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Dress up your smartphone with blings and glitters to look sleek and partner it with a remote cell phone spy so you can enjoy it with your secure and protected data. Smartphones are now the most popular mobile phone that function like a computer. The smaller the gadget or the device, the more convenient it serve.

Perfect for parents who want to monitor their children when they could not keep an eye to them while they are not together.

Business owners can install the application to secure corporate data from getting lost as it is vital in business transactions.

Backs Up and Recovers Data

As precautionary measure, install the spy app on your smartphone to provide backup and recovery software when your device gets lost or damaged, or in case your file is corrupted by a virus. School papers, files for business transactions and other personal files are important data you don’t want to lose.

With the cell phone spy free you can store and extract information on your phone such as your text messages, call histories, social media activities, photos and videos.

Review Text Messages

Using the spy software, parents can review exchanges of text messages between their children and their friends. Teens can be secretive and most likely express their thoughts through texting with their friends. Parents can now check topics they talk about and could intervene the moment there is hint of texting’s negative effects to the child’s behavior and school performance.

In a business office, employers will find the spy app helpful in monitoring employees showing disloyalty to the company. Using a company owned cell phone provided to employees for work related activities, exchanges of negative plans against the company, other employees and the administration is monitored. In that way, unnecessary behavior is intervened.

Review Online Activities

Children who show poor academic performance might be due to online gaming addiction and other online activities. Installing a free phone spy software, parents will be able to help their children cope up with their academics and be guided to manage their gaming activities and internet usage.

Employers can also monitor their employees’ online activities to know if they use the devices and equipments provided to them in proper manner.

AutoForward is a software with top of a line program that backs up and recovers data. It allows the user to store and recover all text, call logs, social media, photos, vides, and applications saved in the device. It has also a 24/7 control panel that aids in your tracking and monitoring activities.

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