If you think that using a cell phone tracker to monitor employees will have negative effects on their performance and loyalty to the organization, think again! According to studies, employee monitoring systems, including computer and cell phone tracking, are effective in reducing wasted time at work.

But of course, keeping your workers motivated is not limited to using a spy phone app. As a business owner, there are other things you can do to urge your team to work to their fullest potential. To be a good motivator and a better leader, use the following tactics:

a. Communicate Better

It's a must that you make sure your employees understand what's expected of them. Let them know what their job is as well as your expectations. For new employees, it may be necessary to reiterate such expectations on a daily basis. Avoid being vague or generalizing. Be specific so that your team will know what they are supposed to do.

b. Train Your Employees

Find time to give your employees training on how business is done. Have a training process in place so that every new employee goes through the same quality training. This will be time-consuming at first, of course, but all your effort will certainly pay off.

c. Believe in Your People

Your employees make mistakes not because they want to piss you off or to make your business fail. They are human beings so committing mistakes is inevitable. But this shouldn't make you think that they do not mean well for your business. Good leaders make their people feel they trust them and believe in their capacity.

d. Never Forget to Appreciate Them

Even if you're using a cell phone spy to monitor your employees, they wouldn't take it against you if you know how to give recognition where it's due. It's important for leaders to value the contributions of their employees because even the simplest gestures of gratitude and appreciation can go a long way in keeping workers inspired.

e. Provide a Comfortable Workplace

You can't expect your employees to be efficient and happy with their work if their offices are a mess and uncomfortable. You need to invest in their wellbeing as well if you want to benefit from their job satisfaction and loyalty. Give them a workplace that will give them a sense of pride.

f. Be More Approachable

Implementing an employee monitoring system like using a cell phone spy does make you a scary boss, and it's not always good for your business. You need to make yourself more approachable. Encourage your people to ask questions, make suggestions, or raise an opinion because at the end of the day, it is your business that can benefit from this kind of collaboration.

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