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Curious on how to spy on a cell phone and what applications best provide good quality spyware? Using a spyware carries responsibility in doing monitoring activities over other cell phones. It is highly recommended to parents in monitoring their children’s mobile and online activities. It is not advisable for those who just want to spy on any other persons just to gather information and stalk. Primarily, the software is downloaded for its main functions in gathering important information. Mostly are interested only on reading text messages, listening to phone conversations, and checking private chat messages because secrets are discovered from private conversations. Get to know the most prominent features of a phone spy application and what information are gathered.

Read Text and Chat Messages

For teenagers, text and chat conversations are commonly used for secretly talking about crushes, the latest fashion trends, and some teenage shows on tv. Normally they talk about stuffs regarding school, friends, vacation, fashion and crushes. But when it comes to weird behavior, peer pressure, social withdrawal and poor school performance, parents can start spying on their children’s conversation to know whether some secrets can give a hint to the root cause of the problem.

Listen to Real Time Conversation

The software can also be called a cell phone tapping software that allows you to listen to voice conversations and gather information over the phone secretly. Real time conversation can be monitored to know what your child’s frustrations and disappointments are and why he or she keeps mum about the problems at school or at home. Parents just want to make sure their children’s safety and good future. A spy application is a must have. Autoforward can be an option for the best spy application. It is a reliable product which is proven and tested by many users.

Check Online Activities

Online gaming can be addictive and can be a factor of poor academic performance. Teens are often the victims of online gaming that could be costly and could influence negatively to a teen’s behavior. Pornographic sites can just pop up when browsing a site, making it more accessible for minors to visit it. When you can monitor the device used by your teens, you can right away alert him or her.

Parents can be paranoid at times because they simply want to protect their children from cyber problems. Parents should do some research and gather information on the spy gadgets for cell phones and learn its value, advantages, circumstances in using it, and the relationship you build with your children. Try the spy app and be able to manage your teen’s mobile activities.

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Parents nowadays are one of the top users of android monitoring software. Who can blame them when children are mostly preyed upon by crazy sex offenders, online criminals and are easily swayed by bad influences? They use it for a noble cause, to protect their children.

In this crazy, technology driven world, however, it is a bit mind-boggling that there are some people who are still new and uncomfortable with the use of gadgets. Take my parents, for example. All they do with their mobile devices is texting and calling. Now, what if non-tech savvy persons want to utilize a smartphone spy to keep track of their kids? No problem. Easy and user-friendly Auto Forward is the monitoring software that is great for beginners.

What is Auto Forward

Auto Forward is the best when it comes to backup and data extractor software. It can easily retrieve messages in a phone even though it is already removed. This is quite handy with children being so suspicious and secretive and deleting everything at once when they are up to no good. With Auto Forward parents can track who their children are talking to and hanging out with. Even their locations can be easily placed in a map through GPS. All data stored on their phones are accessible by parents. This include contacts, call history, photos, videos, browser history, social media activity and even downloaded apps and games played. Phones’ cameras can also be used by parents to take pictures of their kids’ surroundings. These features are very useful in monitoring children’s activities discreetly and remotely. With this spy phone android an iPhone, parents’ will know when something wrong is bound to happen and can aptly intervene.

How to monitor kids with Auto Forward

            Auto Forward is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and installation is as easy as 1,2,3.

            For iPhones:

  1. Enter the Apple ID and password of the target phone.
  2. Auto Forward will access and store data in their secure servers.
  3. Data can then be viewed by logging in to your secure online account.

For Android

  1. Download the software into the target phone
  2. Enter the license key received to begin data extraction.
  3. Start viewing data by logging in to your account.

Auto Forward is quite helpful as a monitoring software for parents. But its use is not only confined to this purpose. It can also be used to recover data in cases of lost, stolen or broken phones. Read user reviews on to know more about this software.

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Cell phone owners these days are getting younger and younger, and parents of these young phone owners are investing in a mobile phone monitoring software to keep their children safe. It is not only the outside environment that is dangerous anymore. The internet is quite unsafe as well. And we all know that children are mostly online when they are facing their gadgets.

The Dangers of the Mobile Age

In this age where almost everyone has a cell phone in their hands and connect online all the time, cyber crimes sky rocket. It was only cyber bullying that was associated with the online world before, but now, different crimes are being committed with social media sites as their platform.

Social media has been quite popular with kids for years and there is no sign of it waning from children’s interest these days. It is even increasing in popularity, contrary to what parents hoped for. With the increasing exposure of kids to this type of activity, they forget actual contact with people and other activities requiring their healthy movement. They get to do what they want to do in the confine of their rooms. This is quite unhealthy and predisposes a person to different illness.

How to Secretly Monitor Kids

Children, being naturally curious and active, are very hard to watch over and guide. Guardians get easily exasperated especially when these young ones aren’t in their sights. Crimes involving children are quite rampant these days, after all. And if they aren’t under the watchful eye of their parents, who knows what kind of mischief they can come up with.

This is where spy apps get useful. The ultimate backup and data extractor, Auto Forward, for one, is a software that can retrieve data from a target phone even when these data get deleted. That is on top of the basic features of a spy app. It is a text and call spy in one. It also enables parents to spy on their children’s phone activity by enabling access to contacts, call history, photos, videos, GPS location, app files, social media, browser history and all other data stored in the phone. And these can all be done even when kids are away and they wouldn’t even know they are being spied on. Because of these features, parents can easily keep track of their young ones. And when something suspicious comes up, restrictions can be done.

Parents looking for the perfect app to monitor their children can make use of Auto Forward’s free phone spy trial for a limited time. It comes with all the features so users can evaluate its effectiveness thoroughly.

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A modern way of tracking someone is by the use of a spy phone software. It is the new tool for surveillance activities. It can monitor text messages, phone conversations, social media activities, and all applications downloaded in the smartphone including phone contacts, photos, or videos. By simply downloading a spy software and activating in a device, you can now start monitoring the device.

Keep Children Safe and Monitor Cell Phone Activities

When traces of harm is present in the community, we often get paranoid and don’t want to leave our loved ones at home or school. It is useful for parents who are busy with their work and find no time to keep an eye to their children when they are not together. Children at school can be prone to danger from people around, natural disaster, and cyberporn or cyberbullying. At times, children are starting to be secretive and parents are worried they can be with the wrong persons or might be doing something behind parents’ back without being cautious. For peace of mind and safety purposes, a remote phone spy can be used to check on their children’s activities.

Track Down Employees’ Work Progress

A business can be protected with effective human resource tracking and secured data. For an office to run its business transactions effectively, equipments and devices are provided. This can be used to monitor employees’ work performance and track work related activities. It can be used to track all activities of the computer or laptop used by employees, and spy on text messages and phone conversations of employees in the cell phones provided by the company. There are employees who have lost interest in the advocacy of the company, or employees with negative attitude that could put the company’s reputation at risk. These are employees who need to be monitored to gather information as proof of disloyalty to the company.

Recover Lost or Stolen Device

The mobile tracking software is also useful in tracking down lost or stolendevices. When installed in a device, this application can be used to look for your stolen smartphone via GPS. It also tracks your child if he or she is really within school premises. And it monitors your employees who are assigned in the field.

AutoForward is a product provider that offers best technology for tracking and monitoring. It also offers good quality service for data backup and storage.Inquire now to know more information about spy phones and its various unique features.

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The ultimate backup and data extractor, Auto Forward is one of the best tools that spy on iPhone without installing software. It is most commonly used for retrieving lost information since it can successfully recover all data that may have been deleted, got lost or damaged, or is inaccessible on an Apple device. However, it also has powerful spying features and is also compatible with Android gadgets.

Features on iPhone

As an iPhone extractor and data recovery software, AutoForward can recover all messages (iMessages, SMS, chats on apps), GPS location, calls, photos and videos, notes and other data from iTunes and iCloud backup. This is extremely helpful if someone lost or damaged their iPhone or got it stolen. Important data can easily be extracted from the inaccessible device.

Moreover, it has a no jailbreak feature and no access to the target phone is needed. You will only need the Apple ID and password for it to work. Once these info are entered, AutoForward will access data on the device and send it to their secure servers. The user has to log in to the account before he or she can access all the data.

This software works on all Apples devices. Skeptical consumers can try this phone tracking free 7-day trial period and have access to all the features.

Features on Android

With Android devices, Auto Forward can recover all messages, detailed call logs, calendar events and memos, contacts, photos and videos taken and sent, GPS location, app files and other data stored on a target phone. Users with broken Android gadgets, failed OS update or those who deleted vital data can really benefit from this software.

This spyware only needs a few minutes of access to the target phone so the software can be downloaded onto it. A license key is received after download which is then entered for activation. Once activated, the user must log in to the account to start getting data.

All these features come with the free trial period that consumers can evaluate.

Consumers get all these features, whether on iPhone or Android, for only $19.99/month. Although AutoForward does not have Geo-fencing features, as well as Viber and BBM, it is overall, a perfect software for the average person’s needs. More advanced spy software can be a risk to a user’s confidentiality, after all, as some cell spy stealth reviews show.

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People with monitoring responsibilities prefer to utilize spy apps for phones given how digitally influenced everything seems today. Gone are the times where people in dire need of information from another seek for professional help (e.i investigator). Good thing innovators and brilliant minds continuously create such convenient applications that make use of everyone’s well-loved gadget, cell phone and its “ride or die”, internet. 

The sole purpose of this article is to guide you on legit spy apps being sold in the market. There are way too many iphone spy software without access to phone yet only a few offer extensity and actually walk the talk.

What to Consider in Looking for Spy Apps

You do not just go barge into purchasing without looking at specifics, right? This is exactly true with spy apps. For money and effort’s worth you have to consider things listed below in looking for apps:


Free stuff is good but how disappointing would that be if it suddenly crashes out of nowhere? Same goes with spy apps working virtually from installation down to info collection and transmittal. Imagine having serious monitoring and a ‘click here to upgrade’ prompts in the midst of it all! Workable spy apps come with a price; a reasonable one so to speak. It usually ranges from $30 monthly or $70 annually without necessary upgrade and additional fees.


In looking for spy apps, make sure that your choice has extensive features. Capable of accessing EVERY phone activity! A specific app that had caught everyone’s attention recently is AutoForward, a spy on phone app that is capable of monitoring and recovering lost data. It is like an in-one app that doubles user’s convenience and totally shy away worries of important data deleted in unfortunate situations.

Visit Auto Forward’s website for additional info:


This is to guarantee that company is serious on adhering customer needs before and after purchase. Having a readily available customer service guarantees its legitimacy.


See app user’s reviews to set your expectations straight and to verify whether or not product website does as promoted. Obviously, the more good reviews an app has the legit it is considered to be.

Top 3 Legit Spy Apps To Look Out!

  1. AutoForward ($29.99/monthly)
  2. Highster Mobile ($29.99/monthly)
  3. SurePoint Spy ($29.99/monthly)

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Having a spy program in your household is already a total package. It entitles you to do a lot of things: easy access on a person’s phone activity, discreet spying, location and distance detection and other advanced special features such as live call recording.

Mobile monitoring apps or spy apps have been considered as complete surveillance tools for any kind of devices: whether you are an iPhone or Android user. However, its main use focuses on parental responsibilities.

Yes, whether you’ll believe this or not, spy on phone free can be a great contributing factor in order to properly manage and guide your children as they grow up. As a child hits the adolescent stage, their curiosity is at its peak. For this reason, this article is dedicated to all parents who are having problems all throughout the years regarding their child’s welfare and development.

How Is It Applicable to Your Child?

  • SMS/MMS monitoring. This kind of monitoring software is a perfect application for children below 12 years old. As we all know, children these days are so proficient with technology, so spy apps would be ideally used for a rigid and constant monitoring of your child’s mobile activity and whereabouts. Any child could keep in touch with someone in just a matter of one text without thinking about the possible danger or harm. It is a normal occurrence too that parents would be anxious about the places where their kids go, so by having a complete and detailed information on the inbox, outbox, sent and deleted messages provided by spy apps, it would be easier to keep track of your child’s status.
  • Live Call Recording. This is one of the advanced features offered by spy apps especially when you have purchased a premium brand. This monitoring software has a built-in recorder that automatically records all the incoming and outgoing calls happening on the target device. The great thing about this is the fact that the targeted user and caller would not be able to know that the call is being recorded. This is what they call as the power of secrecy. Through this live call recording, you would be able to keep your child away from the alarming and increasing juvenile crimes in the country. Suspects are easier to detect through this feature.
  • Web Viewing Data. Last but not the least, since children are naturally curious and have a quick access to the virtual world, that means they can also be entering malicious or pornographic sites easily. By being able to check on your child’s web viewing data, you can prevent access of your child to the world of pornography.

Remote cell spy have plenty of other features but the ones mentioned above have the key purposes to help you secure your child’s welfare both in the virtual and real world. Make sure to read reviews of the spy app brand of your choice to get the best value for your money.

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Remotely spying on others is very much possible now with the introduction of cell phone spying devices. Watching spy movies always gives us the thrill and some of us want to try being spies in real life, especially people who worry over their loved ones and their work. Monitoring others is now a widespread occurrence and is even done discreetly.

Spying on your children

Monitoring children is quite challenging. This generation of young ones are always on the move, with their friends, school and even work. They rarely stay at home, within the vision of their parents who always has their safety in mind. Keeping kids safe at home with adults around is already hard, how much more when they are far from their guardians? And with crime rates hitting all time high, worry has doubled. Parents want to know what their children are doing, where they are going and who they are with. They also want to probe the internet activity of these youngsters so they would not be victims of cyber crimes. Thanks to the incredible progress in technology, parents can now monitor cell phone activity without installing software on their children’s phones. They can also keep track of their kids’ location as well as their communication activity.

Undercover job in the workplace

Being an employer requires great responsibility. Delegation of work has to be done effectively to ensure getting the job done. And supervision of workers must be maintained. However, employers can’t always be with their employees. They can only know if workers are competent if the job was done right. But how will employers know if members of their staff are slacking off, wasting company resources and even divulging confidential information? That’s where spyware comes in. With these tools, employers can keep track of their employees’ activities. Having a cell phone spy app for android and iPhone is reasonably helpful. Efficiency in the workplace will be monitored and will improve significantly.

Auto Forward, the ultimate backup and data extractor

Spyware for cell phones has become such a necessity for people with a lot of suspicions and worry. It is very important for them to allay their fears and put their minds at ease or confirm their doubts. Software that help them spy on their loved ones and personnel are much appreciated. Auto Forward is one such software. It is a recovery software for both iPhone and android. Contacts, voicemails, text messages, call histories and other data that may be lost or inaccessible can be retrieved with this tool. If these features aren’t enough, there is a free trial period that consumers can make use of. Try it for yourself and be the spy you want to be.



Paranoid Track Someone By Cell Phone.jpg

People these days tend to be a bit paranoid when it comes to family members’ and loved ones’ whereabouts and use the aid of spyware like track someone by cell phone in order to alleviate their doubts and fears. Their paranoia may include a significant other having affairs, their children up to no good or, generally, just wondering whether their family is safe or not. Others may think that they are at the risk of being harmed or that they are being fooled by people around them. They then turn to spyware or spy apps for cell phones to ease their minds or to confirm their theories. They can monitor people’s movements and location and will know where to find them when they can’t reach each other. By using these tools, many people had their doubts cleared and their worries lessened.

How to track someone by cell phone

We can say the technology is at its finest now, so far, that is. Imagine being able to track your partners’ and your children’s movements just by using your mobile phones. It’s like having a cell phone tracker spy . Mothers and spouses will no longer get paranoid about their loved ones well being. Different software and mobile applications are now available for people to use in order to monitor others’ activities and location, and, therefore, lessening their worries. All we have to do is download the free version of the software or mobile application that you want. However, if you want to make use of the best features, there are premium versions available for purchasing. These premium versions can make it possible for someone to spy on others’ calls and messaging logs and one can even listen to another’s phone conversation. Moreover, all these is done without the other person’s knowledge.

Learn the different cell phone spyware

            Here are some of the available products for cell phones to track or spy on others:

  • Mobile Spy is the next generation smartphone monitoring software. It keeps children and employees on track so as not to abuse their smartphone or internet privileges.
  • Highster is a mobile software that secretly monitors virtually any cell phone quickly and easily completely undetected. It has the ability to monitor Facebook and Instagram messages.
  • Autoforward is an Iphone and android cell phone back up extractor and data spy recovery software that can successfully retrieve contacts, voicemails, text messages and other data that might be lost or inaccessible.
  • Surepoint is a trusted mobile monitoring for parents and employers. It has over 24 powerful monitoring features such as GPS tracking, SMS and imessages and social media monitoring.

Monitoring other people, especially our family members, are now easily done even when they are not within our line of site. AutoForward help us with this task. However, we must keep in mind that in using these phone on spyware, one must have authority over the target phone. Once you find the perfect software, your paranoia will completely disappear.


Worry No More in Surveillance Works with the Best Phone Spy Apps.jpg

The best phone spy apps is already available in town. It offers a lot of surveillance services that is most helpful in everyday activities for personal and business transactions.

AutoForward is a cell phone tracking application that is one of the best selling brands offering reliable spy application products. It offers service of great performance and which shows satisfaction from its product reviews. The application can also be purchased in an affordable price and is compatible with Apple and Android devices which works with various brands of devices.

Upon purchase, an email will be sent to you with your username, password, license key and download link together with detailed instruction on how to download and activate the software as well as how to do monitoring. After successful activation, you can start monitoring text messages, call logs, emails, social media activities and location via GPS.

How Auto Forward Works

With Auto Forward you are provided with a technology wise product. It has the following features and functions:

  • Read text messages and SMS
  • Listen to real time conversation, check call logs
  • Access to phone contacts
  • View photos and videos, both taken on the phone and received by the phone
  • Monitor social media activities and interactions
  • Track exact location of the device in the map via GPS

When to Use Auto Forward Spy App?

To spy on your children, spouse or employees you should learn how to bug a cell phone to monitor text messages and voice conversations. Auto Forward offers software that is compatible with any Operating System device, whether it’s Apple or Android device. It can be installed in a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Its purpose is to gather information needed as proof to confirm doubts, and to find an approach on how to deal with problems discovered. Based on the result of your monitoring, you can find solutions to your problems.

Parents can now track the location of their children, whether they are really in their school campus or somewhere else. Their cell phone can be monitored and their text messages can be read, their calls and conversations can be listened to, emails, voicemails, websites visited and social media activities can be monitored.

In case employers suspect their employees are doing something against the rules of the company they can spy on their employees exchange of text messages, voice conversations, emails and social media interactions whether they stay loyal to the company or they are planning something against the company. They can track the location of an employee assigned in the field, and the computer used in the office can be monitored whether they are doing something not related to work. It measures work productivity and employee’s attitude towards work.

Purchase a spy application from a reliable provider. Choose an affordable product, compatible with all devices, and provides good quality service.