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As they would say, never underestimate the power of a woman to know about anything. Well this has been proven to be true because a woman’s ability to know even the tiniest details of your life might just beyond your common understanding. Hence, there is no denying the fact that any wife would be able to spy on husband’s cell phone in the future especially when they ‘feel’ something fishy is going on.

According to various journals and magazines, in a particular relationship, females would commonly discover a suspicious act of their significant other through their high sense of perception and gut feeling. It is an instant sense that a woman typically possesses. Relationship experts would say that this is one quality of a female that she might be able to carry until she indulges herself in a relationship, get engaged and eventually get married. 

Spy Apps on a Married Life

Perhaps, marriage is one of the most complicated and challenging relationships ever to maintain. Many trials and obstacles will come to a husband and wife’s life trying to test their love and commitment for each other. And as a married life passes by, there will come a time when the other partner would find and look for necessary measures just to make sure that both are faithful to each other.

Now this is where an Android or iPhone spy app comes in handy. A cell phone monitoring software will enable wives to spy on the phone activities of their husbands 24/7 as long as there is an internet connection. Also, with the help of a GPS tracking system found on these spy apps, wives would be able to keep track of their husband’s whereabouts. This advanced tracking system gives fast and specific location and distance in just one click. A lot of married women have been highly acclaiming on the benefits of these spy apps especially in saving their marriages. They claimed that an abrupt solution for the lesser ‘spark’ of their marriage life was found through the help of a monitoring software.

Other essential information you can get from a cheap cell phone spy software are text messaging histories, call logs, contacts, iMessages, web viewing data and photos or videos shared online. All of these things are important for an individual to know especially when putting to pieces all the evidences that have been gathered. For women, this can serve as a good tool in checking the activities of their spouses and leaving appropriate measures to save and resolve the marriage.

AutoForward is a powerful mobile monitoring app for both commercial and personal use. It continues to be one of the most competitive apps in today’s market with extensive tools for monitoring and surveillance.

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Cell phone monitoring is making a name where effectiveness and efficiency are mainly concerned. Cell phone spy for free do not only help a person monitor a loved one but also maintain another person’s safety and security. How do you select the best cell phone monitoring software for you? Is this spy app worth the try? All of these questions that you have been asking yourself will be answered through this article.

How to Rightfully Select a Spy App

It is a given fact that there is a wide array of cell phone monitoring brands sold in the market today. But in order for you to select the iPhone spy app, you need to first consider the compatibility of such software. There are apps that are only compatible with Android devices. There are also those that work on both Android and iOS units. Just be sure to rightfully choose the one that is compatible to your target phone so that your money will not go to waste.

Second thing you have to consider is the suitability of the cell phone monitoring software for your taste. Some of the factors that you should consider under this category are the price, features and availability. These iPhone and spy on a cell phone for free from computer apps are essentially sold at very reasonable prices. But you have to carefully weigh all the pros and cons of each brand looking through different online testimonials or feedbacks as well as word of mouth.

Typically, a cell phone monitoring software offers the person the power to monitor text messaging history, call logs, web viewing history, contacts, GPS location and photos or videos shared online. However, other premium brands offer the ability to retrieve deleted messages and images as well as listening to phone conversations done over the phone. Just imagine the power you can obtain of having such spy app.

How About Legality?

Lastly, you need to consider the legalities of having cell phone monitoring in your town or city. You may be able to do this by contacting a local information officer regarding the legitimacy of a cell phone monitoring software because it might be illegal to do the spying or monitoring under the rules of law. Always remember that necessary precautions must always be taken into account especially on situations wherein a private aspect of a person’s life is involved.

Auto Forward is a highly-advanced tracking app for Android and Apple devices. It has countless features that make it one of the most essential tools for monitoring and surveillance.

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If ever you have that gut feeling that your relationship is not going steady, then you might be pushed to do something about it. It would be the most perfect time to stop, ponder and reflect on the numerous ways in order to save your relationship. In order to save the special connectionyou have with a certain person, you need to work together and figure out the possible reasons as to why a problem is surfacing. And one of the known solutions in order to save a relationship is through the help of a cell phone monitoring software that will teach you spy on a cell phone for free from computer – especially that of your partner.

The Pros and Cons of Spy Apps

This spy cell phone software is a common question known to different individuals who are yet undecided and confused as to the need of using a cell phone monitoring software when tracking someone. 

Once you have finished the whole process of downloading and installing the software, you will be directed to an online dashboard where you will know all the activities being done by the mobile phone. You will be able to retrieve information such as text messaging histories, call logs, GPS locations, photos or videos shared online as well as the phone’s web viewing history. All of these is available at the online portal of the spy app which can be accessed on any device (be it on a computer, tablet or another mobile phone) just as long as there is internet connection.

How Can This Affect Your Relationship?

Obtaining the text messaging history and call logs will allow you to check who the phone user is coming in contact with. Commonly, it is a given fact that when you are in a relationship, the people you are trying to get in touch with should also be familiar with your partner in order to avoid trust issues coming up. This will ensure the trust and honesty you both built in a relationship is still there.

GPS locations are also important in knowing the specific location and distance of the mobile phone. Through the help of the advanced GPS tracking system feature, you would be able to know the whereabouts of your partner which can help you verify the truth of his or her reasons when going out. You could also get hold of all the photos and videos sent online as well as web viewing histories in order to monitor your partner’s phone activities.

But as soon as your partner finds out there is a spying or monitoring happening, a possible problem might surface. These coined softwares known as cell phone spy for free apps should involve proper and thorough explanation as to the reason why there is a need for it in the first place. It should be emphasized that the monitoring is mainly done in order to save the relationship you both worked hard for years.

Auto Forward is cellphone monitoring software that comes with extensive tracking features that works in both Android and Apple devices. It is currently one of the top-performing spy softwares in the tracking and monitoring industry.


According to study, the number of employees who waste company time by using social media just keeps on increasing, which is one of the main reasons employers are learning how to spy text messages on cell phones for free. They do this not only to monitor the text messaging habits of their employees, but their Internet surfing and social media habits as well.

People have differing opinions about the use of cell phones spy in the workplace. For workers, it is considered unfair and unreasonable, but for most business owners, it is a necessity to ensure workplace productivity and efficiency.

If you are planning to implement this kind of system in your company to motivate your workers to work better and harder, perhaps it would help also if you could explain to them your rules for social media at work.

Things to Remember When Using Social Media in the Workplace

Never Take Advantage of the Company's Lack of Social Media Policy

Social media is a relatively new platform, which is why many companies are yet to enforce a strict policy for social media use among employees. That's why employees are free to use social media leisurely without being reprimanded.

Have a Sense of Self-Control in Using Social Media

You may need to remind your employees that if they don't want any cell phone spy software remote install on their devices, they should practice discipline in using the Internet and social media. They should always remember that just because nobody's regulating their social media use doesn't mean they are allowed to waste all their time on it.

Wasting Company Time on Social Media is Wasting Company Money

Employees should realize that every minute wasted means profit lost for the company. They need to care about it because it is the company that provides them with employment. It is also every worker's responsibility to make sure that he or she contributes to the company's success and shouldn't be the reason for its loss.

Workers Are Paid to Work, Not to Be Active on Social Media

Workers should be reminded that they are being paid for every second they are in the workplace. They are faithfully paid by their employers, so they should also keep up their side of the bargain. Also, if they don't want to be in danger of losing their jobs, they need to be more sincere in fulfilling their roles in the organization.

Social Media Must Be for Work-Related Use Only

Companies are now making use of social media to boost their brand. Thus, when employees are allowed to use it in the workplace, it should only be for business use. The good thing about Auto Forward cell phone spy is that it helps business owners know exactly how employees are using social media when they are at work.

cell phone spyware helps millennial's protect their privacy.

Cybersecurity has been an issue since the advent of the computers. Due to sites like Facebook and Twitter American society has lowered not only their standard of privacy but also inhibitions about who we share personal information with.

Prior generations were adamant about keeping a tight check on revealing personal data. To people of my grandparents' generation it was a faux pas to even ask what neighborhood you lived in, let alone a store making an unsolicited request for name, phone and email to put on their mailing list. To them, personal information was supposed to be freely given not drawn out.

Not the case for millennials. They Facetime, YouNow, and Instagram every detail of their life.I don’t blame them entirely. Not when advertisers and marketing executives, who immediately recognized the value in getting people to open up, made it hip to do so. They were extremely successful at making it the new norm to share. With the lure of coupons and 10% off our initial purchase we naively handed over emails and our privacy.

At the grocery checkout, the bookstore, the pharmacy, or even when we are just buying a cup of coffee we are bombarded with request to share our personal information and we do, tenfold. We sign up for newsletters, websites, and social media.

Is it simply that we are looking to connect? To feel relevant? That we matter? We broadcast our name, where we live, family history, sickness, vacations, pets, products we like, favorite music, recently watched movies on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing our story with anyone who is out there.

But even with all this sharing psychologist say the millennials are the loneliest generation in history.

A fact I can attest to. As a high school coach I've watched teenage girls have pretend conversations on their cellphones just to avoid awkward social situations. Bus rides are no longer filled with noisy banter and laughter, but silence, except for the sounds of fingers tapping lightly on keypads.

We recently moved to a new city. We haven’t even had a chance to meet our neighbors yet, but really, do I need to? Not if I’m just hoping to uncover a little info about them. A little dirt. A light back ground check just to make sure they aren't criminals or drug lords. I don't need to meet them to do that. Nope. All I need to do is a basic search. Thanks to county records I can uncover their name, address and phone number. Once I have that uncovering anything else is child's play. In minutes I can find out where they work, who they are married to, if they have children, if they are on social media. So, why take the time to knock on the door and introduce myself? Why when I can find everything I want to know about my neighbors in minutes without any awkward small talk. It's easy but it shouldn't be.

So is it any wonder that social media users are more frequently becoming victims of crime? In fact social media related crime is up 780% in the last four years! 


Harassment, sexual offenses, stalking, fraud and burglary, to name a few. The latest trend are thieves targeting vacationing social media users. Checking Facebook status’ is becoming the new way to case a house. Even the police will attest, we are sharing too much. With Autoforward cell phone monitoring, some of that privacy can finally be protected.

cell phone monitoring software can prevent a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Ellen Pao has been prominently discussed in the news lately. If you haven’t heard of her or are unclear about her story, Pao was the venture capital junior partner who filed a $16 Million lawsuit against her employers for gender discrimination.

While Pao’s case didn’t turn into a multi-million-dollar liability for her former firm, employees sue their companies all the time, and many win large financial judgments. Part of Pao’s case and one of the complaints in many of these lawsuits is for unlawful termination. And while unlawful termination can be a legitimate problem and one that can arise in disreputable and exploitive companies, most companies try to avoid terminating employees for a variety of ethical and legal reasons.

While the ethics of terminating an employee are complex and must be weighed on a case by case basis, the legality is fairly consistent. Most American employees are working on an “at will employment” basis, which means that they have little protection from termination. Their rights are few and their expectation to keep their jobs indefinitely are questionable. However, terminating an employee due to their social, racial, religious or sexual orientations or for being a member of any of a number of protected classes is never permissible.

In many cases, maybe including Pao’s a person who as been terminated for anything other than the clearest of cause reasons can file suit and have a reasonable chance of winning a large settlement from their employer. If the employee can prove to a jury that there was a 51% chance that their inclusion in a minority group has ANY bearing on the decision to terminate them, their employer can be liable and the damages can be considerable.

One means to combat this risk would be to be able to provide a clear and irrefutable “cause” when it becomes necessary to terminate an employee. If a company wants to implement this extra layer of protection, a Cell phone monitoring software package can help.

Modern cell phone monitoring software does three interesting things:

  • It logs all the internet sites employees visit and apps they use on their device
  • It logs the complete details and content of the emails they send and receive
  • It tracks the content and recipients of text messages sent and receive

All this information is included in a dedicated log, the employer can save and maintain indefinitely.

When combined with an effectively-written cell phone and mobile device policy, this capability to monitor an employee’s every communication and activity they take on a company mobile device can provide the backup an employer needs to defuse a potential lawsuit.

For example, a company hires a new employee, provides them with a company electronic device and monitors its activity with a cell phone tracking software package. The company’s policy clearly states what is permissible under this policy and that breaking it can lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination. Over the next year, the employee repeatedly breaks this policy.

After a year, the company decides the employee isn’t meeting expectations and decides that termination is necessary. When terminating the employee, their repeated breaking of the mobile device policy is one of the contributing factors listed in their termination documentation. Whatever other reasons the company cites, like poor performance or absenteeism, the breaking of this policy, as evidenced by information tracked, logged, and permanently archived from their cell phone tracking software, proves that their termination was clearly justified based on the mobile device policy alone.

Even if this employee wants to file a wrongful termination lawsuit, their ability to do so and be successful is significantly impeded by this clear evidence of malfeasance.