Can you really track a cell phone without touching it? Well, thanks to technological innovations, brilliant minds have come up with cell phone tracker doing away with the incongruity of (physically) stalking.

This is tracking on a whole new perspective with a much appropriate purpose. Basically catering employers and parents who research found can benefit much of its features.Both have a common goal to protect business and child accordingly and tracking cell phone activities is one perfect way to identify which among those can be detrimental so as to put a stop.

We all know how cell phones have become a necessity nowadays. It has not only become a commodity but a company to some. This is basically why the amount of information from activities made using it could give both beneficiaries spot-on interpretations.

There might be several phone trackers available, but a particular cell phone tracker which garnered great reviews online due to its effectiveness is Auto Forward Spy.

What Can Auto Forward Spy Do?

Auto Forward Spy can conveniently make tracking for employers and parents the easiest! It virtually tracks target on real-time and has an asking price of $69.99 suits anyone who prefers one-time only payment. Its features include access to:

  • sent and received text messages complete with details

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  • incoming and outgoing calls
  • emails
  • GPS within 50ft of actual location
  • photos
  • videos
  • web browser history
  • social media
  • all installed apps

It also has a stealth camera feature that can remotely capture target’s surroundings plus it can uninstall any profane apps and lock cell phone incase lost or stolen.

How Can Employers and Parents benefit from Cell Phone Tracker?

Employers can benefit from cell phone trackers by way of being able to identify who among their employees make proper use of cell phones. It may be that a trade secret is shared to a competitor or untimely logs to the ever so addicting social media accounts. These are some of the many possibilities that seem a bit petty but I not given enough attention may cause the company’s regression. We all know how important an efficient workforce is in terms of end product or service.

On the other hand, parents of juveniles who are subject for parental supervision can remotely track cell phone activities (whether you are using android or apple device) even at work. This means lessened worrying on the possibility of negative engagements which is often times seen on one of the most popularly visited social media, Facebook.


When choosing a certain spy phone app in the market, you should not only focus on its price – but most importantly – on its features. Knowing the functions of your spy phone brand makes your user experience more satisfying and worth the price you have paid for.

Spy Phone App in Short Detail

Spy phone apps may either be offered for free or with a price.

  1. Free. Free trial options don’t require any payment on your part, but these are only available for a limited period of time. Most spy phone brands offering free trial options give users the chance to monitor basic information such as text messages and calls.
  2. Premium. This type of tracking package offers intensive monitoring features. Depending on the brand of your choice, the information and functions that can be accessed involves the following:
  • Text messages. This involves sent and received messages.
  • Calls. This involves incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call recording and playback. The cell phone spy app records the entire conversation and plays it back anytime you wish. Real-time calls are also recorded.
  • Emails. This includes email threads in popular platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, OneDrive and a whole lot more.
  • Messaging platform conversations. This includes message threads on Skype, BBM, Google Hangouts, iMessages, Whatsapp, Viber and a whole lot more.
  • Social media activity. This includes social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others.
  • Browser activity. This includes all websites visited by the phone owner.
  • Website blocking. This allows you to block the target phone owner’s access to certain websites of your choice.
  • Phone distance and location. Thru the built-in GPS tracking system, your app can serve as a cell phone tracker in case you want to monitor the location of the target device on the map.

Maximizing Your Spy Phone App

You can use your spy phone app for a variety of functions in order to maximize its performance. Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Track your spouse. Find out where your partner is currently located with the help of the built-in GPS tracking system.
  2. Monitor your children’s location. Knowing whether your kids are at school or at home gives you better peace of mind knowing they are where they’re supposed to be at a certain hour.
  3. Read messages and monitor calls. Knowing the identities of the people your loved ones are commonly communicating with gives you better chance of knowing them more.
  4. Block access to mature-content sites. Blocking pornography sites and mature-content apps such as Tinder gives you better chance of keeping your kids away from online content that are not advisable for their age.
  5. Retrieve lost phone. In case the target phone gets lost, there’s a better chance of recovering it with the help of the GPS tracking system.

Spy on Husband’s.jpg

Choosing the best cell phone spy software downloads that could cater to what you exactly need might require a crucial decision in order for you to get your money’s worth on such item. Cell phone monitoring software has continually proven itself to be one of the most helpful apps in today’s society. It has catered to the needs of million concerned parents, business tycoons, husbands, wives and caregivers in various locations and regions.

Not only is it possible to keep track of a loved one with the use of a mobile monitoring app, it can also keep them away from any kind of harm or accident. Comparing to the first time these apps were presented to the public, they have definitely transcended by leaps and bounds.

Why Is There a Need of a Spy App?

The main objective of a cell phone monitoring software is to track the activities of your loved one, particularly your kids, company staffs, significant others and parents who are reaching the old age.

For wives, the best thing about this monitoring software is the fact that they can easily spy on their husband’s cell phone device without the latter knowing about it. The convenience and fast updates can help placate or affirm issues encountered during marriage.

How Can Wives Benefit from These Apps?

If a wife feels the urge of trying out an Android and iPhone spy app, the whole installing and downloading process may not require that much of a time. The whole phase can be finished in just a matter of minutes and it would instantaneously connect to the target phone user once the installation is successful.

After this has been done, the monitoring software would be able to access the most private data such as text messaging history, call logs, iMessages, photos or videos shared online, web viewing data, contacts and GPS location.

In the case of premium account, deleted messages and images can be retrieved in case there are suspicious evidences that may come from it. Also, actual phone conversations can be accessed and along with enough freedom for a wife to listen to these calls done over the phone.

How to Remain Safe

Users are encouraged to always review local laws to ensure that no rules are crossed and breached. Certain states have stricter rules where breach of privacy is a top concern. There is a need to maintain proper decision and vigilance when using a mobile monitoring app to ensure that both parties can highly benefit from it.

AutoForward is one of the top mobile monitoring apps in today’s market. They cater tracking services in both Android and iOS devices.

Phone Spy.jpg

As they would say, never underestimate the power of a woman to know about anything. Well this has been proven to be true because a woman’s ability to know even the tiniest details of your life might just beyond your common understanding. Hence, there is no denying the fact that any wife would be able to spy on husband’s cell phone in the future especially when they ‘feel’ something fishy is going on.

According to various journals and magazines, in a particular relationship, females would commonly discover a suspicious act of their significant other through their high sense of perception and gut feeling. It is an instant sense that a woman typically possesses. Relationship experts would say that this is one quality of a female that she might be able to carry until she indulges herself in a relationship, get engaged and eventually get married. 

Spy Apps on a Married Life

Perhaps, marriage is one of the most complicated and challenging relationships ever to maintain. Many trials and obstacles will come to a husband and wife’s life trying to test their love and commitment for each other. And as a married life passes by, there will come a time when the other partner would find and look for necessary measures just to make sure that both are faithful to each other.

Now this is where an Android or iPhone spy app comes in handy. A cell phone monitoring software will enable wives to spy on the phone activities of their husbands 24/7 as long as there is an internet connection. Also, with the help of a GPS tracking system found on these spy apps, wives would be able to keep track of their husband’s whereabouts. This advanced tracking system gives fast and specific location and distance in just one click. A lot of married women have been highly acclaiming on the benefits of these spy apps especially in saving their marriages. They claimed that an abrupt solution for the lesser ‘spark’ of their marriage life was found through the help of a monitoring software.

Other essential information you can get from a cheap cell phone spy software are text messaging histories, call logs, contacts, iMessages, web viewing data and photos or videos shared online. All of these things are important for an individual to know especially when putting to pieces all the evidences that have been gathered. For women, this can serve as a good tool in checking the activities of their spouses and leaving appropriate measures to save and resolve the marriage.

AutoForward is a powerful mobile monitoring app for both commercial and personal use. It continues to be one of the most competitive apps in today’s market with extensive tools for monitoring and surveillance.

Save Your Relationship.jpg

If you find yourself asking, "how can I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" it's very likely that you have reasons to doubt that he is doing something inappropriate using his cell phone. Yes, cell phones can be a reason for couples to lose trust on each other, and studies show that it can destroy relationships.

While it's clear that smartphones and the Internet are very useful in many situations, they can also damage relationships in different ways. Thus, it's important for individuals to set boundaries for smartphone usage.

Here are the ways smartphones can ruin people's relationships:

Lack of Attention and Mindfulness

Smartphones are a huge distraction, and it's so common that we hardly notice this truth anymore. We have our mobile phones everywhere we go, and we pay too much attention to it almost all the time. Yes, we have become excessively immersed in the digital world and we consider it the most important thing of all.

One of the ways cell phones and other mobile devices get in the way of relationships is by making it impossible for us to pay attention to what's happening around us at the moment. Consequently, we lose opportunities to appreciate many wonderful things around us, and even the special people in our lives.

Lack of True Communication

For many couples, smartphones can cause the breakdown of their communication. How can you enjoy some intimate moment with your partner if your phone won't stop beeping with reminders, notifications, and so on. Sadly, cell phone communications have replaced those heartfelt, meaningful talks and conversations between couples, which are considered essential factors for a strong relationship.

Now also, it's common for people in relationships to wonder iPhone spy. When your partner spends too much time using his phone, you wonder what he could be doing or who he could be exchanging messages with. Clearly, one's addiction to smartphones can cause doubts and mistrust among partners.

Less Stable Relationships

For a relationship to last, there must be constant 'give and take'. Smartphones, however, destroys this balance. Addiction to cell phones can make a person self-centered and non-empathetic. They only worry about what they see on their social media accounts, and all they think of is how they can gain more followers online. Because of this, couples become indifferent to each other, they become more attached to the many meaningless things online, and they lost their connections with real people.

If you are guilty of spending too much time on your cell phone, you actually have no reason to think about using remote install cell phone spy software on your partner's phone. If you want to save your relationship from the devastating effects of cell phone addiction, you need to start with yourself so you could constantly remind your partner of the importance of spending time together.

Data Protection.jpg

Unless organizations apply stricter rules and use appropriate tools such as cell phones spy software, data breach and theft by employees may not be prevented, which can eventually result in lost profits for the organization.

There are many practices for protecting data on mobile devices used by company executives, such as wiping lost devices and enforcing encryption. But more importantly, business data that is accessible through employee devices must be protected without requiring IT ownership or procurement.

Let's now talk about the most essential data protection practices for employees using cell phones and other mobile devices.

1. Locks for Mobile Devices

Mobile device locks are one of the most important tools against unauthorized access to business documents and data stored on the devices owned by employees. The problem here, however, is that not all mobile devices used by workers have device locks that are strong enough. It is also possible for employees to reset complicated passwords so that it will be easier for them to use their devices. Thus, it's important for organizations to address such needs of employees so they could come up with a solution that will not compromise the security of company data.

2. Remote Data Wipe

The moment an employee leaves your company, you want to remove all business accounts and information stored on their devices. This is possible using mobile device data wipe. Companies, however, cannot do this without the consent of the owner of the device. By having employees sign an agreement to this procedure, it will avoid any conflicts in the future.

3. Mobile Tracking and Locationing

Mobile tracking remains as one of the most efficient and effective ways of protecting company data. The most common issue against this practice is the claim of some employees about their personal privacy being violated. As a solution, many business owners decide to use cell phone spy software remote install to monitor employees' cell phone usage and even their geographic location.

4. Data Encryption on Employee Devices

Especially for workers who deal with sensitive and confidential information, their mobile devices need to have data encryption. This way, all files or bits of information from and on their devices will not be easily accessed without permission.

By applying these important mobile device data protection practices, employers will have a better sense of security and safety. Learning how to spy text messages on cell phones for free using Auto Forward for the purpose of employee monitoring is also an effective way of boosting productivity in the workplace. When workers are aware that they are being monitored, they feel a sense of responsibility, and as a result, they become more committed to their jobs. This is one of the biggest benefits of phone monitoring at work.

Software for Cell Phone

If you're thinking about getting your elderly relative a new cell phone, you might as well consider installing on it remote spy software for cell phone. You may not realize the benefits of using phone spyware on an old person's phone at first, but in the long run, you'll be glad you made this decision.

When it comes to choosing the right cell phone for elderly, you have to be cautious so you could pick the one with the right features for an elderly loved one. Mobile phones for seniors can be cool, too, but in a less typical way. For instance, some mobile phones come built with fall detection sensors that will automatically notify an emergency call center. This is just one of the many great features of mobile phones you want for your old relative.

Benefits of Cell Phones for Seniors

Safety Using a cell phone, old people can call for help in case of emergency, such as when they're lost or if they can't get up after a bad fall. What's great about best cell phone spy software downloads is that such software has GPS, which you can use to find the exact location of seniors who wander away from home.

Communication – It's always good to be able to communicate with your elderly parents or relatives. When they have a cell phone, it will be easier for you to get in touch with them any time of the day.

Reminders – Most cell phones for seniors can be set to give reminders to seniors to attend an appointment with the doctor, or to take their medication perhaps.

Important Features to Look for

As mentioned earlier, there are mobile phones designed for older people. Below are some important features you should look for:

a. Large and Easy to Read Screen – Since it's common for seniors to have problems with their eyesight, they need a cell phone with a screen that's wide and bright enough so the content will be easier to read.

b. Simple Interface – You don't want to give an elderly person a smartphone that has complicated buttons or keypads. Basic buttons will make it easier for them to use their phones.

c. Voice Recognition – This is one of the most useful cell phone features for older people. All they need to do is say "Call Home" for example, and the device will instantly dial the home number stored on the phone.

d. Large Icons – You don't want your loved one to have a hard time reading text messages because of tiny fonts. The font size should be appropriate for the user of the cell phone.

e. GPS Tracker – If your elderly relative asks, "is someone spying on my cell phone?" you can say honestly that a phone spy app like Auto Forward is necessary for you to find their location through their mobile phone.

It’s been, basically, 18 years since my wife and I went on a vacation without the kids. That may not seem that unusual to a lot of people, but it might be to some. My oldest daughter Sam is now 17—and we feel she’s now old enough to stay home alone and watch our 14-year old son Steven. See, up until now, we’ve always had one of our parents come and stay with the kids, but this year is different.

My father passed away last year and my mother isn’t doing so well now. She’s in a group home. My in-laws moved down to Florida three years ago and don’t get back up north much. My wife and I haven’t taken many vacations as it is. When we did, we usually went to something kid-friendly or kid-oriented like Great Adventure, Hershey Park, Great Wolf Lodge, or Disney World. I think we’d gone away alone maybe four times over the last decade—and not for more than a night. This year we’re leaving the kids alone and I’m a little worried.

Leaving Sam alone is one thing, but leaving her alone to watch over Steve is another. I know, in my heart, that they will be fine, but there’s always that shred of doubt…. How can I be 100% sure? Well, I asked neighbors to check in a couple of times—so that helps. And my kids both have smartphones to stay in touch. That’s huge too. But I did one extra thing to make sure they are safe—and I didn’t just do it this weekend to watch over them.

I was curious about spying software, asking myself "how do you spy on a cell phone without them knowing?" A year ago, I installed a mobile surveillance app on their phones so that I can make sure they aren’t being preyed on or bullied over the Internet. This remote install cell phone spy software app lets me check their social media activity, texts, SMS messages, calls and more. I can see what pictures and videos they are taking, sending and receiving and even track them via GPS if they wander off. Best of all, I can activate their phone’s camera to snap a picture remotely in order to see if they are okay—and I can even turn their microphone on to listen in on their surroundings. It’s all very cool and it helps me sleep at night.

This weekend, my wife and I are heading to Mohegan Sun. I’ll be sure to use the spy cell phone software app from time to time to make sure that Sam and Steve are safe. Of course, I’ll call and check up on them in person first—I just don’t want to be dialing them every second that I’m worried about them.

You may think it’s overkill or sneaky, but I look at installing a mobile monitoring app as a way to increase my parental zone of protection. It’s a wise decision that I believe every parent should consider. One that may not only save you from a lot of sleepless nights, but actually save your kids’ lives as well.

The dangers of playing Pokemon Go have just escalated. One news report after another have illustrated how people are doing stupid things because of this summer’s hottest craze. First there were Pokemon Go players getting robbed of their iPhones on the hunt. Then there were Poke players discover dead bodies along the way. After that, people walking into poles, falling off cliffs and now … crashing into parked cop cars.


The latest incident occurred the other day in Baltimore, Maryland, when a Pokemon Go player slammed his car into a patrol car, because he was too busy looking at the game on his phone. Body-camera footage from one of the officers shows the gamer’s Toyota Rav 4 ramming into the parked vehicle. The suspect then continued on for a bit


According to USA Today:


The officer asks if everyone is OK, and the driver, whose face is blurred in the clip, shows the police officers his cellphone.


‘That’s what I get for playing this dumb— game,’ the man says to the officers.”


In case you’ve been imprisoned in a Russian Gulag for the last few weeks and don’t know it, Pokemon Go is the craze of the summer—getting both young and old out of the house and into the outdoors in search of little critters from the popular 90s game.


The new version, available for all smartphones, is a digital scavenger hunt that shows Poke-creatures on the cell’s screen superimposed over your real surroundings. That’s why people are walking into things, falling down, colliding with vehicles and getting robbed.


In the USA Today article, Smith “noted that no one was injured when the Pokemon Go player crashed into the police car, but he said people should be aware that playing the game while driving is dangerous.”


The Pokemon Go phenomenon is a good opportunity for us to remind parents that they should install a top-of-the-line spy equipment for cell phone app on all of their kids’ devices. A high-quality spy bugs for cell phones app will help them monitoring where their children are, what they are doing and who is with them. The spy device for cell phone can help keep them safe from real, flesh and blood criminals as well as those lurking in the digital world. It can also assist in enforcing a teenager’s misuse of their device by letting a parent know when their loved one is using his phone while driving. Something that no person—no matter what age—should do. Just ask the cops and the man who crashed into their car.


Prevent Personal Use of Company-Issued Mobile Phones. 

A large number of companies all over the world complain about excessive phone bills for company-issued mobile devices. In today’s competitive business scenario, it’s extremely important to provide company phones to key professional across the organization. However, paying inflated wireless bills on a regular basis can be frustrating for those companies. Keeping these expenses under control is a common concern for many businesses, and excessive use of company mobile phones result in a loss of productive working hours. This includes sending and receiving texts, messaging apps and playing games.

Indiscriminate use of company mobile phones is also a serious challenge in terms of keeping the company’s sensitive business information secure. Mobile devices are extremely efficient, making it easy for the users to send and receive almost all types of information. Companies have stringent mobile usage policies for their employees. However, these policies have often proven to be inadequate.

In the recent years, many companies have been able to solve this problem with cell phone monitoring software applications. These simple to use mobile applications are exceptionally efficient in tracking activity taking place on the target mobile device. Some of the most common features of these spy programs include: call logs, text message tracking, internet browsing history, social media activity monitoring, and more.

Auto-forward is a software application that has been utilized by multiple companies. Using this program, you can record all the calls that are made or received from the target phone. This feature can aid in cutting down employees personal call history. Auto-forward can also retrieve deleted messages, and track the physical location of the device, which can help companies keep an eye on employees that work off-site.

There have been a lot of controversies concerning the use of software applications to spy on someone else’s mobile phone. It’s a matter of consent and permission: there is nothing wrong with using these programs on mobile phones that belong to your company. Though you can use Auto-forward to check on your employees indiscriminately, it’s not necessary. In fact, it’s more effective when people in an organization already know their phones are being monitored.

Auto-forward is inexpensive, easy to use, and supports all Android and Apple devices. Try it today to decrease your company’s mobile expenses.