls, browser history, website searches, GPS location, app downloads (including games, social media websites), calendar events, contacts, notes, photos, and videos
  • Backs up all data from mobile activities concurrently in real-time
  • Ability to recover data from water damaged and factory restored devices
  • 100% virus-free downloadable app

How Auto Forward Works

For users to enjoy its extensive capabilities, device must be internet-ready for successful installation. Know that it does not need an expert to download such because following the purchase is easy to follow steps for smooth sailing data extraction.

Step 1: Install the app

Step 2: Select back up from a local drive if you are using Android and iCloud if Apple

Step 3: Choose specific data to extract

Who Can Use Auto Forward

Everyone can use Auto Forward; although basing from already users, most of them are working parents of teenagers wanting to monitor screen time as well as online activity contents and employers who have provided employees with corporate devices for business purposes. It is considered to be a wise investment for both given how budget-friendly its rate and comprehensive its features. Both consumers also have all the right to “spy” on target because one, they have supervisory duties on juveniles and the whole company respectively.

Other Forms of Data Mining

Given that you already have an idea of Auto Forward spy app, it would also be best to make yourself aware of other forms of data mining or extraction. Be fully informed that everyone’s most loved social networking platform, Facebook works as a remote cell spy monitoring every move and even conversations. Click on the link to read on an article pertaining such.

Practical Reasons for Choosing Auto Forward Phone Monitoring Software.jpg

A big contribution to technological advancements is phone monitoring software that instantly gives one information about another in real-time. Don’t we all want to gain access over someone’s whereabouts without having to act like a desperate stalker lurking on them? This innovative creation has made remote info gathering possible!

And though budding to date, potential consumers might get all confused because there are way too many options as per software are concerned. Out of hundreds or maybe thousands available online, one specific application has satisfied almost half a million of its users; that is Auto Forward. Its over-all extensiveness is practically one reason why people choose to spend an ample of their budget for it. And just does not stop there because here is a list of practical grounds why such software can also be your best investment choice:

  1. It enables access on the following device activities:
  • Messages

    • SMS
    • MMS
    • Instant messenger chats
  • Calls

    • Duration, time and date included
  • Email

    • Incoming and outgoing
  • Apps/ Games download

    • Social networking websites included
  • Photos & videos

    • Taken and received
  • Calendar notes
  • GPS location
  • Search engine hunts
  1. It works more than just spy on a cell phone but an ultimate files software management. Whether user installed Auto Forward on cell phone, tablet or desktop (which ever she/he prefers), then expect that data are automatically being backed up for utmost security. Deleting it accidentally is not a problem anymore with this revolutionary app. Visit its official website to know more about its capabilities that will surely suit your needs.
  2. If you are someone who think jail breaking is a hassle but still prefers to use Apple products (iPhone / iPad of all OS upgrades) then this software is for you. Installation does not require jail breaking unlike others. Once purchased and downloaded, expect a smooth sailing infor gathering.
  3. Parents and employers are among those who usually patronize Auto Forward out of all available. These people having serious or vivid monitoring duties have given their fair share of feedbacks which of course were mostly positive. They have been so satisfied to the point of writing their own Auto Forward spy cell reviews online.

Major Consideration

Before anything else, make sure to have an internet-ready device before planning of its utilization. Remember Auto Forward works remotely (over-the-air); safe to say that an unstable internet connection is always a detriment on such software.

Spy on Cell Phone Text Messages Free Trial Options and Its Relevance to Your Child’s Safety.jpg

Are you a parent that has a main problem of establishing rapport with your children? With the advent of spy on cell phone text messages free trial options, you would get the chance to know what your kid is up to.  Are you concerned that your kid might be involving themselves in drugs or other intoxicated beverages? Do you think that they are being bullied in school? Do you want to know who the people are coming in contact with your children to keep them away from harm? If you agree with most of these questions, then it would definitely be good news for you.

What’s the Latest?

Did you know that there is a latest discovery today that could allow any parent to enter the most private information of their children especially on the aspect of their mobile and online activities? Yes, this is what they refer to as a spy app software. This is a remote install cell phone spy software for cell phones (and even tablets) that can be an ideal tool for any father or mother to safeguard the future of their children by keeping them away from possible risks and harm.

What Does This Software Do?

Nowadays, there are plenty of free trial options which allow you to get a glimpse of the software within a limited period of time. This does not require any fee though the functions are usually limited to texts and calls. However, once you upgrade to premium, you’d get the chance to utilize its advanced features.

The Technology Generation

In the United States, there is an approximate 80% of teenagers that have mobile phones. As we all know, mobile phones are considered as an “all in one” tool giving you the power to access the internet, games, cameras and social media. It has been shown in recent studies conducted by Harvard University that kids now spend most of their times surfing the internet posting status in Facebook, tweeting in Twitter, scheming in Pinterest and updating pictures in Instagram.

Many kids are slowly becoming hooked with these social media sites that they tend to forget their studies. That is why when this spy app software was featured in the market, an increasing number of parents purchased this monitoring application. Aside from getting the most private information on what they do virtually on their mobile device, spy apps also give a parent the power to spy on a kid’s cell phone and track their current location.

Spy app for kids commonly utilize an advanced GPS tracking system that makes use of satellite dish signal in order to provide the exact location and distanceto any parent using the software. Parents all over the world were amazed by the wonders they were able to acquire after using a spy app software and even up to this day, they still do.

There are many spy app software brands in the market today, you just have to properly choose one for your kid.

AutoForward is one of the trusted names in cell phone monitoring. It offers tracking services to both Android and iPhone devices.

Spy Apps for Phones A Hit with Parents.jpg

Parents are one of the top users of spy apps for phones. Why do you think that is? Many would say that spy apps are bad since it invades as person’s privacy. But for parents, having spy apps is like having an eye always watching out for their kids. We all know that we can’t always keep watch over our children. They are always up and about, running here and there and, on the move with their friends all the time. And giving them mobile phones may not be the best idea, but it’s the most you can do to still be in contact with them when they go out.

The Hazards of Mobile Devices

Smartphones were created so people can do multiple tasks on one small device. These phones are no longer just for texting and calling. It can do so much more, like surf the net, research, job-related activities, and, for leisure, play games and go on social media platforms.

Giving children cell phones is the only way parents can communicate with them and know their whereabouts when they are on the move. However, today’s generation has become a little too sensitive and secretive. And parents feel the need for a spy on phone app in order to keep track of their children discreetly.

Kids these days have become too addicted to their mobile devices and are found to do inappropriate activities with it. They take too much time on their phones going online and chatting with strangers which can lead to danger. They may even be exposed to unsuitable and harmful content. That’s why spy apps have become quite popular with parents.

Benefits of Spy Apps to Parents

Parents are grateful for spy apps because these tools enable them to monitor their children even if they are at work or at home. You don’t need to be with your kids 24/7 in order to watch out for them. Spy apps have been found to save teens from meeting dangerous strangers and kept them from going to harmful places.

Having access to your kids’ messages, call histories, GPS, contacts, emails and other important data, like the software Auto Forward can give you, will enable you to track them in case something suspicious happens. Auto Forward is an Android and iPhone spy software without access to phone that can retrieve data for you remotely and discreetly.

AutoForward is the ultimate backup and data recovery software that you as a parents can easily use to monitor your children. You can track your kids instantly with its easy installation and user-friendly features.                      

Cell Phone Location Tracker Its One Click Power.jpg

Did you know that a monitoring software has extensive cell phone location tracker abilities? This tracking ability includes a cutting-edge GPS tracking system which you can use to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones.

Just imagine that through a mobile monitoring software, you would be able to get an access to the most sensitive information of someone close to you, particularly their online and mobile activities. Yes, through this application, you would be seeing what they do in their phones as well as what they do virtually.

What Is a Tracker and What Does It Do?

Each mobile monitoring software sold in the market, whether it is a basic or premium spy app, has a cell phone location tracker. This tracker helps any person to check, or as the name suggests, keep track of the people no matter when and where they are. Once the cell phone of a targeted user has been downloaded with a mobile monitoring software, it would be easier to get to know their location through the use of this app.

No matter how they try to hide, the current status of their cell phone can be easily detected in just one click. This ‘one click’ power of a mobile monitoring software makes it so distinct with others. What makes it possible is through an advance GPS tracking system that gets data from satellite dishes and further provides precise location and distances. In fact, this cell phone locator free and premium app has helped millions of lives especially finding lost and misplaced mobile devices.

There would certainly be a lot of brands to choose from in the market especially now that the demand for it has become larger. However, all you need to do is to properly select a brand that suits your taste and budget without jeopardizing its service. And one of the most trusted and reliable brands is Auto Forward app which has been already tested and proven with all the amazing benefits it has given to people throughout the years.

AutoForward is a long-time running cellphone monitoring software that caters to both iPhone and Anroid devices. It has advanced features which makes monitoring easier and hassle-free.

Auto Forwarding Non-School Related Activities of Child.jpg

 “Auto Forwarding” by all means connotes to usage of fail-safe software called Auto Forward in tracking someone else while extracting info from mobile phone. It is one way to get hold of needed answers about a target’s whereabouts without having to spend too much unlike hiring a professional investigator.

How viable is Auto Forward for Parents

This particular app or software gives parents a seeming “light” in the midst of feeling wary about what might happen to their child without supervision. I am mainly talking about child’s non-school related activities.

All of us know for a fact that part of growing up is exploring the world outside school. To date, we cannot really tell if it is safe to just trust our (I am also a parent, by the way) child to do things on his/her own, given negative notions of current events. It is also not advisable to be overly-protective especially when your child steps in to adolescence as this may suggest your lack of confidence towards their capabilities.

Fair enough, such a tool as Auto Forward is practical for parenting. Here are 3 good reasons why:

  1. It can be purchased, downloaded and used necessitating only an internet-ready cell phone. Auto Forward scraps the idea of literally going through child’s phone activities like a distressed stalker because it is remotely capabale.
  2. Every child who knows they are monitored usually have the tendency to delete [phone contents. With Auto Forward, activities can no way be deleted because the app itself work as a data backup and recovery tool!
  3. Phone activities the app can access gives parents instant gratifying results like child’s GPS location which states their actual surrounding that could be opposing to what they have really declared. As well as completely detailed incoming and outgoing messages, calls, posts, check-in’s on social media platforms.

Friendly Reminders

If you hate having to pay app upgrades then keep an eye on paid apps than cell phone spy app free. Free apps require fees in the long run. You need to secure money’s value when tracking.

Also, keep in mind that it is not only Auto Forward Reviews that does the tracking but downloadable games as well. Google’s newest mobile entertainment, PokeMon Go, can track every piece of info on your Google email account which is used every account log-in.

Advantages and Benefits of Using Tracking App to Spy on Phone.jpg

Numerous advantages of using tracking app to spy on phone activities have been experienced by parents who needed to keep an eye on their children and business establishments in keeping track with their employees’ work schedules and activities.

Advantages of Using a Spy Phone for Parents to Keep Children Safe and Protected

It has been an advantage to monitor children’s location and mobile activities to keep them safe wherever they are. By knowing their children’s location, parents are at peace while being trapped in a busy work schedule. Being able to review all text messages, chat conversations, emails and voice conversations makes parents aware of what might be the causes of their children’s behavior. It aids parents in their parenting approach as well.

Knowing cell phone activities of children allows parents to get to know their children’s friends, where they often go, what do they usually play for online games, and what sites do they often visit. It keeps them away from strangers, dangers of cyber bullying, internet addiction, or depression.

Benefits of Tracking Applications to Improve Work Performance and Productivity

Benefits of using cell phone surveillance in the workplace have made various companies to increase productivity and improve their internal control system leading to more motivated work performance. The software can monitor all work related activities done in the company computer, laptop or tablet. It can also monitor location of employees assigned on field work. While employers monitor their employees’ work performance, and the administration is able to find out issues and conflicts that involve employees’ misconduct, certain actions are done to resolve the issue and find for solution to the problem. It then gives the company an idea on how to deal with employees. Motivations and disciplinary actions become part of improving and developing work ethics and work performance.

Use the Right Application

By using auto-forward, any mobile and online activities are reviewed and usage of gadgets and devices will be managed. Online activities of children will be monitored to guide them in the right direction. Office activities will then be directed to improve work performance and career development of employees.

AutoForward is a maker of data storage and backup software that ensures security and protection of data. It has the ability to store and recover lost data, keeping you updated and have a close eye on your files with its 24/7 control panel. Use AutoForward and be worry free of losing your important data.