avoid_online_scams_by_choosing_a_reliable_company_like_auto_forward.jpgIf you are looking for a company to offer you the services or products that you need, you’ll be glad to know that there are so many of them you can choose from. The sad truth, however, is that not all companies around are reliable enough in providing services to their clients or customers. Thus, if you are searching for quality spy phone software, for instance, you need to do some good research to know what qualities to look for.

Make sure you take the reliability of the company into consideration when looking for a mobile phone spy. 

Does the Website Look Professional?

As you check a particular company website, you should be convinced that the company is legitimate. It is also important that you be able to access the site easily because you will be doing this many times to view reports. If you experience any trouble logging in to view the data, or time out errors occur too often, these are definitely not a good sign.

Make sure also that you look into the content of the website. What you want to find are knowledge-based files, support forums, and even charts to check phone compatibility. Beware of those websites that give very limited information about their spy phone software products.

What Are the Payment Options?

The biggest and most reliable service providers usually offer the same payment options and methods. Typically, monthly and yearly options are available for various data reporting. It is recommended that you go with a monthly option if you are a first-time user, just to make sure you wouldn’t be stuck with a product you aren’t happy with. Lastly, you would also want to be given an option to pay via PayPal or credit card.

What Are the Policies for Cancellation and Guarantees?

Before making any purchase, it is vital that you have a clear understanding about the company’s policy on cancellation of subscription. You should be concerned if a company website does not contain any information regarding this.

In terms of the guarantees for a spy phone software download, you may not receive the same guarantees that you may get from other physical products. Nevertheless, you still have your rights as a consumer, so the software provider should allow you to get a full refund if the product fails to perform as advertised.

Is Their Help and Support for Real?

It is not enough that you look around the website for contact information and online support. What you should do is make sure that the contact details they provide are real. Try contacting the customer support by calling them or sending an email. If someone answers your call and gives you the information you need, then you should feel more confident. If not, it is a sign that you better look for another service provider.

These tips apply not only when you start looking for a mobile phone spy company. Every time you use the internet to order or buy products and/or services, you have to be extra careful and smart to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud.

Confuseman-LargeBasically, a cell phone spy software is an application that allows you to covertly spy on or monitor the activities of a person using his cell phone. This is not without any restrictions though, as you may be penalized for spying on a person without his or her knowledge or consent. See post here for more info on the legality of using cell phone spy softwares. Most cell phone spy apps have varied features. The most popular ones are:

  • SMS tracking – this feature allows you to read incoming and outgoing text messages of the target phone. Some spy phone softwares even have the capacity to recover deleted text messages.
  • GPS tracking – with GPS tracking, you can tell the exact location of the target phone.
  • Call Recording – you can record calls and listen in on live conversations as though you are have installed a bug on the target phone.
  • Remote camera and mic activation – not only can you tell the exact location of the target phone, but you can also see and hear the environment at the touch of a button.
  • Email, Social Media and Website Monitoring – you can get all access pass to the person’s emails, Facebook posts and tweets, and as well as his website history.

A lot of people are still skeptical about these softwares, thinking that only government agencies can access powerful applications such as these. But these days, just about anyone can purchase and use powerful mobile phone spy apps such as Auto Forward Tracker and Spy.

Does it Really Work?

In most cases, cell phone spy softwares do work—just as long as you have purchased a legit application. But in all cases, for it to work, you must first install it on the target phone. Once installed, the application will gather information and send it to an online server. You can then access this information by logging into the server using a username and password given to you upon purchase. Aside from software installation on the target phone, there are also other requirements for spy phone softwares to work:

1. The target phone should be connected to the internet to transfer information to the remote server. Data plan is best so internet connection is not disrupted even during travel. If the target phone is connected to Wi-Fi, cell phone monitoring is also possible.

2. The make and model of the cell phone should be compatible with the mobile spying app. Top cell phone monitoring softwares have an extensive list of compatible phones. It can be installed on just about any smart phone.

3. The operating system of the target phone must also be compatible with the spy app. So, when buying a mobile spy app, you must first check the product website to ensure that the software can be used and installed on the target phone. Otherwise, it will not work. It will also help for you to contact their customer support to be doubly sure.


Confused-with-2-phonesOnce you already know what a cell phone spy software is and if it’s legal owning and using one, the next thing you have to do is to determine what your needs are, how you want to use the tracking software, and for how long. Before you buy anything that’s pushed in front of your face, take a step back and do a little research to make sure you would be getting your money’s worth. The following are questions you will have to ask yourself to assess your surveillance needs:

What level of monitoring and surveillance do I need?

Are you going to spy on your spouse, your teenager, or your employees? For whom are you getting the monitoring software? Are you really planning on checking all aspects of their cell phone activities, or just their location? Knowing the depth of surveillance that you need will allow you to find a cell phone spy software that will fit that need. Some spy softwares are more expensive than others because they have tons of features—from GPS tracking, to remote microphone activation. But there are also some that will only provide GPS tracking. It may or may not be more expensive, depending on the company and the software manufacturer. However, one thing’s for sure—knowing exactly what you need it for is key to saving time and money.

How long do you want to use the monitoring software?

Are you just suspicious of your husband and are only trying to verify if your suspicions are true? If this is the case, you will only need to monitor his cell phone activities for a limited period of time or until you get your answers. But you may also want a continuing service for keeping track of your teenagers’ activities to make sure that they are where they say they are. If this is the case, a software that provides long term subscription would be perfect for what you need.

How many people do you want to keep trackof?

Most spy softwares make you pay for each and every installation. This means that for every phone you want to track, you will have to pay full price. If you want to monitor activities of your spouse, teens and also some of your company drivers, then you will have to shell out huge sums. If a spy software that you have decided to buy costs $100 for a single phone installation and you need to track five phones, then it will set you back $500 for all of them. In addition to that, if the cell phone monitoring software you have chosen requires you to pay full price for monthly subscriptions, you will need to pay $500 each month.

Is this really worth it?

One thing’s for sure though, whatever your needs may be—short term or long term use, single feature or complete monitoring features, or tracking a single phone, or monitoring multiple phones, you won’t go wrong with Auto Forward Tracking and Spy.

  • At $69.99, you will get full features. No need to pay more to unlock the rest of the features.
  • You can install it in as many phones as you want. No need to shell out cash for each and every installation.
  • Pay a one-time fee for unlimited use. No need to pay a monthly subscription to continuously use the software.

Now, do you know of a single spy phone software that can top this?


Is Auto Forward Spy Phone Software Legal?Auto Forward is a powerful monitoring tool. If in the past, only secret agents and private detectives own a covert tracking and monitoring device, otherwise known as a “bug,” these days, just about anyone can get their hands on a spy phone software. But the ultimate question is, is this software legal?

Legal Ways You Can Use a Mobile Phone Spy

Although using a monitoring software like Auto Forward is subject to certain conditions, there are still a lot of ways that can use this without breaking any rules. Here are some of the ways you can save yourself from worries and save you time and resources as well:

Monitoring Spouse Cell Phone Activities and Whereabouts

This is perfectly legal, and as long as you tell your spouse that you have installed a monitoring software in his smartphone and he did not object, then you have the law on your side. Having a tracking device that goes anywhere with your spouse can keep you from worrying about his whereabouts. This is especially helpful for spouses who frequently travel on business.

Keeping Track of Teenager’s Cell Phone Activities

If you will be installing the software on your teenager’s phone which you bought yourself, and if you have informed your child that you are keeping tabs on his website visits, then you are only doing what a good parent should do. Thus, nothing is more legal than a parent wanting to protect his or her child. Teenagers are really prone to commit mistakes because they have immature judgment. They would sometimes associate themselves with people who can’t be trusted just because that person is “cool.” They go to places and do things that are not safe just because they want to be adventurous. Having a software that tracks not only their cell phone activities, but also there location can help you keep them out of danger.

Monitoring Employee Activities in the Workplace

“Workplace” is not limited to the office. It may be in the field, if you work outside of the office. If, for example, you were made to attend a seminar required for your promotion, the place where the seminar is being held is your “workplace” for the time being. Employers may install a cell phone monitoring software so they can track employee activities during work hours. Doing this will also require the employer to inform the employee that his whereabouts are being tracked. The intention of the law in making these rules is only to make sure that the tracking is done with the consent of the person whose activities are being monitored. Once consent is given even if made verbally or due to inaction, then you’re good to go.