If by using a spy text messages you discovered that your child is being bullied, you need to seek support to do something to stop it. But before you do so, it's important that you first know the basic facts about cyberbullying so that you will know what to do and where to go for help.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens through the use of technology. If, for instance, a mobile phone, camera, or the Internet is used to embarrass or hurt someone, this can be considered cyberbullying. This type of bullying can be hurtful and damaging because it can be shared quickly with a lot of people.

What exactly happens with cyberbullying?

●        A number of people can take part in it

●        It's typically done in secret. The bully tries to hide who he or she is by using fake names or profiles, and sending anonymous messages.

●        It is almost impossible to remove because it is shared online, which means that whatever is shared online can be recorded or saved by anyone.

●        The person being bullied will find it hard to escape it especially if they are always online.

●        The content, which often include videos, photos, and text messages, can be passed on to a number of people.

How might a victim of cyberbullying feel?

●        Guilty that it's their fault

●        Hopeless that they may not get out of the situation

●        Alone and helpless

●        Rejected and not deserving to belong to a group

●        Depressed for being not accepted by other people

●        Afraid and unsafe

●        Confused about why it is happening to them

●        Ashamed that they are being disliked or hated

How to be safe from cyberbullies?

Parents play a very important role in keeping young people safe from cyberbullies. If you're using an app to cell phone spy app on your child's phone and you see signs that he or she is being bullied, you need to talk to your child. These are the things you should advise him or her:

●        Avoid sharing private information such as name, address, phone numbers, and passwords especially to people they hardly know.

●        Do not respond to any messages when they're hurt or angry as this will only encourage bullies to keep harassing them.

●        Remember that they can always block, delete and report those who are harassing them on their cell phone or online.

●        Always keep a record of messages, calls, emails, or posts that are harmful or hurtful to them (which can easily be done by parents using software to spy message).

Parents need to be proactive when it comes to protecting their children from this kind of bullying. That's why it's a good idea to use apps like AutoForwad to spy software on their children's cell phones.


It takes a cell phone spy software for android to fully reassure teens’ safety nowadays. Given how defenseless they are in all aspects of its influences. Much of their time and thoughts are spent on its utilization which basically connotes to the imaginable amount of information present. As the device itself, can gain access to all of teenagers’ cell phone activities.

Extensive Spy Features

Most spy applications have promising features but quite a number would extensively deliver. One of which garnering hundreds of thousands (and counting) positive reviews online is Highster Mobile. It is a  monitor cell phone activity, to say the least. The provided link brings you to the cell phone tracking site where feedbacks can be found. The extensive features of this app includes accessing teens’ offline and online messages, incoming and outgoing calls, email, browser history, social media engagements and GPS location.

It also has search alert that prompts parents if ever programmed “dangerous” searches are made by teens. Even has the ability to capture real-time surroundings of teens via stealth camera.

So if ever teens get out of line, everything you need to know about their whereabouts will be reported to you. Young and gullible as they are, making new set of friends via Facebook might be considered one and the same as getting to know a complete stranger who happens to be an online predator. They will never realize that especially if are already start enjoying. It pays to know this stuff as you can better identify.

Highster Mobile does not only cater to parents in as much as this article speaks of it, it also works for business owners who see camera surveillances not enough in keeping track of workers’ performance.

Responsible User

There may be some parents who disagree with this set up of having to install best spyware for android phones or applications, but is it a breach of privacy when all you want is to reassure your teen’s safety, most especially considering her being underage and still within your supervision? Is it not a commonality among parents to do whatever it takes in order to protect children from ill-minded individuals that exists in real-life as well as online world?

At the end of the day it is just a matter of being a responsible user; when your agenda behind using the app is for the benefit of both parties, then good. But if it is simply to extract information out of curiosity on someone who is not even your child, worker or partner, then you are simply putting yourself falling into illegalities of cell phone spying.


Among the many spyware available online, Auto Forward has coined to be the best phone spy software doing both data extraction and recovery. Evident on the positive reviews online, from more than satisfied users, the software has uninterruptedly made business owners dependent on its features to observe workers’ performance.

Traditional Approach vs Utilizing Spyware

Back during times when digital discoveries have yet been available, business owners hire an individual to monitor how employees’ are doing in the workplace. It could be someone from the Human Resource Department or a supervisor for that matter. That was not an effective tact at all because of the issues concerning subjective interpretation of actions. Another traditional approach is using surveillance cameras. This may track every move but not necessarily provide information as detailed as phone spywares.

Spywares if installed successfully on computers or cell phones given by companies extract information remotely. An employer can monitor employees who use either of the devices inappropriately for recreational purposes. Example is Facebook log-ins or Youtube video streaming during work hours instead of accomplishing workloads. It is not surprising how easily people get distracted by online perks. It has something new to offer every day including how information about whatsoever can be easily searched. Worst case scenarios, employees engage in sexting (sex on text) or indecency through online messengers and even sharing trade confidenceswith a competitor. Imagine how detailed information are when utilizing spywares.

Why Auto Forward?

Auto Forward simply because it conveys everything it promises as seen on its website. You may however read about the best free spyware for android phones which appeals to be interesting because it needed no monetary requirement prior its usage butlater leaves you disappointed; as it notifies you to upgrade with a price. Because unlike paid spyware like Auto Forward, monthly payment entails no upgrade fees or hidden charges. Plus the price is way too reasonable for the extensive features business owners can effectively make use of. It is very user-friendly since it is compatible with all android and apple devices.

You may want to visit their website which includes features, certain inevitable phone problems like water damage, broken parts, and lost data that only Auto Forward can fix, and most importantly after sales support that can adhere whatever technical difficulties you may encounter in the process of installing and/or downloading the software.

Side Note

Know that there is nothing wrong with choosing to use spyware over other forms of surveillances. The only thing that is causes trouble is when it becomes detrimental to someone’s privacy. An actual example is a business owner trying to spy on employees mobile activities even after work hours. That is something way out of line. See mobile phone spy software free download for an article in relation to privacy.


Businesses are now facing more and bigger financial burdens due to the prevalence of data breaches, but thanks to tools like phone cloning software and computer, the damage caused by malicious attacks can be minimized or even eliminated.

Aside from spending on detecting and fixing the effects of a data breach, it can also lead to lost business, which may also lead to lost jobs. In order to prevent this, employees need to do their part in securing their systems against cyber attacks.

Below some safe practices that will help employees thwart criminals:

1. Avoid reusing password.

Employees need to be made aware of the dangers of password re-use. They need to use a unique password for every system or account they access. Passwords should also be secure and strong because they are the first line of defense of any system.

A password manager is also ideal for managing passwords and for ensuring that every password used in different accounts is unique and strong.

2. Avoid clicking just any link.

By installing a smartphone spy app on employees' smartphones, business owners may know what websites are frequently visited by employees. This is an important step to strengthening the network security of the organization. Employees also need to avoid clicking links sent to them without inspecting what the link is.

3. Use secure Wi-Fi.

The problem with many of us is we tend to grab any opportunity to connect to the Internet even without making sure the Wi-Fi connection is a safe or secure one. What companies should do is invest in a personal VPN to encrypt the network traffic as its source before pushing it over a potentially compromised Wi-Fi network. Again, employees need to be informed about the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks using the devices where confidential company data is stored.

4. Mind the content of their devices.

Data breach is very common because thieves know that important and confidential information is being stored on mobile phones. If you don't want the security of your network and data to be compromised, then you need to be mindful of what you actually store on your devices.

Make sure that you have a backup system for all your data just in case something happens in the future. Consider using phone cloning software for this purpose.

What not many business owners realize is that cell phone spy equipment can also be used to protect their systems from hackers. By installing Auto Forward on workers' cell phones, all information stored in them is backed up and can easily be wiped out in case there is a threat of breach. Cell phone spy apps are effective not only in monitoring employee productivity, but also in securing business data.


Whether you are looking for a free phone spy app or a paid one, it's vital that you ensure the app is safe to download and install on your device. However, deciding whether or not an app is safe isn't the easiest thing to do, and it certainly requires more than mere common sense. As a matter of fact, it's impossible to judge an app based on its appearance. So a very important question is, how can you know if an app is safe for downloading?

Factors to Consider When Choosing an App

1. App Makers/Developers

Before installing any new app on your device, be sure you know how it works and the company that developed it. You needn't learn 'coding' to do this. To get an idea about how an app works exactly, read as many product reviews as you can. If an app is made by a popular and reputable company or developer, such as ILF mobile apps corp, then there's a great chance that it's safe to download.

2. App's Privacy Policy

Not everyone pays attention to this one, but it's important that you read the privacy policy of an app before downloading it. Remember that your device contains confidential and personal data that you want to remain protected.

Every time you download an app, certain data is collected from you or your device, such as your contacts, email addresses, social media login details, and so on. Companies need such data for a variety of purposes. Thus, you need to know what specific data an app might extract from your device, and the only way you can do this is by reading the app's privacy policy.

3. App's Permission

You must have noticed that when installing some apps, you are asked about your location, and other things. If you're installing a phone spy app like Auto Forward, this is actually part of the process. However, if the app you're about to install isn't in any way going to use GPS, there's no reason it should ask about your location. Remember that you can simply say NO to the permissions to make sure none of your personal information is obtained by the app developers.

4. Usefulness of an App

You should keep track of the performance of the apps you've downloaded. You want to keep only those that are useful or helpful, and get rid of those you're not using. This will not only keep your device and data safe, but will also help preserve your device's memory.

Choosing a good and safe app like Auto Forward cell phone spy app isn't easy, but following the tips above will help you get an assurance that the apps you're using are effective and not harmful to your device and personal information.


Many employers decide to perform some kind of cell phone tracking in the workplace in an aim to monitor employee productivity. It is no secret that time-wasting among employees is very common in any organization, which actually explains. This method of employee monitoring is considered an effective one as workers tend to perform better when they know they're being watched.

In order for management to completely address the problem of time-wasting in the company, it's important that they determine how exactly workers waste their time when they're at work. Below you will find the most common time-wasting activities of employees according to surveys:

1. Social Media Sites

You guess it right! Many employees visiting social media sites is one of the biggest time wasters at work. Facebook remains as the favorite destination of employees, and the others are Twitter and Instagram. What makes employees spend huge amounts of time in these sites is the fact that they are likely to chat with their friends online. The good thing is that this can easily be monitored using cell phone spy software.

2. Gossiping with Co-Workers

Socializing with co-workers is still a popular activity for workers that causes low productivity. While it's important for workers to develop a friendly relationship with one another, employers certainly don't want them wasting precious time in the water cooler!

3.  Personal Stuff

It's almost impossible to stop employees from doing their personal business during work hours and using company resources. Workers always seem so comfortable making calls, sending text messages or emails, and other things that are not related to their job. It's very clear that the line between home and work has become really blurred over time.

4. Inefficient Meetings

The amount of time wasted at work is not always the fault of employees. In fact, studies show that even employers contribute to time-wasting in the workplace in the form of unnecessary meetings, for instance. Many managers tend to call meetings that aren't really necessary and are often unreasonably long!

5. Prolonged Breaks

Everyone is guilty of spending longer breaks at work. 15 minute breaks often become 20 to 30 minute breaks, and employees don't seem to mind this. Well, that could be because there are no strict rules that prevent them from having excessive breaks.

How Cell Phone Monitoring Can Help

There are a couple of ways employees can prevent or even just minimize time-wasting in the workplace. First of all, it's important that there be stricter rules on how workers should spend time when they are at work. Employee monitoring tools are many as well, and among the most effective ones are apps that spy on cell phone, such as Auto Forward. By monitoring what employees are doing using their smartphones and the Internet, employers can easily identify the least efficient and productive employees.

phone monitor, phone spy tracker, sms spy

Using a phone spy tracker can help you reduce the mental burden and eventually help you achieve better measures when operating your business. Running  a company can be challenging. There are important things you need to keep in mind especially when operating on a bigger scale in managing your employees and ensuring that your clients get the best services you have to offer.

What Is a Phone Spy Tracker?

A phone spy tracker comes with many names and labels. It is also known as phone spy app, a mobile spyware or a mobile phone monitoring software.

Its function is to fetch data coming from a target phone and relay all this information to a secure portal. This portal keeps all the data and compiles it for viewing. Also, certain commands and functions can be accessed on this location.

The Main Advantage

The main benefit of using a phone monitor app is remote surveillance and monitoring. There is no need to personally access or touch the target phone in order to get the information needed. Except during the installation phase where there is a need to personally install the software on the target phone (as required by certain spy app brands), everything else can be done remotely.

Phone Spy Apps for Business

There are many situations wherein you can attain the full benefits of using a phone spy app. When used for the right reasons, it can greatly improve the overall performance, professionalism and quality of services rendered in the workplace.

Here are some situations you can benefit from as a business owner.

  • Monitor text messages sent and received on the company phone. A SMS spy tracker can give you an idea if someone from your employees is using the company phone for reasons outside of work.
  • Check call logs. You can check call usage and determine if these are utilized in context to work. Plus, you can regulate company phone bills and maintain a level of phone usage and consumption.
  • Secure company documents and files. You can check if classified documents are kept within work boundaries. This prevents breach of data among your employees.
  • Monitor goods and services. With the help of a GPS tracking system, you will be able to know the status of your goods and services especially when it comes to deliveries.
  • Uphold professionalism in the workplace. You can check your employees for proper conduct according to their tasks and responsibilities. This lessens the occurrence of gross and malicious behaviours that may be reflected on the company phone.

Auto Foward is a professional mobile monitoring app that has been around for years in providing services to individuals and companies. It offers various tracking options for iPhone and Android users.



One of the greatest reasons why parents decide to cell spy programs would be to find out whether their adolescents are lying to them. According to research, more than 96 percent of teens lie to their parents. They lie about numerous things, like drug use, drinking alcohol, where they go after school, how they’re performing at school, the kinds of films they see, who they hang out with, and even what they do online.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that your teen has lied to you at some point. It’s simply natural for adolescents to be not so honest with their parents, and there’s nothing you can do about that. What you could do, nevertheless, would be to reduce the frequency of your teen’s lying.

In this post, you’ll learn some suggestions on how it is possible to limit the times your adolescent will lie to you. Here they are:

1. Communicate openly with your teenager.

Having honest and open communication with teens is among the hardest things to do for parents, but it is crucial in case you wish to know your kid more and his or her life. Of course, you can select spy on iPhone without jailbreaking to understand your teen’s on-line actions, their whereabouts, etc, but however, nothing beats staying connected with your adolescent.

2. Be a role model of honesty.

If your child frequently hears you telling lies, she or he will believe it’s okay to lie. Kids who watch their parents lie learn that lying is the easiest way to avoid battles. Thus, when they grow up and become adolescents, they are going to tell lies simply to prevent trouble and disturbing other people. As a parent, you need to model truthfulness. Your spy cell phone actions have a great impact on how honest your child will probably be in the future.

3. Discipline your teenager prudently.

In case the punishment you give your teenager for lying is out of proportion to the blunder committed, your adolescent could be more likely to tell the same lie in the future. Therefore, if you would like to support your teenager to be honest with you, make sure you discipline your kid in a way which will educate him or her a lesson.

4. Be open to negotiating.

Among the best methods to form a favorable relationship with your kids and teens is to be eager to negotiate borders and rules. According to research, teenagers lie to their parents since they do not think their parents will listen to them. In case your teenager feels that the rules you have for them are unfair and that there’s not any means for them to negotiate them with you, they’re likely to conceal the truth from you. You may tell your adolescent about the spyware for cell phones you are using on him or her, and be sure to clarify why it is needed.


A cell phone monitoring software or mostly known as a spy tracker is a downloadable application that can give anyone the opportunity to monitor their loved ones to ensure their welfare, anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Cell phone monitoring software has opened a lot of doors when it comes to technology. It has been a key to unlocking various issues experienced by the community nowadays.

Monitoring without Personal Contact

A cell phone monitoring software functions by remotely spying on someone without the latter knowing they are being monitored. The best thing about this is the fact that it is very convenient and so easy to use. Not all people might be acquainted or would just have a little background on this device, but this article will give you a glimpse on what wonder this thing can do to a person’s life.

The Advantages

Speaking of wonders, cell phone monitoring software is currently included among the list of a hundred American software tools needed by families at home. Parents can check and spy on phone devices of their kids and elderlies to ensure they stay safe even without having to look after them the entire time.

Other places that a monitoring software could come in handy are workplaces and businesses.

Who Can Benefit Most from the Software?

The people who have benefited a lot from this are:

  • concerned parents
  • anxious kids with fathers and mothers having disabilities
  • businessmen
  • boyfriends or girlfriends on a rocky relationship
  • spouses
  • elderlies.

Mainly, monitoring softwares were purchased to cater to the various concerns experienced by individuals in terms of safety and security.

Today’s Crimes and Security Issues

Today’s media has been showing a lot of crimes and violence happening in the community.Hence, a monitoring software can be a great help to secure everyone from harm. Identities of suspicious people can be deterred and unhealthy relationships can be solved with a little help from a monitoring software.

Auto Forward Spy

There is a widespread range of spy tracker brands sold in the market today. One of the most popular brands is Auto Forward Spy. Like any spy tracker app, this software gives anyperson an access to target device activities such as text messaging history, call logs, inboxes in different social media sites, photos or videos shared virtually, contacts and web viewing data as well as the phone location.

Auto Forward has been around in the mobile tracking industry for a couple of years now. It is currently improving when it comes to its features and user satisfaction performance.


A cell phone spy app can help you check the mobile activities of someone without having to borrow the phone from them. This type of remote monitoring makes it possible to check on someone 24/7 just as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Installation Types

There are two major types of installation and these are the most popular options offered by numerous spy app brands.

  1. Direct access installation. This mode requires you to personally access the phone during the installation phase. Here, you need to upload the software into the target phone and proceed with the rest of the registration process.
  2. Installation through Cloud service. In case direct access isn’t possible, the other option includes Cloud installation. This is a very popular alternative for iPhone target devices given that you have the owner’s Cloud username and password.

Free Payment or Premium

Free spy software features are usually limited to tracking calls and texts offered as time trial options. This usually lasts for 3 to 7 days depending on the brand offering such package. The good thing about free trial apps is the fact that you can try the basic functions before committing to a premium package. 

In case you want to access the full features of a cell phone spy app, you can go for premium. Listed below are just some of the most common features offered by a brand’s premium tracking package.

  • Text message monitoring. This includes the ability to spy text messages  that have been sent and received by the target phone.
  • Call log monitoring. This involves incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Browser activity and site blocking.
  • Email monitoring. This includes popular email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, OneDrive and iCloud.
  • 3rd party messaging platform monitoring. This includes messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, iMessages, BBM, Google Hangouts and Line.
  • Social media monitoring. This includes social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Call recording. This includes recording all call conversations done on the target phone.
  • Live call access. In case you happen to be online when an actual call happens, you can listen to it live from the remote dashboard.
  • Phone location. With a powerful GPS tracking system, the target phone location can be locked on the map.

Payment Options

Most spy app brands offer two major types of payment options: a one-time payment and an installation type premium package. Most payment installations last from 3 months to a year.

Auto Forward is a powerful spy app brand that offers monitoring services for Apple and Android devices. It has countless premium tracking package offers for various monitoring needs.