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People with monitoring responsibilities prefer to utilize spy apps for phones given how digitally influenced everything seems today. Gone are the times where people in dire need of information from another seek for professional help (e.i investigator). Good thing innovators and brilliant minds continuously create such convenient applications that make use of everyone’s well-loved gadget, cell phone and its “ride or die”, internet. 

The sole purpose of this article is to guide you on legit spy apps being sold in the market. There are way too many iphone spy software without access to phone yet only a few offer extensity and actually walk the talk.

What to Consider in Looking for Spy Apps

You do not just go barge into purchasing without looking at specifics, right? This is exactly true with spy apps. For money and effort’s worth you have to consider things listed below in looking for apps:


Free stuff is good but how disappointing would that be if it suddenly crashes out of nowhere? Same goes with spy apps working virtually from installation down to info collection and transmittal. Imagine having serious monitoring and a ‘click here to upgrade’ prompts in the midst of it all! Workable spy apps come with a price; a reasonable one so to speak. It usually ranges from $30 monthly or $70 annually without necessary upgrade and additional fees.


In looking for spy apps, make sure that your choice has extensive features. Capable of accessing EVERY phone activity! A specific app that had caught everyone’s attention recently is AutoForward, a spy on phone app that is capable of monitoring and recovering lost data. It is like an in-one app that doubles user’s convenience and totally shy away worries of important data deleted in unfortunate situations.

Visit Auto Forward’s website for additional info:


This is to guarantee that company is serious on adhering customer needs before and after purchase. Having a readily available customer service guarantees its legitimacy.


See app user’s reviews to set your expectations straight and to verify whether or not product website does as promoted. Obviously, the more good reviews an app has the legit it is considered to be.

Top 3 Legit Spy Apps To Look Out!

  1. AutoForward ($29.99/monthly)
  2. Highster Mobile ($29.99/monthly)
  3. SurePoint Spy ($29.99/monthly)

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