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Are you looking for a remote cell phone spy so you can monitor your kids or your employees? Spying on others may not be the nicest thing to do and it can be pretty awkward if you get caught. However, in today’s advanced world, spying is done with the best intentions in mind.

Parents usually give their children mobile phones so they can stay connected, especially busy working moms and dads. And, employers provide their workers with company phones for ease of contact and transactions. But because of these readily available devices, others tend to take advantage and use it for more than its purpose.

Kids use their mobile phones for all sorts of activities that distract them from their studies and they are often exposed to inappropriate things. They may even be lured into doing something dangerous and be victims of crimes. Employees, on the other hand, use their company given phones to do something out of work. They also get distracted and waste time on the job on something else. This is why parents and employers turn to spy apps. Monitoring kids and employees are easily done with the use spyware. There are some that offer free phone spy software. Let’s take a look at one of the best spy apps in today’s market.


Auto Forward is the ultimate backup and data extractor that works well on both Apple and Android devices. Its features include:

  • No jailbreak needed for iPhones.
  • It can recover all messages, call history, and contacts even if these get deleted.
  • It gives you access to pictures, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games and other data that may be lost or deleted.
  • It has no monthly fees but has free lifetime upgrades with just a one-time payment.

How is AutoForward Installed

  • For Android devices, all you have to do is:
  1. Download the software on the device you want to get data from
  2. Activate data extraction by entering the license key given
  3. Log in to your account to see the data retrieved
  • For iPhones, three easy steps are done.
  1. Enter the Apple ID and password of the phone you want monitored
  2. Auto Forward will then do the work of extracting data
  3. Log in to your account to view all that extracted data

Auto Forward is not only for the monitoring purpose of parents and employers. It can also be a great help to people who make use of their devices to store important data as data can be recovered easily. Just try Auto Forward’s cell phone spy free trial and see what I mean.

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