Cell phone monitoring apps, otherwise known as spy apps or mobile phone spyware, are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the numerous benefits they are capable of giving to the user. One of the most important features of spy apps include the ability to monitor someone’s mobile activities remotely – with or without the owner knowing about it.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Spy mobile apps may either come as free trial options (which normally lasts for 3 to 7 days) or as premium packages. With the latter, you may choose from a flexible payment plan which may take in the form of a one-time fee or in most cases, a monthly installation type.

Free trial options only offer basic tracking services inclusive to texts or calls. This gives potential users the chance to have a feel and experience of how monitoring takes place. Premium packages on the other hand offer extensive tracking services.

Different Forms of Installation

There are different forms of installation offered by different brands but the most common type includes personal access to the target phone during this initial phase. Just as long as the OS version of the phone falls into the category covered by a specific spy app brand, then installing the app on the phone takes around minutes to complete. 

However, in case the OS version is not covered, there is a need to jailbreak the phone. This can be a disadvantage for some, the reason why some of the best spy apps offer Cloud installation as another alternative.

Cloud Installation

Cloud installation requires the Cloud username and password of the target phone owner. With this kind of installation, the spy app software is downloaded to the Cloud platform and all details of the target phone is then inputted into the system. Once all required data has been verified and approved by the system, tracking can then commence.

Features to Keep in Mind

Knowing the most advanced features offered by specific spy app brands gives you better edge when it comes to getting the information you want to track.

Commonly, information that can be obtained by a powerful spy app brand include the following:

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Messages on Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, WeChat, etc.
  • Phone browser activity
  • Social media activity, messages and calls
  • Phone media gallery
  • Phone location (with the use of a GPS tracking system)

Make sure to read reviews about a certain spy app brand of your choice. Lastly, verify local rules and use proper discretion when using a spy app software to free yourself from future legal implications.

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