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You may have encountered reviews about different spy phone tracker which speaks entirely of how it tracks cell phone activities done by target alone but never really exceeded beyond that. This is what primarily separates Auto Forward from all the rest; it lifts off the whole phone spyware stereotypes by actually working as back-up and recovery data software aside from merely tracking.

In this review, you will further understand why it is practical to have one in situations you, readers might be involved in. Especially now that everything is digitally made, done and solved.

Circumstances Which Calls for Auto Forward’s Help

I might not be able to reiterate every possible circumstance but I will be citing three (3) usual circumstance which calls for Auto Forward’s help:

  1. Parents for teenagers’ on screen-time control

Teenagers’ are among the highest, most abusive group on phone usage; with parents having Auto Forward, a vivid look-out on teens daily phone time and (absurd) contents could be utterly controlled.

WARNING: For parents whose children are into Pokemon Go, it does spy call and email contents.

  1. Staff work productivity monitoring

Company-given phones are meant for work purposes and for employers to track if productivity is practiced (or not) by staffs, info extracted via Auto Forward could be concrete evidence on their performance.

  1. Important data lost due to phone (technical) problems

Auto Forward secures all phone data notwithstanding technical dilemmas due to water damage, broken parts and factory restore.

Necessities on Tracker Usage

Prep yourself up with the following necessities if you have plans on using Auto Forward phone tracker:

  1. Smart Phone / Tablet / Desktop

Auto Forward is a downloadable app on either of the mentioned devices (Android & Apple compatible). Know that you have to download one (1) app on your device choice and your target’s. These devices should be internet-ready as everything is done remotely (information extraction, transfer and data retrieval).

  1. Stable internet connection

Every cell phone activity is screened with the use of internet. It should be that you have a steady WiFi or any preferred cellular network provider to ensure that software works supremely.

  1. Credit card payment

Auto Forward is priced at a very affordable amount of only $29.99 monthly. It is no comparison to free cell phone spy software made available online which prompts payable upgrade in the middle of “tracking”. You may want to check other reviews related to its plausibility.

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Parents nowadays are one of the top users of android monitoring software. Who can blame them when children are mostly preyed upon by crazy sex offenders, online criminals and are easily swayed by bad influences? They use it for a noble cause, to protect their children.

In this crazy, technology driven world, however, it is a bit mind-boggling that there are some people who are still new and uncomfortable with the use of gadgets. Take my parents, for example. All they do with their mobile devices is texting and calling. Now, what if non-tech savvy persons want to utilize a smartphone spy to keep track of their kids? No problem. Easy and user-friendly Auto Forward is the monitoring software that is great for beginners.

What is Auto Forward

Auto Forward is the best when it comes to backup and data extractor software. It can easily retrieve messages in a phone even though it is already removed. This is quite handy with children being so suspicious and secretive and deleting everything at once when they are up to no good. With Auto Forward parents can track who their children are talking to and hanging out with. Even their locations can be easily placed in a map through GPS. All data stored on their phones are accessible by parents. This include contacts, call history, photos, videos, browser history, social media activity and even downloaded apps and games played. Phones’ cameras can also be used by parents to take pictures of their kids’ surroundings. These features are very useful in monitoring children’s activities discreetly and remotely. With this spy phone android an iPhone, parents’ will know when something wrong is bound to happen and can aptly intervene.

How to monitor kids with Auto Forward

            Auto Forward is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and installation is as easy as 1,2,3.

            For iPhones:

  1. Enter the Apple ID and password of the target phone.
  2. Auto Forward will access and store data in their secure servers.
  3. Data can then be viewed by logging in to your secure online account.

For Android

  1. Download the software into the target phone
  2. Enter the license key received to begin data extraction.
  3. Start viewing data by logging in to your account.

Auto Forward is quite helpful as a monitoring software for parents. But its use is not only confined to this purpose. It can also be used to recover data in cases of lost, stolen or broken phones. Read user reviews on to know more about this software.

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The best phone spy apps is already available in town. It offers a lot of surveillance services that is most helpful in everyday activities for personal and business transactions.

AutoForward is a cell phone tracking application that is one of the best selling brands offering reliable spy application products. It offers service of great performance and which shows satisfaction from its product reviews. The application can also be purchased in an affordable price and is compatible with Apple and Android devices which works with various brands of devices.

Upon purchase, an email will be sent to you with your username, password, license key and download link together with detailed instruction on how to download and activate the software as well as how to do monitoring. After successful activation, you can start monitoring text messages, call logs, emails, social media activities and location via GPS.

How Auto Forward Works

With Auto Forward you are provided with a technology wise product. It has the following features and functions:

  • Read text messages and SMS
  • Listen to real time conversation, check call logs
  • Access to phone contacts
  • View photos and videos, both taken on the phone and received by the phone
  • Monitor social media activities and interactions
  • Track exact location of the device in the map via GPS

When to Use Auto Forward Spy App?

To spy on your children, spouse or employees you should learn how to bug a cell phone to monitor text messages and voice conversations. Auto Forward offers software that is compatible with any Operating System device, whether it’s Apple or Android device. It can be installed in a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Its purpose is to gather information needed as proof to confirm doubts, and to find an approach on how to deal with problems discovered. Based on the result of your monitoring, you can find solutions to your problems.

Parents can now track the location of their children, whether they are really in their school campus or somewhere else. Their cell phone can be monitored and their text messages can be read, their calls and conversations can be listened to, emails, voicemails, websites visited and social media activities can be monitored.

In case employers suspect their employees are doing something against the rules of the company they can spy on their employees exchange of text messages, voice conversations, emails and social media interactions whether they stay loyal to the company or they are planning something against the company. They can track the location of an employee assigned in the field, and the computer used in the office can be monitored whether they are doing something not related to work. It measures work productivity and employee’s attitude towards work.

Purchase a spy application from a reliable provider. Choose an affordable product, compatible with all devices, and provides good quality service.



Employers who are in dire need to monitor employees work performance ask, “Can you track a cell phone?” Granted how considerably essential this device is, not only to workers but for a majority of people notwithstanding age. It has admittedly been very useful in every business but it also has a downside of being a major distraction in the workplace.

This writing is purposely made to feed employers’ minds with ways as to how cell phone tracking is done using only the best spy apps of today!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Phones

Corporate phones have been provided to employees for an exclusive purpose that is to utilize it strictly for company related transactions only. Though it may not be necessary for every office, it has become a regular tool of business as owners aim to improve productivity while lessening costs. However, it does come with drawbacks.


  • Corporate phones enable relentless connectivity to employees thus keeping them connected to one another furthering efficiency throughout a day’s work. It also is a life-saver especially if the work is field related and matters that require urgent decisions occur.
  • It easier to keep track on employers’ activities as compared to allowing them to use personal phones wherein you have to worry if trade secrets or info leakages are made. This is made possible by tracker apps like Auto Forward. See website link: spy mobile free


  • It may distraught employees’ work-life balance as they entertain calls or messages outside of their work hours. And even do log-ins on social networking or any online sites.
  • It can be expensive.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how the company restricts certain apps or websites and how the employees abide by the rules.

How Tracking Works?

For employers who plan to invest in cell phone tracking apps, make sure first that the primary (employer’s or one who receives all information of target) and target phone (employees’) are equipped with a stable internet connection as transfer is done virtually; after which, employers need to download and install the tracking app of choice onto the corporate phones. It might take minutes but once done, tracking will begin instantly as info such as messages, calls, emails, location, browser history, recent searches and even social media posts are discreetly uploaded to the primary phone.

Note that free cell phone spy apps are in no way the same with paid apps like Auto Forward. The latter does not require untimely upgrades. It may have a price set, but being the ultimate back up and data extractor, makes it worth the value. Go over online reviews to have a run down on what app users have to say.


It takes a cell phone spy software for android to fully reassure teens’ safety nowadays. Given how defenseless they are in all aspects of its influences. Much of their time and thoughts are spent on its utilization which basically connotes to the imaginable amount of information present. As the device itself, can gain access to all of teenagers’ cell phone activities.

Extensive Spy Features

Most spy applications have promising features but quite a number would extensively deliver. One of which garnering hundreds of thousands (and counting) positive reviews online is Highster Mobile. It is a  monitor cell phone activity, to say the least. The provided link brings you to the cell phone tracking site where feedbacks can be found. The extensive features of this app includes accessing teens’ offline and online messages, incoming and outgoing calls, email, browser history, social media engagements and GPS location.

It also has search alert that prompts parents if ever programmed “dangerous” searches are made by teens. Even has the ability to capture real-time surroundings of teens via stealth camera.

So if ever teens get out of line, everything you need to know about their whereabouts will be reported to you. Young and gullible as they are, making new set of friends via Facebook might be considered one and the same as getting to know a complete stranger who happens to be an online predator. They will never realize that especially if are already start enjoying. It pays to know this stuff as you can better identify.

Highster Mobile does not only cater to parents in as much as this article speaks of it, it also works for business owners who see camera surveillances not enough in keeping track of workers’ performance.

Responsible User

There may be some parents who disagree with this set up of having to install best spyware for android phones or applications, but is it a breach of privacy when all you want is to reassure your teen’s safety, most especially considering her being underage and still within your supervision? Is it not a commonality among parents to do whatever it takes in order to protect children from ill-minded individuals that exists in real-life as well as online world?

At the end of the day it is just a matter of being a responsible user; when your agenda behind using the app is for the benefit of both parties, then good. But if it is simply to extract information out of curiosity on someone who is not even your child, worker or partner, then you are simply putting yourself falling into illegalities of cell phone spying.


Phone tracker spy app that is perfectly made to gather information for probing minds. When the situation calls for a serious investigation, the decision is always to hire a professional not until the discovery of Auto Forward. Continuous device innovation has handily made Auto Forward every parent or employer’s best friend.

Why Parent or Employer

Who else can legally do spying apart from these two? 

You very well know how a mother worries every time her teenage daughter goes home late after school. How she tries to question daughter’s drastic mood swings for her understanding but fails to because the teenager is so preoccupied with things involving gadget use. Conversations fail as the 15-year old prefers to shy away every time. It is mindboggling how she only spends most her time online almost forgetting what real interaction meant. These frustrating things, dealing with a juvenile, should be given a lot of effort so as not to worsen the circumstance.Device dependency has given every parent more reasons to utilize phone tracker spy apps to have access on child’s location, online doings (social media and web searches included) and all the rest phone activities.

Nonetheless, an employer who equipped employees with corporate devices has every right to use spy tracker apps to make sure patent security,product delivery and even customer service are well-accommodated. You may never know a competitor has hired an employee to spy on you. Data leakages could be done through texting, calling or email. Basing from this, an employer could identify who among the employees perform as expected.

How Is Info Gathered

Best Iphone Spy Software, just like any other phone tracker apps, can be installed on a cell phone or laptop with a secure internet connection. Information which consists of all cellular activities, are gathered via phone to phone. Parents could install it on their and child’s phone, same goes with employers to their employees. This works conveniently for both because despite being busy bees, they still have an idea regarding the undertakings of their supposed “target”.

Important Points About Auto Forward

Auto Forward is known to be the ultimate backup and data extractor. So using it instantly gives you an app that is a lost cell phone locator. The price is reasonable enough for every probing minds. It is compatible with iPhone and android devices. Your phone could either be water damaged, has broken parts, accidentally factory restored or has lost data and still nothing to fear because Auto Forward makes sure that cell phone data is never not recovered.

And watch out for any that search too-good to become true. Like anything, you'll find opportunists outthere looking to produce a quick buck with sloppy application. But a relatively inexpensive application shouldn’t halt you from obtaining the best and many effective functions, like GPS locator or even the ability to spy on text messages. These features must always be accessible on any decent cell phone spy app.


How to monitor a cell phone even without accessing it personally is now a reality with the help of a spy app software. With just one click, you can check on the activities of a target phone online. This gives you more freedom to track someone without them knowing about it.

Common Spy App Features Offered by Premium Brands

Premium brands usually have advanced tracking features which include the following:

  • Track text messages
  • Track call logs
  • Monitor emails
  • Monitor IM conversations on platforms such as Whatsapp, Viber, Line, WeChat, BBM, Hangouts and a whole lot more
  • Monitor social media messages and activities
  • Check phone contacts
  • Check phone location on the map
  • Monitor browser activities
  • Access target phone functions especially camera and ON/OFF button

Some highly advanced spy app brands can turn as cell phone listening devices and even offer playbacks of conversations especially those which have been missed during the time of call. Brands such as Highster Mobile, Auto Forward and CellSpyNow have these features.

Monitoring Target Devices Discreetly

There are many ways to monitor someone discreetly. Though it is highly encouraged by spy app brands for users to disclose the monitoring to the owner of the target device, there are still instances when there is a need to keep everything on an unobtrusive level.

  • Installation. Make sure that the brand of your choice comes with alternative installation options in case jailbreaking the device isn’t possible. In most cases, iCloud installation is offered especially for iPhones. 
  • Play Store details. Double check if the app is found in the App store under the label of “spy app” or “ monitoring app” which may be a huge blow to secrecy in case the target phone owner starts snooping.
  • Presence on the target phone. There are instances when the spy app might appear on the target phone on the list of running apps. A good brand leaves no trace.
  • Sounds and alerts. Read reviews about the brand of your choice. It shouldn’t come with weird noises during tracking as well as other alerts such as flickering of lights and the blinking of the phone screen even when left in idle mode. 
  • Battery and data. A good spy app brand shouldn’t drain too much battery from the target phone nor should it take too much data from the device. This could be an annoyance to the phone owner.

Auto Forward is a trusted name in the cell phone tracking industry. It is currently one of the key players in the field of cell phone monitoring that offers tracking packages for Android and Apple devices.


Businesses are now facing more and bigger financial burdens due to the prevalence of data breaches, but thanks to tools like phone cloning software and computer, the damage caused by malicious attacks can be minimized or even eliminated.

Aside from spending on detecting and fixing the effects of a data breach, it can also lead to lost business, which may also lead to lost jobs. In order to prevent this, employees need to do their part in securing their systems against cyber attacks.

Below some safe practices that will help employees thwart criminals:

1. Avoid reusing password.

Employees need to be made aware of the dangers of password re-use. They need to use a unique password for every system or account they access. Passwords should also be secure and strong because they are the first line of defense of any system.

A password manager is also ideal for managing passwords and for ensuring that every password used in different accounts is unique and strong.

2. Avoid clicking just any link.

By installing a smartphone spy app on employees' smartphones, business owners may know what websites are frequently visited by employees. This is an important step to strengthening the network security of the organization. Employees also need to avoid clicking links sent to them without inspecting what the link is.

3. Use secure Wi-Fi.

The problem with many of us is we tend to grab any opportunity to connect to the Internet even without making sure the Wi-Fi connection is a safe or secure one. What companies should do is invest in a personal VPN to encrypt the network traffic as its source before pushing it over a potentially compromised Wi-Fi network. Again, employees need to be informed about the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks using the devices where confidential company data is stored.

4. Mind the content of their devices.

Data breach is very common because thieves know that important and confidential information is being stored on mobile phones. If you don't want the security of your network and data to be compromised, then you need to be mindful of what you actually store on your devices.

Make sure that you have a backup system for all your data just in case something happens in the future. Consider using phone cloning software for this purpose.

What not many business owners realize is that cell phone spy equipment can also be used to protect their systems from hackers. By installing Auto Forward on workers' cell phones, all information stored in them is backed up and can easily be wiped out in case there is a threat of breach. Cell phone spy apps are effective not only in monitoring employee productivity, but also in securing business data.


A GPS tracking software offered by a phone monitoring app is the latest trend in the world of amateur spying. It has already proven its benefits to various people all over the world and it continues to do more for those who purchased it.

Monitoring and Surveillance

People have come to realize that spying on someone by hiring a private investigator is not only a risky step but can also be very expensive and will require paying for any additional expenses incurred during the investigation.

But now, through the help of this GPS tracking software, tracking a target device is not that difficult anymore. By having the appropriate choice in the wide array of brands to select from, quality service is guaranteed. You can freely keep track of a person no matter when and where they are as long as you have an internet connection.

Also, you would be able to obtain any personal information that you want to know through the real-time updates of this tracking software.

More About Spy Apps

One of the most popular features of this phone tracking app is its cutting-edge GPS tracking software that can show the location of literally any object that has hardware or software for receiving a satellite radio signal.

This simply means that once the mobile unit has been installed with a paid or free remote spyware for cell phones, it can be tracked no matter how near or far the person is. It is a highly sensitive tracking system that gives any person specific location and distances of the mobile unit.

Other Information That Can Be Tracked

Normally, in order to free spy on cell phone without installing software, you can only check basic information including text messages and calls. A premium package on the other hand offers extensive monitoring benefits includingpersonal data such as:

  • text messaging history
  • call logs
  • web viewing data
  • contacts
  • inboxes on various social media sites
  • photos or videos shared online

In addition, higher caliber spy app brands offer the power to listen to actual phone conversations done on the mobile device.

If you are still in doubt on the possible services you can get from this monitoring software, you can try to look for a free trial online in order to know how to track a cell phone for free. This simple step could be a huge move to change your life’s perspective on spy apps.

Auto Forward is a powerful tracking app which works on both Android and Apple devices. It offers extensive tracking and surveillance benefits for both personal and business use.

phone monitor, phone spy tracker, sms spy

Using a phone spy tracker can help you reduce the mental burden and eventually help you achieve better measures when operating your business. Running  a company can be challenging. There are important things you need to keep in mind especially when operating on a bigger scale in managing your employees and ensuring that your clients get the best services you have to offer.

What Is a Phone Spy Tracker?

A phone spy tracker comes with many names and labels. It is also known as phone spy app, a mobile spyware or a mobile phone monitoring software.

Its function is to fetch data coming from a target phone and relay all this information to a secure portal. This portal keeps all the data and compiles it for viewing. Also, certain commands and functions can be accessed on this location.

The Main Advantage

The main benefit of using a phone monitor app is remote surveillance and monitoring. There is no need to personally access or touch the target phone in order to get the information needed. Except during the installation phase where there is a need to personally install the software on the target phone (as required by certain spy app brands), everything else can be done remotely.

Phone Spy Apps for Business

There are many situations wherein you can attain the full benefits of using a phone spy app. When used for the right reasons, it can greatly improve the overall performance, professionalism and quality of services rendered in the workplace.

Here are some situations you can benefit from as a business owner.

  • Monitor text messages sent and received on the company phone. A SMS spy tracker can give you an idea if someone from your employees is using the company phone for reasons outside of work.
  • Check call logs. You can check call usage and determine if these are utilized in context to work. Plus, you can regulate company phone bills and maintain a level of phone usage and consumption.
  • Secure company documents and files. You can check if classified documents are kept within work boundaries. This prevents breach of data among your employees.
  • Monitor goods and services. With the help of a GPS tracking system, you will be able to know the status of your goods and services especially when it comes to deliveries.
  • Uphold professionalism in the workplace. You can check your employees for proper conduct according to their tasks and responsibilities. This lessens the occurrence of gross and malicious behaviours that may be reflected on the company phone.

Auto Foward is a professional mobile monitoring app that has been around for years in providing services to individuals and companies. It offers various tracking options for iPhone and Android users.