dealing with rogue employees

Are your employees completely trustworthy? Are they someone you couldn’t ever see hurting our business no matter what the circumstance? Chances are unless you’re your own boss you probably have some concerns about your employees. Whether it be stealing, sharing sensitive corporate information or not doing their job to the best of their abilities, as an employer you have a right to know if your business is in jeopardy. Not many employers have millions of dollars at their disposal to spend on expensive monitoring software. So how do you monitor on a budget? This article from Charter’s Management Institute will give you a couple of important tips to tracking your employees without having to break the bank.

Reference Checks

This step comes before the individual is even truly your employee, but is still essential to the health of your company. Bringing on a new employee is a multi-step process that extends far outside just the interview process. First you would obviously make sure they’re qualified for the job at hand, but you have to make sure they’re actually being truthful. Through reference checks you will get a clearer picture of the job they’re capable of as well as their personality and how they’ll mesh with your existing staff and working environment.

Be Observant

You can tell a lot about someone just by paying attention to what they do on a normal day-to-day basis. Does Sally always eat her lunch at her desk? Does Bob always stay a half hour late? Does Brenda always come in an hour early? What if one day you notice they change their habits completely? While this could be completely benign it could also signal an untrustworthy employee. Just keep it in mine to have a watchful eye.

Social Media Policy

Establish a set of rules that are both strict and fair. Clearly outline the rules and regulations to every employee, giving them ample notice of what is and isn’t accepted and the consequences if you disobey those rules. With the extreme growth of social media has come the growing number of distractions for employees.

Hold Regular 1 on 1 Meetings

Managers and employers should conduct regular face-to-face meetings with their employees to make sure the lines of communication remain as open as possible. Nothing ruins a business more than disgruntled employees complaining to the public. By allowing employees the opportunity to speak openly with management about their issues it allows you to fix them as well as understand the pitfalls of your business model.

Monitoring Software

Not to sound pessimistic, but your employees could always just be telling you what to hear and pulling the wool over your eyes. But, by using online monitoring software such as Autoforward to track all of their online activities. This way you are able to double check if everything your employees are saying they’re doing is the truth. You will be able to tell if your employee is texting, calling, Facebook messaging, tweeting, posting on Instagram and many other things. This will allow you to tell if Sally got that high score on Candy Crush instead of posting her latest report. While you can congratulate Sally on that Candy Crush accomplishment, you will also be able to remind her of that social media policy and the consequences for that high score.

With Autoforward cell phone monitoring you can keep all your employees on track and help foster as much growth within your company as possible.

cell phone spyware helps millennial's protect their privacy.

Cybersecurity has been an issue since the advent of the computers. Due to sites like Facebook and Twitter American society has lowered not only their standard of privacy but also inhibitions about who we share personal information with.

Prior generations were adamant about keeping a tight check on revealing personal data. To people of my grandparents' generation it was a faux pas to even ask what neighborhood you lived in, let alone a store making an unsolicited request for name, phone and email to put on their mailing list. To them, personal information was supposed to be freely given not drawn out.

Not the case for millennials. They Facetime, YouNow, and Instagram every detail of their life.I don’t blame them entirely. Not when advertisers and marketing executives, who immediately recognized the value in getting people to open up, made it hip to do so. They were extremely successful at making it the new norm to share. With the lure of coupons and 10% off our initial purchase we naively handed over emails and our privacy.

At the grocery checkout, the bookstore, the pharmacy, or even when we are just buying a cup of coffee we are bombarded with request to share our personal information and we do, tenfold. We sign up for newsletters, websites, and social media.

Is it simply that we are looking to connect? To feel relevant? That we matter? We broadcast our name, where we live, family history, sickness, vacations, pets, products we like, favorite music, recently watched movies on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing our story with anyone who is out there.

But even with all this sharing psychologist say the millennials are the loneliest generation in history.

A fact I can attest to. As a high school coach I've watched teenage girls have pretend conversations on their cellphones just to avoid awkward social situations. Bus rides are no longer filled with noisy banter and laughter, but silence, except for the sounds of fingers tapping lightly on keypads.

We recently moved to a new city. We haven’t even had a chance to meet our neighbors yet, but really, do I need to? Not if I’m just hoping to uncover a little info about them. A little dirt. A light back ground check just to make sure they aren't criminals or drug lords. I don't need to meet them to do that. Nope. All I need to do is a basic search. Thanks to county records I can uncover their name, address and phone number. Once I have that uncovering anything else is child's play. In minutes I can find out where they work, who they are married to, if they have children, if they are on social media. So, why take the time to knock on the door and introduce myself? Why when I can find everything I want to know about my neighbors in minutes without any awkward small talk. It's easy but it shouldn't be.

So is it any wonder that social media users are more frequently becoming victims of crime? In fact social media related crime is up 780% in the last four years! 


Harassment, sexual offenses, stalking, fraud and burglary, to name a few. The latest trend are thieves targeting vacationing social media users. Checking Facebook status’ is becoming the new way to case a house. Even the police will attest, we are sharing too much. With Autoforward cell phone monitoring, some of that privacy can finally be protected.

cell phone monitoring software can prevent a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Ellen Pao has been prominently discussed in the news lately. If you haven’t heard of her or are unclear about her story, Pao was the venture capital junior partner who filed a $16 Million lawsuit against her employers for gender discrimination.

While Pao’s case didn’t turn into a multi-million-dollar liability for her former firm, employees sue their companies all the time, and many win large financial judgments. Part of Pao’s case and one of the complaints in many of these lawsuits is for unlawful termination. And while unlawful termination can be a legitimate problem and one that can arise in disreputable and exploitive companies, most companies try to avoid terminating employees for a variety of ethical and legal reasons.

While the ethics of terminating an employee are complex and must be weighed on a case by case basis, the legality is fairly consistent. Most American employees are working on an “at will employment” basis, which means that they have little protection from termination. Their rights are few and their expectation to keep their jobs indefinitely are questionable. However, terminating an employee due to their social, racial, religious or sexual orientations or for being a member of any of a number of protected classes is never permissible.

In many cases, maybe including Pao’s a person who as been terminated for anything other than the clearest of cause reasons can file suit and have a reasonable chance of winning a large settlement from their employer. If the employee can prove to a jury that there was a 51% chance that their inclusion in a minority group has ANY bearing on the decision to terminate them, their employer can be liable and the damages can be considerable.

One means to combat this risk would be to be able to provide a clear and irrefutable “cause” when it becomes necessary to terminate an employee. If a company wants to implement this extra layer of protection, a Cell phone monitoring software package can help.

Modern cell phone monitoring software does three interesting things:

  • It logs all the internet sites employees visit and apps they use on their device
  • It logs the complete details and content of the emails they send and receive
  • It tracks the content and recipients of text messages sent and receive

All this information is included in a dedicated log, the employer can save and maintain indefinitely.

When combined with an effectively-written cell phone and mobile device policy, this capability to monitor an employee’s every communication and activity they take on a company mobile device can provide the backup an employer needs to defuse a potential lawsuit.

For example, a company hires a new employee, provides them with a company electronic device and monitors its activity with a cell phone tracking software package. The company’s policy clearly states what is permissible under this policy and that breaking it can lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination. Over the next year, the employee repeatedly breaks this policy.

After a year, the company decides the employee isn’t meeting expectations and decides that termination is necessary. When terminating the employee, their repeated breaking of the mobile device policy is one of the contributing factors listed in their termination documentation. Whatever other reasons the company cites, like poor performance or absenteeism, the breaking of this policy, as evidenced by information tracked, logged, and permanently archived from their cell phone tracking software, proves that their termination was clearly justified based on the mobile device policy alone.

Even if this employee wants to file a wrongful termination lawsuit, their ability to do so and be successful is significantly impeded by this clear evidence of malfeasance.


monitor teens and their texting

Any time you're with them, young teens have their phones plugged into their hip. Do you know what they do when they’re not with you? Are they still attached while they’re in school or an extracurricular activity? As far as extracurricular activities they’re all over the map, since you really can’t be looking at your phone texting during baseball practice. You could – but then you run the risk of not knowing when a ball is going to come flying at your face. These teens have such an extreme need to text that,yes, they have been found to text in school. So what are they sacrificing while being sucked into these devices? Global Blast put together a list of the top sacrifices teens make by texting all day every day.

The sacrifices come even before the teens step into the classroom at the beginning of the day. It's been shown that teens feel an extreme need to send and receive texts until all hours of the night. This creates a classroom of sleepy children in the morning, with not much room for learning. As if sleep deprivation isn’t enough, texting removes what little attention span they have left during school hours. Aside from being disrespectful, the multi-tasking definitely has an effect on their grades. Texting interferes with the learning process and makes teens unaware and unable to fully absorb all the information being taught in class. Even if your child’s the best multitasker in the world and can run only on two minutes of sleep a night, they’re unprotected from "texting grammar." Students have to complete the work assigned, and this is where the effects of texting can prove the most harmful. Incorrect capitalization, poor punctuation, the use of character symbols instead of words and abbreviated forms of words are just a few of the problems observed from teen’s school work. With autocorrect available on most of these devices now, teens don’t even have to correct their mistakes themselves. Texting can cause major issues within your children’s education, but luckily there is something you can do about it!

With the help of cell phone monitoring software you can see, in real time, every text sent and received by the teen’s phone, with the time the text occurred, even deleted texts. With Autoforward, a leading product in the market, you can even lock the phone if you feel that the texting is getting out of hand and you would like them to concentrate. A parent or guardian can also see if that child is using Facebook or other social media platforms at inappropriate times. With Autoforward you can! Help reduce the texting cycle, and help your teen concentrate and make the grade.

Have you ever been curious and just walked around the office only to see that everyone is face down in their phones?  Does it seem like everyone is just wasting time until 5 o’clock hits? Do you look across the room and see everyone’s heads down? Maybe they’re doing work, but more than likely if you look closer you can see the bright light of their cell phone because they’re WASTING TIME AT WORK! A recent survey found that 64 percent of employees visit non-work related websites every day at work. If this statistic surprises you then you haven’t spent much time inside an office. With the new work force coming in not knowing a world where technology doesn’t rule, these numbers will only increase. As for the numbers right now, the amount of time wasted per week is as follows:

Time Wasted                  Percentage of Employees
    <1 hour                                  39%
   1-2 hours                                 29%
   2-5 hours                                 21%
   6-10 hours                                8%
    10+ hours                                3%

This amount of time is then broken down into where these people say they spend the majority of their time and social media is the biggest culprit. Facebook is the biggest time sucker, with 41 percent of those saying they waste time at work waste it socializing on Facebook. Online shopping also hits your company’s productivity below the belt, with 25 percent of time-wasting employees spending their time on Amazon. Other destinations include Yahoo, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, but the one that surprised me most was LinkedIn. LinkedIn comes in second in this study, raking in 37 percent of the employees wasting time because they don’t like their current job and are looking for another.

Want to find all of this out without me having to tell you after the fact? Want to know exactly which app is lighting up your employee’s face while they’re supposed to be doing the project you asked them to finish two weeks ago? With the help of Autoforward cell phone spy software you can see all of this information and MORE! Being regarded as one of the best cell phone spy apps on the market right now, Autoforward allows you to track all text messages, call logs, emails, photos and videos, social media activity and other useful features. With the use of this technology you have the ability to protect your productivity and maybe even increase it by keeping your employees on track while they’re on your time. To find more information, including additional features, devices the software is compatible with as well as our one-time fee at our website here

Does Susie need a cell phone because she stays after school for play rehearsals? Does Billy stay after school for football practice and needs to call you for a ride? Is your daughter, Emma, just begging you for one because every girl in the seventh grade has one? There are many factors that go into this decision, but this choice varies from parent-to-parent. Although it seems like the safest thing to do, since you can readily reach your child in an instant, there are a few concerns when giving a young child or tween their first phone. A Huffington post article sites 4 possible factors as reasons to think about giving your child that cell phone, or to not give it to them.

  1. It could make your child less safe.
  2. It pushes socialization underground.
  3. It makes it harder for them to live in the moment.
  4. It puts them into adult situations.

These four factors all contribute to overexposure to a broader world as the main reason that getting your child a phone can be a difficult decision, but it can be safe and make your decision a little easier if you have the ability to monitor what they’re getting into. Could your kids be surfing their Facebook page during algebra? Or following anyone who will give them a follow back on their Twitter? Are they texting all night long? Ever think it would be so much easier if you could just see what they’re doing on their phone, but they’re so secretive with their phone use? Cell phone spy software is your answer!

With the use of the Autoforward cell phone monitoring software you have the ability to view every text, call, email, social media activity, GPS location, and much more from the palm of your hand. You only need the phone you want to monitor for a couple minutes to install and then you can monitor that and more from any remote device you want (i.e. a laptop, cell phone or tablet). One of the standout features of the Autoforward software is the ability someone has to lock the phone completely, and bar the phone from activity a parent doesn’t want a child to be a part of. So if you don’t want your child texting all night long Autoforward is most definitely the way to go.

Denying your child the ability to have a phone and communicate with their friends is an issue that may end up putting a strain on your parent-child relationship. By using Autoforward you can save that relationship and make sure your child using the phone safely and correctly.

Having employees work in alternative workplaces has been the corporate structure of companies for years now, but lately it’s expanding past just the movers, plumbers and electricians. A recent trend sees more and more companies allowing employees to work off site, such as from their house, a library or a local coffee shop. According to the survey of Income and Program Participation, the number of people who worked at home at least one day per week increased from 9.5 million in 1999 to 13.4 million in 2010. With this many people working out of the office you would think that problems or questionable working habits may start to arise.


As an employer you might be thinking does Becky not seem like she gets enough work done in the day? Does she only answer half of the times you call her? Is she messing around on her Facebook during normal working hours? Is she even working the whole day or is she out to lunch with her girlfriends? Is Becky snoozing through her work day? With the most popular days of the week to work from home being Monday and Friday is Becky spending her Fridays planning her weekends and her Mondays recovering from them? If you ask yourself these kinds of questions, just know you’re definitely not alone. For some employers this is all too real and as these disturbing questions start to circle around, you might be looking for a way to find out which of your workers are actually doing their job and which aren’t. In’s annual Wasting Time at Work Survey, 89 percent of people admitted to wasting some amount of time at work. For companies that can police their employees in the office that doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, but for off-site companies that can’t peek over their employees shoulder during the day this admission could be extremely threatening. There’s a technology that allows you to do just that and more!


Through mobile phone tracking software you can track every text, call, email and all social media activity plus much more of the things Becky is doing with your company phone. By using Autoforward you can see if Becky is texting her girlfriends about meeting up, if she’s commenting and sharing the latest “top 10” post on her Facebook or if she’s getting the confirmation email for the dress she was just shopping for. You can also see exactly where Becky is, whether she’s actually at her house or the diner on the corner with her gal pals, with the GPS location feature.  Now, with Autoforward, you can spy on a cell phone without actually having access to it. Protect your company and your dedicated employees by weeding out the bad eggs. 

A cyber child abuser or an online predator is a person who uses the internet or other electronic means to physically or emotionally abuse a child. Recent trends only show it to be increasing with advances in technology, and the occurrence of cyber child abusers and cyber predators are becoming more within the norm of internet worries. Most, if not all, offenders follow the same set of factors when choosing their victims. These factors are the pedophiles attempts at befriending the young child and ultimately winning their trust by showering the youth with flattery, sympathy, gifts, and other personal attention. These actions are the process called “grooming.” Child grooming is the process of emotional manipulation by which pedophiles prepare children and youth for sexual exploitation.

Children may be too naive or immature to realize what’s happening to them, but it’s your job as a parent or guardian to supervise the activity and protect the child. Without your child’s phone in your possession, you cannot have access to the child’s online activities, but through the use of cell phone monitoring software you can monitor everything they do online. EVERYTHING. By using the Autoforward software you can monitor and log every text message, phone call, email, social media activity, GPS location and all other cell phone data. The best features of this software is the ability to log data even after it has been deleted form the phone as well as the ability to be completely anonymous when tracking the phone.

The ability to cell phone spy without phone access may seem extreme, but it could also be the difference maker that saves your loved one from becoming another victim.

Prevent Personal Use of Company-Issued Mobile Phones. 

A large number of companies all over the world complain about excessive phone bills for company-issued mobile devices. In today’s competitive business scenario, it’s extremely important to provide company phones to key professional across the organization. However, paying inflated wireless bills on a regular basis can be frustrating for those companies. Keeping these expenses under control is a common concern for many businesses, and excessive use of company mobile phones result in a loss of productive working hours. This includes sending and receiving texts, messaging apps and playing games.

Indiscriminate use of company mobile phones is also a serious challenge in terms of keeping the company’s sensitive business information secure. Mobile devices are extremely efficient, making it easy for the users to send and receive almost all types of information. Companies have stringent mobile usage policies for their employees. However, these policies have often proven to be inadequate.

In the recent years, many companies have been able to solve this problem with cell phone monitoring software applications. These simple to use mobile applications are exceptionally efficient in tracking activity taking place on the target mobile device. Some of the most common features of these spy programs include: call logs, text message tracking, internet browsing history, social media activity monitoring, and more.

Auto-forward is a software application that has been utilized by multiple companies. Using this program, you can record all the calls that are made or received from the target phone. This feature can aid in cutting down employees personal call history. Auto-forward can also retrieve deleted messages, and track the physical location of the device, which can help companies keep an eye on employees that work off-site.

There have been a lot of controversies concerning the use of software applications to spy on someone else’s mobile phone. It’s a matter of consent and permission: there is nothing wrong with using these programs on mobile phones that belong to your company. Though you can use Auto-forward to check on your employees indiscriminately, it’s not necessary. In fact, it’s more effective when people in an organization already know their phones are being monitored.

Auto-forward is inexpensive, easy to use, and supports all Android and Apple devices. Try it today to decrease your company’s mobile expenses.    

Remember a low-tech existence? There was a time when children were forced to entertain themselves without a screen. Now that spring is here and kids aren’t trapped indoors due to inclement weather, there is more opportunity for kids to rediscover the joys of the great outdoors, where a tablet is not necessarily an instant need. Tell the kids to take a walk. Pick up a ball. Swing on a tire. Stay out past dinner. Trade the screen for sunscreen. Archaic thinking, perhaps. But the best part of a longer day is soaking in the sun, and with it, a simpler existence. Surprisingly, according to a New York Times’ article, even Steve Jobs limited the amount of tech time for his kids. It’s all about moderation.

Sooner or later those sun-kissed kids will come back indoors and find the comforts of modern technology once again. And it’s the number one parental imperative to keep your kids safe. With Autoforward, you can monitor your child’s cell phone and know that they are making the right decisions. Robust reporting from Autoforward allows you to view texts, chats, call logs, web search history, and much more, from your child’s mobile phone.

Technology isn’t going away, but at least you can stop any destructive behavior before it spirals out of control. Cell phone spy capabilities can help. Spring is here, and you’ll enjoy more of the great outdoors if you’re secure in knowing that the ones you love have a safe online presence.